Customize your email message with Invoicera

Invoicera provides you with an easy way to communicate with your clients, staff members using emails. These emails will be triggered are on various events and can modified and you can “customize your email message with Invoicera”.

This article will help to understand on how to change email content in Invoicera. Before we proceed on how to change the email content, we must look at what emails go through Invoicera.

Here is the list:

New User(Staff) Mail – This email will be triggered to a new staff member. The intents of this email is to confirm the new user registration and share the secure username and password.

New Invoice Mail – This email will be triggered to your Invoicera clients when they receive an invoice through emails via Invoicera.

New Estimate Mail – This email will be triggered to your Invoicera clients when they receive an estimate through emails via Invoicera.

Client Login Info Mail – Clients are the non-subscribed users of an Invoicera account holder. However, they can login to their Invoicera Client Dashboard to check their Invoices, Estimates, Purchase Orders and Account Statement on Invoicera.

Invoice Payment Notification Mail – Invoice payment notifications are the mail messages that are sent to the clients when to confirm the payments received for a particular Invoice.

Estimate Thanks Mail – Estimates thank you mail messages will be sent to the customer automatically, once an estimate is accepted/approved by a client.

Invoice Payment Reminder Mail – An Invoice reminder can be automated using the settings feature of Invoicera.

New Purchase Order – This is the message sent to the Client when he sends you a new purchase order.


You can easily customize the emails that would be sent by Invoicera. Please refer the following content on how to customize your mail message with Invoicera:

  1. Log in to your Invoicera Account by Administrator.

  2. Go to Settings option.

  3. Select General Preferences.

  4. Click on the “edit” option next to each mailer and customize.

You can edit the text and dynamic content* of your emails to make friendly and well communicated emails.


*Try to use dynamic variables in your ‘subject’ and ‘body’ to create a personalized effect

In case the article was not able to help you with your queries, please click here to raise a support ticket to our Customer Delight Team.


Posted by Invoicera Support on 14 December 2015

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