Restricting Navigation for Quick Invoicing

Till recently our users had to navigate an awful lot of times to be able to create an Invoice. This was most definitely a matter of concern for us. To address the issue we started by allowing our users to add new clients directly from the invoice without having to move from the page. This took care of the first half of the invoice as the rest of the fields are auto-filled.

But the problem did not finish here we had to make sure that it becomes possible for our users to add product/services from the invoice page directly. This would allow saving a considerable amount of time and much reduced clicks. Though the option of importing products/services was included; still another tab had to be clicked.


Now, most of you might be wondering if we knew the bug why the hell we did not fix it. Well it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Since Invoicera supports multiple currencies it was just a little harder to come with a solution. But our assiduous developers did come with a one and it is now possible to add new product/service while you are in the middle of creating an invoice. The screenshot above would tell exactly what I am talking about.



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