10 Useful Tips Exclusively Designed For Designers To Make Them More Fruitful

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  • Aug 19, 2011
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Keeping your motivated could be the biggest problem if you are a good designer. It is not that designers are lazy by nature and need to have regular doses of motivational subjects to keep them on and going. In fact designers are perhaps one of the most creative people but at times they get stuck and are not as prolific as they usually are. This can be avoided if the designers knew how to follow certain basic tips which would help them to stay motivated, focused so that they are able to realize their full potential and do justice to the skills and talents that they posses. This particular article is an attempt to try and give some common tips which will make designers to come out of their shell and make full justice to their talents and skills which they possess in abundance. The first and foremost thing expected of them is self discipline and once this in place the rest will also fall in place.

The following 10 productivity tips will go a long way in harnessing the full potential of designers and will enable them to make their mark in their career and in society also.

1. Use Tools, and Choose them Intelligently

Choosing the right tools is perhaps the most important thing that a designer should pay attention to. However, while choosing these tools, you should be careful and should not overdo it. These tools can be focused on efficiency itself, such as time tracking, invoice tools, business or can be supportive throughout the design stage like style, grid tools color, structure, and code snippets.

2. Set Deadlines and Take them Sincerely

As a designer you should be goal focused and set dead lines that are tough but achievable. Never set easy deadlines. That will make you complacent and eventually make you lazy when tougher deadlines are placed before you.

3. Prevent Multitasking

One of the biggest problems with a few designers is that they try to attempt too many things at a time. This should be avoided. Taking one job at a time and completing it thoroughly than trying to become jack of all trades and master of none. – form new habits and get things done.

4. Discover Your Muse

The next important thing is to do what you like the most. If one looks at people around, more often than not you will find that successful people are those who have a passion in what they are doing. If a job or profession is undertaken as a punishment then it is unlikely that the person will be able to do justice to himself or the profession he is in. So, the mantra to be a good designer is to enjoy what you are doing.

5. Get and Keep Organized

Being organized and highly disciplined is extremely important. You should organize your day’s work very properly and make a routine. You should learn to stick to it no matter what the problem is.

6. Treat Procrastination Syndrome

The biggest problem that keeps affecting almost all of us is a disease called procrastination. Whatever could be done today, we try and postpone it to the next day and beyond. The reason for this is that people think the job to be boring or daunting. If they can overcome this problem and start treating design with passion and interest then his mind and heart will not allow him delay things. It would rather urge his body to go at a faster pace and try and finish as much as possible.

7. Evade Perfection

The basic mistake which quite a few designers make is to reach perfection in whatever they do. Doing the best in life does not mean stretching oneself beyond limit. By doing so, the person would do more damage than good to himself or herself. As a designer you should always try and look at the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down by small and minute details.

8. Get Into the Work Habit

You should always be in a motion of work and should not lose the momentum. Once you start taking things in a laid down attitude you are bound to let things slip away and lethargy will creep in.

9. Find Motivation in Simple Things

The next important thing is to do simple things but do it perfectly to the extent possible. You should never bite more than what you can chew.

10. Don’t Bum Around All Morning

Being active the entire day is extremely important. Though at times your body may not cooperate it is very important to be active and in case you feel sleepy or lethargic you could move out, have a stroll or watch some TV and back to work mode.

Productivity is all about knowing what works finest for you, and discovering out new practices around these above qualities. Follow these above tips and you will observe drastic improvement in your productivity.


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