How do I change language for a Client?

Invoicera allows you to send Invoices in 11 different languages to your Clients.

So, even if you do not talk or understand your Client’s language, you can send them invoices in their language.

Step 1: Login to your Invoicera Account

Step 2: Go to Settings


















Step 3: General Preferences – Multilingual labels



Step 4: Select the language in which you wish to send the invoice to your client.




You can see all the fields have been translated to the selected language (Italian) in this case. Click on Save.

Using this Settings, for all your clients the invoice will be created in the selected language. However, if you have created clients before saving the language settings, it will be applicable only for new clients those will be created thereafter.


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Posted by Invoicera Support on 18 March 2016

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