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  • Client Requirements

    The client required an invoicing solution for its clubs and merchants. Their existing system was falling short so the client wanted a completely automated process which Invoicera provided.

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  • Previous System

    The client settled and cleared transaction amounts processed by the client's system on a monthly basis. These transaction amounts were settled automatically when each month, the settlement files were sent from the client's system to client's bank (TD Bank in Canada) for clearing to our client's (Clubs and merchant) bank accounts.

  • Invoices for Clubs

    In addition, the staff manually calculated any "billing item" such as transaction fees and sales tax (GST) on Accumulation of CAA Dollars transactions. The staff created a manual invoice for each of the CAA Clubs that shows the total transactions (by transaction type), taxes (GST), and any transaction fees, for all their members' card transactions.

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  • Invoices for Merchants

    Merchants did not receive any billing summary or invoice from the staff or the clubs. Each month, the client settled and cleared the transaction amounts (accumulated CAA Dollars), and then separately manually calculated the taxes (GST) and transaction fees and settled/cleared those amounts.

  • Challenges

    Merchants did not see a consolidated billing summary or invoice that shows the total amount (CAA Dollars + Taxes + Fees) that they have to be debited.

    • Changing their manual process to a completely automatic one
    • Creating different billing types based on the transactions
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  • Solution & Result

    Invoicera provided the billing/invoicing capability that will include the following functionality for its clients, including both issuers and merchants:

    • Ability to input/calculate different types of billing items based on transaction types and other defined "billing events".
    • Automatic calculation of taxes and fees
    • Supports billing/invoicing in multiple currencies (USD, CAD, etc.)
    • Supports a robust hierarchy: Client, Issuers, Merchants
    • Automatic creation of a billing invoice that can be white-labeled with client branding (logo)
    • Ability to display an index (table) of invoices:
    • Ability for Merchants to see their invoices from all issuers
    • Issuers: Ability for issuers to see their invoices to all merchants, and invoice to issuer from Inxent
    • Ability to index and display the billing invoice
    • Supports a dashboard feature; additional search and report generation
    • Ability to export the billing data for subsequent settlement/clearing
    • Support in English & French
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