How to View Sent Invoice Reports?

1. Go to the Invoice Report Section: Login to your Invoicera account and on the reports tab, select Invoice report.

2. Fill in the Details: In the invoice reports section, fill in the desired options

  1. Choose from invoice due date or paid

  2. Choose the date range

  3. Choose the due date range

  4. Select the client. More than one client can be selected

  5. Select the columns to be viewed in the report

  6. Check or uncheck the invoice status options

  7. Choose an Invoice prefix

  8. Select staff members if required

  9. Select from active, archived or deleted invoices

  10. Add additional field if any

  11. Sort by date, invoice number, sub-total or gross total

  12. Choose from ascending or descending

3. View Detailed Reports: View column-wise details of all the sent invoices. Export to CSV or Excel formats


Posted by Invoicera Support on 14 December 2015

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