How to link Forte Payment Gateway with Invoicera account?

To link your company Paypal account with Invoicera, you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Login with your INVOICERA account .

  2. Go to settings > payment gateways

  3. Select Forte payment gateway from the list and click on Active, Payment mode as LIVE (refer below screenshot).

  1. To obtain your API Login ID, login into your Forte Account (The API Login ID is a complex value that identifies your account to the payment gateway when submitting transaction requests from your website. While not valid for logging into the Merchant Interface, its purpose is similar to a login ID—it’s like your website login into the payment gateway).

   5.   On the home page, click on Gateway Settings tab. Click on Gateway key.

   6.    A message box appears, where you can find your API Login ID.

    7.   Enter the API Login ID into INVOICERA payment gateway section.

    8.  Click on Save.

Forte Issue response.

User has to perform the following three steps to resolve the forte sandbox  issue.

  • Log in to virtual Terminal

  • Select Gateway Settings tab and choose the Secure Web Pay option.

  • Under the Main tab, set Accept Unsigned Transactions to Yes and click “Update” to save the settings.

2.  Enter URL: (as shown in picture).

3. Once done, click on Field settings tab and go to Merchant Defined Fields section. Select Data 1 value either Optional or Required and click on Update.

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Posted by Invoicera Support on 14 December 2015

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