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5 Tips to Use Invoice Template Customization To Your Advantage

invoice template

There is a lot that  businesses can do with invoices than just adding prices, discounts and taxes etc. One of the key role of an invoice is to help reinforce the brand identity of your company to your existing customers.

Here are some useful tips to use the Invoice customisation feature of Invoicera to your advantage.

1. Add your corporate identity

Making an invoice look professional and having your corporate identity on it is essential.  Adding brand colors, fonts and company logo enhances the image of your company with your clients and can even help them to retain the services for longer. These can be added to your invoices, using our template customization feature. Your brand logo too can be added to the free invoice template with one simple step.  

2. Add or merge fields

The invoice customization feature of Invoicera helps you merge fields or add new fields as desired. As a business, you may operate in or have customers in different countries. This may require you to add certain taxes which are specific to that location. Invoicera helps you add, merge and reduce fields as desired.

3. Change placeholder positions

If you require the format of your business invoice to change completely, then Invoicera helps you do that as well. With Invoicera you can also change the position of placeholders and alter their design as required.  

4. Multilingual labels

Invoicera enables you to add another language to your Invoice template. You have global clients and many of them may speak a different language. Customize the invoice template to include the language of your choice. Invoicera shows selective or all of the fields in the language you choose.

5. Do it yourself option

Invoicera helps you customize your invoice the way you like. With invoicera you can change the HTML source code of the invoice template and add a completely new design. You can also get in touch with our expert team to help you redesign your invoice template.

invoice template

Template customisation is a powerful feature to manage an efficient supplier buyer relationship management. There are host of details you can add to your invoice just by using this simple feature:


  1. Get Paid Quicker
  2. Send Professional Invoices
  3. Use Multilingual Labels
  4. Use Customized Fields
  5. Redesign The Invoice Template

Now Export Invoice Templates to PDF in Their Respective Colors

Over the past few months we have been making enhancements and bringing you updates at rate of knots and look to keep the juggernaut rolling for at least sometime. These enhancements and updates are a result of feedback that we receive in numbers (we are fortunate to have users who work behind the scenes for us) and meticulous brainstorming sessions conducted in our chamber. These updates, however diminutive they seem to be, have big impact not only in the functionality of the application but also connect with the users’ requirements. Read More