5 Ways to go Green With a Paper-less Office

Creating a paperless office environment could be a reality now with new technological developments emerging before us. It not only does good to our environment, but can save huge paper and printing costs as well.

So, how can you cut down your office expenses by going paperless and reducing your environmental footprints as well? Here are the five technologies to look for:


How to Turn Green This Season or Any Season?

You don’t really have to have a Eco friendly mission; you can turn green with some simple steps and changes in your business. Don’t think it’s only about the environment, but also about the expenses that you’ll be able to cut down and use them for other important ventures.

The fight today is all about minimizing the core expenses of businesses to open new windows for some fresh substance. I’ll discuss three things that could help you go Eco -


World Environment Day 2012

Yo can make 8,333 sheets from a tree. It takes years for the tree to grow while you spend half a second in printing an Invoice and latter dumping it in some corner. With each sheet  of paper that you waste, you are closer to a deforested earth and lesser of trees means more of climatic changes. Do your bit, switch to online invoicing and save few if not all trees from dying an unnatural death.


Mr. Tree Has Something To Share

Are you still wasting sheets on billing and invoicing? Meet Mr. Tree. He has a request to be made.


How Much Paper Do You Waste

Are you the kinds who start thinking of a solution as soon as they come to know of a problem? Well, you are precisely the one who make the world a better place. Chances are there that you may not be a revolutionary or a ‘change maker’, but more importantly; what is that we need to change?