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Are you tired of managing different invoice accounts for each of your business? You’re just one step away from setting up the multi-business account for your business.

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Challenges In Managing Multiple Businesses


Difficult Financial Analysis & Forecast

Understanding how much money you’re making and planning how much you might make in the future is difficult.


Scattered Client Communications

Keeping track of all the conversations and messages from different clients can be a mess.


Managing Exact Profit & Loss

Figuring out precisely how much money you’re gaining and losing for every business can be tricky.


Simplify Invoicing, Expense Tracking & Financial Reporting

Get a unified platform to manage multiple businesses. Enhance accuracy and save valuable time with Invoicera’s user-friendly interface.
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Manage Multiple Staff

Easily handle many employees within your business with simple and efficient tools.


Add Multiple Business

Seamlessly incorporate various businesses under one convenient account.


Manage Multiple Clients

Effortlessly keep track and handle multiple clients in one place for smooth operations.


Generate One Profit/Loss Statement

Simplify financial insights with a single, easy-to-understand profit/loss statement for your businesses.

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One Account, Many Dashboards

Access a single account to view and manage multiple dashboards, simplifying data monitoring and enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

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Have A Unified Control Center

Manage all your business ventures using a single account and easily switch between different accounts.

  • Maintain optimal control and oversight
  • Enjoy user-friendly interface

Easily Expand Your Business

Add and manage multiple businesses within a single account, eliminating the need for separate invoicing accounts.

  • Add new business ventures without additional charges
  • Generate comprehensive profit and loss statements
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Advanced Features With 100% Security

We leave no scope for data loss as we employ the most advanced technologies to give you top-notch security.

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Protect Data With Robust Security

Use Invoicera’s data backup and security measures and shield your information from theft, loss, and unauthorized access.

  • Automated Data Backups
  • Encryption for Sensitive Data
  • Redundant Storage Systems

Get Regular Security Audits

We conduct routine security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

  • Team proactively assesses the system
  • Security gaps are promptly addressed and fixed
  • Continuous monitoring and improvements

Secure Account With 2-FA

Fortify your account security by enabling end-to-end encryption and setting personalized security questions for login.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Personalized Security Questions
  • IP Address Restriction
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Manage Your Team Easily

Effortlessly oversee and coordinate team activities with a user-friendly and intuitive management system, promoting efficiency and satisfaction among team members.

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Effortlessly Assign Staff

Easily add and allocate team members to various departments within a single account, ensuring seamless processes without any confusion.

  • Streamlined Collaboration
  • Improved Task Delegation

Streamline Project Oversight

Assign numerous team members to different clients and easily monitor project progress, all within one user account.

  • Enhanced Client Relationship Management
  • Efficient Permission Settings
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Invoice Approval Process With Invoicera

Send accurate invoices with Invoicera, ensuring a smooth approval process and error-free transactions.

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Effortlessly Approve Invoices

Easily manage the invoice approval process within Invoicera.

  • Set specific staff members as approval authorities
  • Send invoices directly to designated staff

Implement Multi-Level Workflow

Streamline invoice approvals by implementing a multi-level workflow.

  • Ensure quick and accurate processing
  • Enhance efficiency with customized hierarchies

Set Customizable Approval Policies

Tailor the approval system to unique business needs with customizable policies.

  • Define escalation procedures
  • Easily modify approval policies
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Start Managing Your Multiple Businesses

Ready to experience the benefits of Invoicera? Here’s how you can start:


Sign up and Register Your Businesses

Visit the Invoicera website and sign up to create an account. During registration, input your business details for each of your ventures. It’s a quick process to get started with managing multiple businesses.

Customize Your Invoicing Setup

Personalize your invoicing setup by adjusting settings. Choose unique invoice templates, set payment terms, and enter specific details for each business. Ensure each business has its distinct branding and invoicing preferences.

Start Invoicing Efficiently

With your preferences in place, start generating invoices for each business effortlessly. Input client details, services offered, and amounts for accurate invoicing. Click ‘send’ and witness a streamlined and efficient invoicing process for all your businesses.


Invoicera: One Solution for All Businesses

Invoicera unifies your invoicing, payments, expenses, and time tracking, offering a comprehensive solution that fits the diverse needs of businesses, regardless of their size or industry.


Invoicera for Enterprises

  • Advanced Automation
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps


Invoicera for Small Business

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Pro Invoices in Minutes
  • Financial Insights with Intuitive Reports


Invoicera for Freelancers

  • Customized Invoices Matching Your Brand
  • Precise Tracking of Billable Hours
  • Easy Management of Multiple Projects

Use Cases

How can Invoicera Help your Business?


Time-Based Billing

Perfect for consultants and service professionals. Track hours spent on projects and bill clients accurately.


E-commerce & Online Payment Platforms

Integrate seamlessly with top online payment gateways. Offer your customers a variety of payment options.


Metered & Utility-Based Billing

Effortlessly handle metered and utility-based billing. Provide accurate invoices for usage-based services.


Invoicera: Your Invoicing Companion, Always by Your Side

Expand Your Business Beyond Boundaries. Create And Manage Global Clients From Everywhere.

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User Guide

Get Answers to Your Queries

We’re here whenever you need assistance. If you have any questions beyond what’s covered here, don’t hesitate to reach out.

