No matter how much you present good service to your customers, it’s just not enough. There will always be the customers who are not happy with you.  The reasons may be:

  1. – Lack of communication with clients
  2. – Over promising and non-delivery
  3. – Make culturally specific and inappropriate comments
  4. – Impossible time frames

Sometimes the interactions with the client leave us with the anxiety, fear and self-doubt. Identify the nature of the clients you need to handle and make yourself comfortable managing the relationships with them. You must know the definite ways of dealing with clients to be able to grow your business. You need to serve a client with the dedicated and correct approach for quality delivery.


Here are a few ways to deal with the frustrated customer:

Manage relationships:

Provide a platform to your client to manage your relationship with them. Focus on some key points between you and your clients that help to manage relationships. Work on the relationships with your clients that make you feel more empowered, less anxious, and more efficient in dealing with new solutions.

Identify the personality based anger:

Personal attributes based anger is the toughest type of anger to solve. The clients may not like you, just because of your personality. To overcome this kind of a challenge:

  1. – Let them understand you as a real person
  2. – Ask your friends who might have similar qualities to validate your experiences in dealing with client’s anger

Observe task based anger:

Task-based anger is the easiest type of anger to deal with. They come because of no timely delivery and the performance non-appreciable.

  1. – Accept your mistakes done
  2. – Believe on what is the most important thing and commit your own goals and deadlines to complete your work done

Displaced anger clients:

The displaced anger clients are the ones who are frustrated from their manager or partner. And they, in turn, pass the anger on to you.

  1. – Before starting a meeting with client, give them a chance to externalize the displayed anger
  2. – Share your complaint in private
  3. – Follow his lead as you are into the part of being active listener

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Control the anger of clients with the perfect display of behavior patterns:

The aggressive critical client:

  1. – Clarify each and every detail with your client in each discussion
  2. – Focus on important goals : how can you bring maximum results and your ability to set limits
  3. – Make the perfect decision to respond for both active and passive posture
  4. – Use active or passive approaches for different responses

The Passive Withholding client:

  1. – Work on client review efficiently
  2. – Develop backdoor sources of information
  3. – Work on particular deadlines

The triangulating client:

  1. – Check frequently their roles of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  2. – Avoid close-ended questions
  3. – Use open-ended questions

The wounded insecure client:

  1. – Congratulate your client on small achievements
  2. – Make them realize you’re on their side
  3. – Make them feel they created a solution as the key contributor

It is very difficult to deal with clients, but if you handle the situation well, you might create opportunities for yourself.

This brings an effective management to your relationship with clients.

Fix the situation perfectly to get more power. These above techniques will help your clients for an easy resolution quickly.

The dissatisfied clients won’t be easy but if handled properly can eventually focus on getting the solution.

Minimize these issues efficiently and professionally according to the needs.

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The key to successfully manage angry customer relations :

  1. – Observe the silent space between you and your client
  2. – Respond in a usual manner
  3. – Develop active stress management techniques
  4. – Conduct self-assessment to deal with your client
  5. – Identify the lessons learned
  6. – Proactive approach
  7. – Transparency in communication/billing

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