7 Simple Ways to Business Networking

Networking is one thing that will never lose its throne. There’s a fair chance that every second business owner would have come up the ladder, making connections and networking with fellow business owners or people around.


Networking has its own way of rewarding enthusiastic business owners that are noob. It may even work well for businesses that have spent some time on the field already. Or let’s say it works for any one. Now, how does networking happen and how does it benefit you? Let’s see:


The Backup Network

Most business owners already have a network, but it’s mostly sleeping or inactive. Here, you would want to wake them up and leverage the current network into a lucrative one. You can do this by keeping regular touch, motivation and make connections to prosper in what you’re doing. This should perhaps strengthen things up in your network and you may anticipate opportunities on the door any moment.


Social Networking

This is an upcoming thing – social networks. Well, actually it’s already there and happening. One of the most important tools available for businesses to make networks, connections with prospective business owners and customers. A simple ‘follow’ on Twitter or a Facebook ‘Like’ conveys that you are connected. But, not always as there’s a lot of “Bots’ following you as well 🙂


Coffee Meetings Please?

If you often avoid coffee meetings at your workplace, then you may be losing on a lot of networking and eventually, some major business. The next time you’re at the cafeteria over coffee, recognize this as an opportunity to meet new people, make connections, and a lot more. You can share tid-bits with peers and discuss what’s latest.


It’s just a coffee meeting, but may someday churn out something really good.


From Online to Offline


There’s nothing better than making networks online. But, it’s better to have them in front of you for a meeting or something. Let’s say you have Facebook fans, some that you’ve interacted with, actually would not mind meeting you in person. Scheduling a meeting and exploring something which you normally wouldn’t have done should be an awesome experience.


Don’t hesitate in exchanging a few messages with local businesses and even in meeting them, because you never know…. 🙂


Attending Events

Corporate events are undoubtedly important, but can be tiring at the same time. However, events happening locally can give you an opening to the local area network and hence, more business.


Old colleagues can help

A reunion or just an excuse to grab a bite out with old colleagues or seniors. This could be a great way to socialize, build networks and sneak an opportunity ahead to get some business. Or may be collaborate on a new project with a fellow business owner.


Your networking efforts take time to reap fruits. It’s not how hard you try; it’s about how frequently you do it.

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