Have the tinted hours of manually overseeing your company’s invoices become your partner? Is it all about the paperwork that just causes confusion and lost payments, and how do we keep up with the bills in a timely manner? If that is exactly your situation, then you aren’t alone too.

For small-sized enterprises, invoice management is a point of concern and consumes time and resources that can be dedicated to other important tasks but growth of the company.

Surprisingly, there is research that suggests that small enterprises are occupied with about 120 work hours in the invoicing aspect each year. 

This is a very valuable period in which you would rather invest in client handling, product development, or entering new markets. Moreover, manual invoice procedures are open to mistakes, and those errors cause delays in payments and also create misunderstandings with clients.

But fear not, there’s a solution to this common problem: Invoicing software. With the appropriate tool in place, you can automate their invoice workflows, free up time on repetitive tasks, and get easy and timely payments while concentrating all of this on growing the business’s core competencies.

This blog will discuss the points you should consider when choosing an invoicing tool. Moreover, the top 8 billing software for small businesses are also discussed with their features that will help you to choose the tool easily. Let’s dive in!

What Is An Invoice Management Software?

Invoice management software is a dedicated tool that helps to simplify and automate the process of billing, issuing, tracking, and paying invoices. It enables companies to digitize their invoicing workflows, instead of the exhaustive routine, by automation that is more efficient and precise.

Its major features are:

Invoice Generation: The program allows customers to design high-quality invoices in just a few minutes. It usually includes not only pre-existing templates but also customizable ones to suit the brand and specific needs of the business.

Automated Billing: Invoice management software utilizes billing process technology to assist in scheduling invoices to be sent to regular clients. It will save time and promote more efficient payments for recurring or subscription services.

Payment Tracking: Supplier management software facilitates tracking of the status of invoices with real-time updates on payments whether received, pending, or overdue. This transparency will always let you know the state of your cash flow and where you follow up with clients is up to you.

How It Benefits Your Small Business?

Did You Know

Time Savings: Through the automated invoicing process, businesses will be able to spare many hours of manual work which could be used for more constructive activities for their business growth.

Improved Cash Flow: Real-time tracking of invoices and payments enables companies to better manage their cash flow, identify late invoices, and follow up with clients quickly so that invoices are paid on time.

Reduced Errors: These hands-on invoicing processes often lead to mistakes, including incorrect amounts or vital data omissions. Invoice management software minimizes these errors through standardization of the invoicing process and automated calculations.

Enhanced Professionalism: Professional-looking invoices create an image of a company’s credibility and reliability. Invoice management software contains a wide choice of personalizable templates and branding, which gives businesses the chance to design a sharp, branded invoice that will impress their clients.

Increased Efficiency: Automation helps run the invoicing workflow end to end, from invoice creation to payment tracking, without the burden of manually handling invoices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Invoice Management Software

Factors to consider while choosing invoice management software

  • Cost and Affordability: When determining the software’s pricing, consider the varied monthly payments, transactional fees, or advanced features that may cost extra. Settle for a solution that works within your price range without sacrificing vital functionality.
  • Features and Functionality: How about the features of the software like tailored invoices, auto billing service, track payment, and its connection with other systems. Identify what features your business must have and pick solutions that have those requirements, so that you don’t have to go back looking for a new addition to your system.
  • User-Friendliness: Select software that is friendly and simple to get along with. This will help your team get started with little effort and a low learning curve. Sit down with the prospect to have the software demo or trial it. The way the software works may not be experienced, and if you are not convinced already, you won’t make a commitment to the purchase yet.
  • Customization and Scalability: Determine the software tool that will fit your business’s particular needs and growth plans. Make sure the software is scalable enough and able to handle growing volumes of invoices and transactions along with your business growth.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure that the application uses security measures that are commonly applied in the industry to protect confidential information about finance. Furthermore, make sure that the software abides by regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, if those apply to your business.
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Top 10 Best Invoice Management Software

1. Invoicera

Based on multiple parameters, Invoicera is a comprehensive invoicing and billing solution that considers the special demands of small-scale businesses. The user-friendly interface and the features like sending automated invoices make it the best software. Through Invoicera, invoices can be ideally designed to be professionally appealing and customizable in 15+ different languages. Your clients will appreciate a seamless experience.

Invoicera synchronizes with the most modern accounting software, such as QuickBooks, bringing about seamless traffic of financial records and making obsolete the need for manual data entry. Along with that, it allows online payments through 14+ payment gateways, making the payment process easy and safe for your customers. Moreover, it offers Android and iOS apps that operate excellently – this feature will not hinder your management of the billing on the go.

