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  • Client Requirements

    The client is a Spain based company that provides invoicing service. They required an invoicing solution to be sold as a service to its own clients. They wanted the client to sign-up using a subscription plan and use the online invoicing service. They required an instance of Invoicera with additional changes like Spanish language, additional taxes and related fields.

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Invoicing Solution - Image - 2
  • Challenges

    The biggest challenge was to provide the client his own instance of Invoicera with a feature to sell his instance further as an invoicing service to its clients. Also, as per the requirements we were required to create different subscription plans for the own instance of Invoicera so that the clients can sign-up in the instance of Invoicera and can use the software as an invoicing solution.

  • Solution & Result

    We created an instance of Invoicera with all the existing features that we hosted on the client's server along with following additional features:

    • Complete Invoicera software with all its features
    • Subscription plans for their clients
    • Custom Invoices for their clients
    • Automatic calculation of taxes and fees
    • Ability to export the billing data
    • Support in Spanish
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