How to connect my Invoicera Account with a Payment Gateway?

For setting your payment gateways:

1. Log in to your Invoicera Account with Administrator ID.

2. Go to Settings

3. Select Payment Gateways

4. Add the Gateways according to your convenience.You can easily chose the payment gateways of your choice by simply changing the status from “Inactive” to “active”.

5. To know more about the payment Gateways and the currencies supported, Please click on “Payment Gateways Supported Currencies” or “Payment Gateways Instructions”

6. Click “Save” when you’ve set up your payment gateway

7. Online payments will be enabled when you create new invoices. You can also turn online payments on for old invoices by editing the invoice.

8. Just relax and enjoy while your clients pay you as fast as possible 🙂

You may select any of the above mentioned payment Gateways.

l. Auto-Billing Payment Gateways: You can easily receive payments by adding the credit card details and hence, you can make the billing process fully automated using these gateways.

2. Other Payment Gateways: These are the other Payment Gateways that can be used for receiving payments from your Clients.

*We encourage you to read  the terms of service before selecting a payment gateway (found on each gateway’s website).

In case the article was not able to help you with your queries, please click here to raise a support ticket to our Customer Delight Team.


Posted by Invoicera Support on 14 December 2015

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