Invoicera pricing starts at $19/month for the basic plan. You can also get custom pricing by talking to our salesperson.

2. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

The Zoho Invoice is a full invoicing solution for small businesses that makes creating and sending invoices and bills easy. It provides a package of convenient tools to constantly improve your invoicing process in a smooth way. You can issue invoices and estimates that can be branded correctly and have a professional look and feel.

It includes features like automatic payment reminders, as well as it offers online payment integration with popular payment gateways. With Zoho Invoice, you have access to the inventory management system, where you can control stock, manage orders, and handle inventory from multiple locations on one single platform.

Besides, the Zoho Invoice synchronizes very well with the other Zoho apps like Zoho Booking, and Zoho CRM for accounting and customer relationship management, where you can do all the necessary operations from one platform. Powerful analytics tools and real-time reporting allow you to keep track of your financial performance. Therefore, you can reach conclusions based on the data, which will help you to take well-considered decisions.

Zoho Books offers a range of pricing, starting with a free tier for one user and one accountant, Standard at $15/month, Professional at $39/month, and Premium at $79/month, along with a free trial.

The Elite version comes for $239/month.

3. Freshbooks


FreshBooks provides simplified invoicing and accounting software mainly for small businesses and the self-employed. The application is very easy to use because of its simple interface and full range of features. For this reason, it is ideal to manage your invoicing and billing processes well.

It helps to create professional, customizable invoices in a few minutes only. This makes your brand image worth a shot. The software provides automated invoices, recurring billing, and online payment portals and sends late payment reminders as well, making the payment process prompt and smooth running.

FreshBooks enables you to have time-tracking facilities, through which you will be able to track your billable hours and expenses at ease to avoid any over or undercharged situations on the invoice as well as the project.

Lite starts at $7.60 per month, Plus is priced at $13.20 monthly, and Premium, tailored for growing businesses, begins at $24.00 per month. The selected plan comes with custom pricing options.

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4. Invoice2go


Invoice2go is a mobile-first billing software for small businesses and freelancers on the go. Its “easy to use” interface and “all in one” functionality are a perfect place for keeping your invoices under control wherever you are.

Taking into account Invoice2go, you can make professional invoices, which are customizable from your mobile, and wherever you are, you will get all invoice options. The software enables the dispatch of recurring invoices, automatic billing reminders, and integration with payment gateways such as paypal to allow all the payments to be collected on time and in a simple manner.

Invoice2go further includes tools for inventory management as it lets you control stock levels, input purchase orders, and track stocks in different locations. Besides this, it offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, which allow you to draw intelligent conclusions about your business metrics right from where you are.

You can take advantage of a free trial to test the software. Paid plans start at $5.99 per month, with options for Professional at $9.99/month and Premium at $39.99/month.

5. Wave

wave logo

Wave is a free software for accounting and invoicing which is tailored to meet the business needs of small business owners and solopreneurs. It has it all, no matter whether it is unlimited invoices and receipt scanning or the affordable price and accuracy of these features.

With a simple click, customers can write invoices, estimates, and receipts in a couple of seconds, and they can automate recurring bill collection. Wave app, which gives you the power to send auto-payment reminders to your customers, also helps you keep an eye on invoices and payment status, which in the end, results in effective tracking.

The same also allows you to speed up the payment settlements with credit cards within 2 days.

Wave is totally cost-free, a fact that gives it an edge in the market for small businesses and freelancers who are looking for software that will enable them to conveniently perform their financial duties without additional costs.

6. Xero


Xero is closely connected with accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll issues which are the most significant on the list of business specialties. Small business owners who rely heavily on automation can speed up the most routine daily tasks like sending invoice notifications, harassing late payments, and bank reconciliation can save valuable time.

Xero, one of the cloud-based software programs, allows you to reach/access/gain your financial information remotely, anytime, anywhere, on any connected devices. It allows for remote collaborations and delivers time to time financial information.

Also, it allows tailoring your plans based on the place and features such as project management and inventory tracking can be added as your business expands.

Xero in particular is the best choice for those freelancers, fresh startups, and small businesses that are focused on simplicity and ease of use as for managing accounting and invoicing.

7. Harvest

harvest logo

Harvest does not only confine to invoicing. It is also an efficient way of time-tracking and billing. Thanks to its intuitive connectivity, Harvest can convert billable hours into professional invoices without any hassle. Its user-friendly interface and analytical tools give you much-needed insight into your profitability, thus making it a perfect choice both for freelancers and businesses.

