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Always Available To Assist You And Your Referrals

Count on our unwavering support for both you and your referrals, ensuring a seamless experience every step of the way.

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Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to promptly address any inquiries or concerns your referrals may have.

Live Chat and Email Assistance

Reach out to us via live chat or email, and our support representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

Regular Updates and Tips

Stay informed and keep your referrals updated with our regular newsletters featuring product updates and tips.

Interactive Webinars and Training

Attend our interactive webinars and training sessions to equip your referrals with in-depth knowledge about our platform.

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Invoicera Partnership Program

You could be a publisher, individual, or a product owner, we have a partnership program that helps you get rewarded. Simply refer Invoicera and earn a 30% commission for life each time your referral renews their plan.

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Share Invoicera with friends and family to earn rewards. Here's how:

  • Sign up and get your referral link.
  • Share the link via social media or email.
  • Use easy share buttons for multiple referrals.



Earn commissions by referring readers to Invoicera:

  • Place a text/banner ad on your website.
  • Sign up and use our provided ads.


Product Owners

Boost your profits by joining Invoicera's affiliate program:

  • Sign up with your company details.
  • Promote our product on your add-ons and integrations.
  • Contact us at for inquiries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Invoicera Partner Program?

Joining is easy! Simply sign up for our Partner Program, and you’ll receive a unique referral link. Share this link with your network, and for every new customer who signs up through your link, you earn a commission.

How does the Invoicera Partner Program work?

Our Partner Program allows you to refer Invoicera to others and earn a commission for every successful referral. You’ll receive a 30% commission for each referral’s plan renewal.

When can I withdraw the amount credited to my Invoicera account?

You can withdraw your referral commission after a month, provided you hit our minimum threshold limit of $30.

For how long can I be an Invoicera partner?

There is no limit to the time for you to be an Invoicera partner.

As a partner, do I get to see the number of referrals I generate?

You can see the number of referrals achieved by logging in to your Invoicera partnership account.

Is there a minimum number of required referrals to qualify as an Invoicera partner?

No, there is no minimum number of required referrals.

Where may I place these affiliate links on my site?

Please place your Affiliate links where they’re easy for your visitors to find: Your site’s home page, navigation bar, and any other high-traffic areas. Placing links on easily accessible site locations will more likely lead to a purchase.

Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?

No, it violates our terms as you will use our affiliate program to acquire our packages at a discounted rate.

Who processes orders and handles customer service?

We handle all sales, order processing, and customer service issues for any individual you refer to our site. All you need to do is promote our products and services through your link, and we will take care of the rest.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Invoicera affiliate program?

For questions about the Affiliate program, please contact Alec Mwali, the Affiliate Manager, at, who is always available to help.

Is the Invoicera partnership program free?

Yes! We do not charge anything to make you an Invoicera partner.

How can I see the referrals I've made and commissions earned?

Yes, you will have access to a personalized dashboard by logging in to your Invoicera account, where you can track your referrals, and commissions earned and view the status of each referral.

After I join the affiliate program, how do I get the ads and links to put on my site?

Log in to your Affiliate account, go to the “marketing materials” section, choose which link or banner ad you would like to place on your site, copy the HTML code provided below the banner, and simply paste it on your blog.

Is there a certain number of links I am obliged to place on my website?

No, you may use as many links as you like. We encourage you to try various links to learn, which will increase your click rates and commission earnings.

What about product returns/refunds?

If a customer’s refund request is granted or credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

How will the merchant know that the orders came from my site?

The link you set up on your site identifies you as having referred the customer. We track all related information for the customers you refer to our site.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?

There’s no limit! You can refer as many businesses as you like and earn a commission for each successful referral’s plan renewal.

Is there any training or support provided to help me refer Invoicera effectively?

Yes, we provide training materials and dedicated support to help you maximize your referrals. You’ll have access to resources that guide you on how to promote Invoicera and drive referrals effectively.

What if my referral has questions or needs assistance after signing up?

Our customer support team is here to assist your referrals with any questions or concerns they may have. We ensure a smooth onboarding experience for all referred customers.


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