1. What are the advantages of using Invoicera for handling invoices for different businesses?

Invoicera offers several advantages for efficiently managing invoices for different businesses:

  • Centralized Management: Invoicera provides a centralized platform to manage invoices for multiple businesses, streamlining the invoicing process and enhancing productivity.
  • Customization and Branding: Users can customize invoices, add logos, and tailor them according to each business’s brand identity, maintaining a professional image.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Invoicera supports multiple currencies, enabling businesses to invoice clients worldwide without the hassle of manual currency conversions.
  • Automated Workflows: Invoicera automates invoice generation, recurring billing, and reminders, saving time and reducing the risk of billing errors.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: It offers detailed reports and analytics, allowing businesses to track payments, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions.

2. How does using an online invoicing platform benefit in efficiently managing multiple businesses?

Using an online invoicing platform like Invoicera brings efficient management for multiple businesses through:

  • Unified Dashboard: Users can access all their businesses from a single dashboard, simplifying navigation and ensuring a holistic view of each business’s financial status.
  • Consolidated Billing: Invoicera consolidates billing processes across businesses, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and minimizing complexity.
  • Real-Time Insights: The platform provides real-time insights into each business’s invoicing activities, aiding in better decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Streamlined Communication: It facilitates streamlined communication with clients across businesses, ensuring a cohesive and professional interaction.

3. Can you explain the time-saving advantages of utilizing an online invoicing solution for multiple businesses?

Utilizing Invoicera for multiple businesses saves time through:

  • Automation: Invoicera automates invoice generation, payment reminders, and recurring billing, significantly reducing manual efforts and allowing users to focus on core business activities.
  • Template Usage: Users can create and save invoice templates, enabling quick generation and consistent branding across all businesses, thus saving time in creating each invoice from scratch.
  • Effortless Record-Keeping: Invoicera automatically organizes and records all invoicing data, eliminating the need for manual filing and saving time during audits and financial reviews.
  • Integrated Payment Gateways: Integrated payment gateways within Invoicera expedite the payment process, ensuring faster receipt of funds and minimizing the time spent on payment follow-ups.

4. What security measures are in place to ensure the confidentiality and safety of data for each business?

Invoicera employs robust security measures to ensure data confidentiality and safety:

  • SSL Encryption: Invoicera uses SSL encryption to secure data transmission, safeguarding sensitive information during online transactions.
  • Data Privacy Compliance: Invoicera complies with data privacy regulations like GDPR, ensuring that user data is handled and stored securely in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Access Controls: Invoicera implements access controls and permissions, limiting data access only to authorized users and enhancing data security.
  • Regular Backups: The platform conducts regular data backups to prevent data loss and maintain business continuity in case of any unexpected events.

5. How can I manage invoices for multiple businesses using Invoicera?

To manage invoices for multiple businesses using Invoicera:

  • Create Multiple Business Profiles: Users can create separate profiles for each business within Invoicera, enabling distinct management of invoices, clients, and financial records for each business.
  • Assign Users and Roles: Assign specific users and roles to manage each business, ensuring controlled access and efficient workflow management.
  • Customize Invoice Templates: Customize invoice templates for each business, tailoring them to the specific brand identity and requirements of each entity.
  • Generate Reports Separately: Generate reports separately for each business, allowing comprehensive insights into the financial performance of each entity.

6. How does Invoicera help with tax compliance for multiple businesses?

Invoicera supports tax compliance for multiple businesses by:

  • Automated Tax Calculation: Invoicera automatically calculates taxes based on the tax rules and rates applicable to each business, ensuring accurate tax invoicing.
  • Tax-Compliant Invoices: The platform generates tax-compliant invoices that meet the tax regulations of the respective countries or regions where each business operates.
  • Integration with Accounting Software: Invoicera seamlessly integrates with accounting software, aiding in streamlined tax reporting and compliance with tax authorities.
  • Record Keeping and Audit Trail: Invoicera maintains a comprehensive record of all transactions and tax-related information, facilitating easy access during tax audits and ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add multiple businesses to my Invoicera Account?

You can now create different dashboards in the same Invoicera account for all your business verticals and work seamlessly. You can even generate collective reports and manage finances.

How will Invoicera help me in managing my finances?

Invoicera helps you generate collective reports and analysis of your business for a better scope of improvements.

Is it possible to switch between businesses easily within the software?

Yes, Invoicera allows users to switch easily between multiple businesses within the software. This feature facilitates efficient management and quick navigation between various business profiles.

How does Invoicera handle subscription billing for multiple businesses?

Invoicera lets you send invoices at a set frequency for subscription-based businesses. You can also set different automated reminders for each different business.

What happens if I make changes to one business, will it affect the others?

Any modifications made to one business within Invoicera do not affect other businesses. Each business is independent in terms of information and settings, ensuring that alterations or updates in one business do not interfere with the operations or data of others.

Can I set different currencies and languages for invoices for each business?

Invoicera allows users to set different currencies and 15+ languages for invoices according to the specific requirements of each business. This feature enables personalized invoices for clients in various regions, enhancing communication and professionalism.

Are there any limits on the number of businesses I can manage with Invoicera?

Invoicera provides the flexibility to manage an unlimited number of businesses for paid users. You can efficiently handle and oversee multiple businesses within the software, making it a scalable solution for businesses of any size or complexity.

Can I set different payment gateways for each business?

Yes, Invoicera allows users to configure and utilize different payment gateways for each business. This feature caters to the diverse payment preferences of clients associated with various businesses, making transactions more convenient and adaptable.

Is there a way to generate financial reports for each business individually?

Invoicera enables users to generate separate financial reports for each business they manage. This functionality allows for a detailed and tailored analysis of the financial performance of each business, helping in better decision-making.

Can I customize invoices separately for each business?

Invoicera allows for the customization of invoices tailored to the unique branding and style of each business. Users can create and design distinct invoice templates for every business, adding a personalized touch and maintaining a professional image with clients.


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