How to send Invite link to clients on Invoicera?

Now, your customer too can become an Invoicera user easily with just a click. The Invoicera invitee link allows you to send an Invoicera invite to your client.

Follow the below steps to send to send your login details to client –

Step 1: Login to your Invoicera account

Step 2: Go to Settings -> My Account

step 1

You will see the below screen.


Step 3: Click on “Send Invitee Link”. You will be redirected to below page.

The Invitee link displayed is your My Account page is sent to your client. Your client can use the link to join Invoicera for free.



This will open the Invite page which allows you to send your Account # in a mail form, which is editable. You can modify the email content as per your requirement.

It also gives you an option to add multiple email IDs separated by a comma. In this way, your client can also be a new Invoicera user.

Step 5: Click on Send.

Once your client becomes an Invoicera user, invoicing your clients will become hassle free.

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Posted by Invoicera Support on 13 January 2016

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