Users can take care of the invoicing, time tracking, expenses and projects in one platform. Harvest you to click on invoices and see how clients view and to have a smooth billing experience. It also provides Stripe and PayPal integrations for easy client transactions and automatic payment reminders to always ensure the project is running on schedule.

Harvest’s pricing of $10.80 per user per month makes it a suitable option even for small-sized companies.

8. Square Invoices

Square Logo

Square Invoices also comes under the best invoicing software, especially for freelancers and smaller businesses. Its strongest point remains its ease of use. Square Invoices’ most significant advantage is the fact that it has a free plan that offers unlimited invoices and estimates.

No processing fee is due from you as long as your customers continue to pay online via Square (only 2.9% + $0.30 is charged).

The Square Invoices application is mobile-compatible, and you can deal with all your invoices and payments from the phone via an easy app. Square Invoices easily slots into place, enabling you to oversee everything from one central interface.

Whatsoever the free plan provides, the paid plans from $20 per month onwards offer advanced features like recurring invoices, customer portals, and inventory management.

Square Invoices is designed for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners who require a straightforward and cheap invoicing approach.

A Brief Comparison

Invoicera’s Bonus Features For Small Businesses

In addition to its core invoicing capabilities, Invoicera offers several bonus features tailored to the needs of small businesses:

  • Expense Tracking: You can easily keep tabs and sort your costs to have up-to-date information and simplified expense management processes.

Expense reports

  • Time Tracking: You can track the billable hours and ensure the project time is spent adequately and invoices are prepared correctly in order to manage projects effectively.

Team Timesheet

  • Customizable Reports: With Invoicera, you can render detailed reports on invoicing, expenses, and project performance to obtain information on the business’s financial welfare and make strategic decisions.

INV Customizable Templates

  • Multi-Currency Support: Transacting worldwide with multicurrency support means that clients can be billed in their respective currencies, and people doing business internationally will find their daily routines simplified.

Multiple Currency Report

  • Client Portal: With the help of a secure portal client can clearly see invoices, check project progress, and connect with his team to reach ultimate customer satisfaction and transparency.

Client Reports

How To Implement Invoice Management Software?

Implementing invoice management software in your small business involves several key steps:

  • Research and Select: Match up choices by comparing features, price, and user view to find the one that suits you best.
  • Sign Up and Onboard: Sign up for the targeted software, and learn how to use its interface via created training videos or manuals.
  • Customize Settings: Personalize the software according to your unique requirements such as invoicing templates, preferred payment terms, and alert notifications.
  • Import Data: Transfer the customer data, product/service data, and outstanding invoices that are available to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Train Employees: Train the team on the proper methods of using the software for tasks such as invoice creation, tracking payments, and report generation.
  • Integrate with Existing Systems: Connect the software to existing accounting, CRM, and other programs to streamline operations.
  • Monitor and Optimize: Evaluate and analyze the efficiency of current software solutions often, making the necessary adjustments to improve effectiveness and meet business needs.

Final Thoughts

Adapting the right invoice management software helps you get rid of time-consuming billing. The optimal invoicing platform automates laborious manual work, optimizes for fewer mistakes, and gives visibility into the cash flow. It results in getting back the misplaced time and resources.

The variety of choices is indeed abundant. However evaluating your business needs, budget, and business growth plans is an essential process for choosing software that will support your long-term goals. Solutions providers such as Invoicera, Zoho Invoice, and FreshBooks come with a full set of features that are finely tuned to suit the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

Whether you decide for it or against it, incorporating invoice management software is a wise investment that automatically brings the company to order. By choosing the appropriate software, manual invoicing becomes a nightmare that no longer exists.

In summary, allocate the necessary time framework to investigate the different choices, make the most of the free trials, and use the services of your colleagues or other professional persons. Finally, the proper invoice management software will promote your small business relative to efficiency, income, and customer satisfaction.


How secure is invoice management software for handling sensitive financial data? 

Look for software like Invoicera that uses encryption, secure cloud storage, role-based access controls, and other best security practices to protect your financial data. Check if they are compliant with relevant data privacy regulations. Invoicera is GDPR compliant.

Can invoice software integrate with my existing accounting/ERP system?

Most reputable invoice software like Invoicera provides integrations or API connections to sync data with popular accounting software and ERP systems. Check their list of pre-built integrations during evaluation.

How difficult is the implementation and user training process of any invoicing software? 

Leading solutions provide resources like knowledge bases, training videos, and professional services to make onboarding smooth. Check their implementation approach, training assets, and customer support channels.

Can invoice software handle multi-currency and multi-lingual needs? 

If you have an international client base, ensure the software supports invoicing in 125+ currencies and 15+ languages. This becomes critical for expanding businesses.

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