Using your own SMTP server for outbound emails

Invoicera allows you to use your own SMTP servers or 3rd party SMTP servers. The configuration is very easy – you will simply have to open the Invoicera application and add the right SMTP parameters in the settings windows.

    1: Go to Setting -> General Preferences -> SMTP

    2: Mail Server : Enter your mail server details like You can find it consulting with your hosting provider.

    3: Username/Email: Your SMTP account email.

    4: SMTP Secure Method: SMTP email transfer doesn’t provide an encryption. So if you want to make your connection more secure, it’s a good choice to use a STARTTLS or SSL/TLS extension, that employ a separate port for encrypted communication.

    5: Port: Usually SMTP works with port 25, but as the screenshot shows it can work also with 587. You can find it consulting with your hosting provider.

    6: Requires Authentication: Yes (There’s a certain number of methods (passwords, CRAM-MD5, KERBEROS etc.).



Posted by Invoicera Support on 10 October 2016

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