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One aspect associated with the new Invoicera release is its refreshing new design. We would hate to say ‘design tweak’ because the design has been completely revolutionized. The new Invoicera does not only come with fresh, smart, contemporary and new look but also with many exciting new features. And one of them is certainly the introduction of easy and fast Time Tracking.

At Invoicera, we work very hard to fit the way small businesses and freelancers like to work. This is why we decided to incorporate time tracking, something that freelancers and businesses have been craving for long. But not any more, our new and super exciting time tracking feature will let you track your and your staff time without any hassle.


You will now be able to track total project time and measure the efficiency of your staff by viewing the hours logged on a particular project. This will allow you to track time effortlessly and the total hours can be easily billed by creating an invoice.


The real benefits of Invoicera’s time tracking functionality are:

  • Tracking, management, and accounting of employee time on multiple projects
  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Reduces time spent by freelancer/manager on nonproductive administrative task
  • Eliminates lost time sheets


The user-friendly interface available makes it easy for employees to report their time worked and extremely simple to understand the functionality.