Update: Moneris Payment Gateway Integrated

The most recent update in our invoicing application has been the integration of Moneris Payment Gateway. This announcement would sound music to the ears of many who have requested us to integrate this particular payment gateway, especially our users from North America, where it is widely used by merchants.

Moneris Solutions is a single point of contact for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac Direct Payment, and all Point of Sale solutions. Our relationship with Moneris not only improves your satisfaction and ease of transaction processing today, but it will also ensure a superior value proposition for the future.

This takes the total count of the payment gateways to 15 and it won’t be a surprise if more are integrated in the future.

There will be many more updates  in the days to come,  so stay tuned!

And as usual we would love to hear your feedback on how useful this update has been for you.


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