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Speed Up E-Way Bill Generation With User-Friendly Interface


Create E-Way Bills in One Click

Create e-way bills instantly with a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity and speed.


Validate Data Automatically

Invoicera automatically checks for incorrect data and missing fields before generating e-way bills, ensuring accuracy.


Get Real-Time E-Way Bill Updates

Keep your e-way bills updated with real-time information on vehicle and consignment status.


Gain Total Visibility into Your E-Way Bill Operations

Simplify your e-way bill management with real-time updates and easy cancellations.

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Centralized E-Way Bill Dashboard

Access all your e-way bills from a single, easy-to-use dashboard for efficient management.


Update E-Way Bill Details Quickly

Modify e-way bill details in real-time through a user-friendly portal and keep accurate and up-to-date records.


Hassle-Free E-Way Bill Cancellation

Easily cancel e-way bills with just a few clicks, streamlining your logistics operations.

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Enhance Data Accuracy With Automated Validation

Create e-way bills confidently with precise built-in data validation features and error-checking.

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Detect E-Way Bill Requirements Automatically

Invoicera intelligently identifies transactions that require e-way bills, keeping you compliant effortlessly.


Automate Data Validation

Prevent errors with automated validation of all e-way bill data entries, enhancing accuracy.


Cross-Verify All Details

Ensure accuracy with cross-verification against GSTIN and historical data, reducing discrepancies.


Create Error-Free E-Way Bills

Create e-way bills with confidence using error-proof validation systems for accurate documentation.

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Manage Vehicle Details From Anywhere

Enhance your operations and productivity from any location. Make a way to smooth logistics and reduce administrative burden.

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Bulk Update Vehicle Details

Reduce manual data entry by bulk updating vehicle information from your fleet database directly in Invoicera.


Multi-State E-Way Bill Support

Generate e-way bills for multiple states from a single, centralized platform, eliminating the need for multiple portals.


Utilize Cloud-Based Convenience

Access your e-way bill data securely from anywhere, anytime on your web browser using cloud-based technology.

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How To Create An E-Way Bill With Invoicera?


Select Invoices

  • Log in to your Invoicera account and navigate to the e-way bill section.
  • Select the invoices for which you need to generate e-way bills.

Review and Validate Data

  • Invoicera will pre-fill the necessary details from the selected invoices.
  • It automatically validates the data, ensuring all mandatory fields are filled and the information is accurate.

Provide Additional Details (if required)

  • Enter any additional details like vehicle number, transporter information, etc.
  • Invoicera intelligently detects when an e-way bill is required based on government criteria.

Generate and Manage E-Way Bills

  • Review the details one last time and click “Generate E-Way Bill”.
  • Your e-way bills are created and centralized within Invoicera. You can easily filter, sort, cancel, or download them.

Pre-Designed and Customizable Invoicing Templates

All-in-one invoicing software to manage & track payments, expenses, bills & more.


Top Industries That Benefit from E-Way Bills

Explore how e-way bills streamline processes for logistics, retail, and manufacturing sectors.


Improve Operations for Logistics Companies

Logistics businesses can streamline their processes, making it easier to manage the movement of goods and ensure on-time deliveries.


Stay Compliant for Retail and Wholesale

Retailers and wholesalers can easily meet regulatory requirements, avoid penalties, and keep their transactions smooth and trouble-free.


Simplify Paperwork for Manufacturers

Manufacturers can reduce paperwork, keep accurate records, and make sure their deliveries are efficient and on schedule.

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Discover reliable payment integration gateways, offering diverse payment options tailored to your business needs.

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User Guide

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We’re here whenever you need assistance. If you have any questions beyond what’s covered here, don’t hesitate to reach out.

1. What are e-way bills?

E-way bills are electronic documents that businesses have to fill when moving goods that are valued at more than Rs 50000 at any place in India. They act as authority to transport goods, which is needed per the GST Act for transporting any goods. They elicit information on the consignment and may include information such as the consignor’s name, the consignee’s estimate of the consignment’s value, and the means of transport. They help in tracking the flow of products and the use of GST laws.

They are filed online through the GST network or any third party registered by the GST and tax administration. They are also subject to expiration, so their term may vary depending upon the distance and type of transportation. The e-way bill has to be generated, followed by the transportation of the goods, which cannot be transported independently of the e-way bill.

Speaking of the changes, the implementation of e-way bills has affected the transportation of goods throughout the country. It has helped to streamline it and make it less open for interpretation and manipulation, as well as reducing the incidence of tax fraud and all that. E-way bills also reduced multiple permits for inter-state transportation, which was a cumbersome process for businesses.

2. What is the difference between e-way billing and e-invoicing?

Before proceeding further, it is crucial to mention that e-way billing and e-invoicing are two separate processes, and they are aimed at assisting enterprises to adhere to the guidelines set by GST. E-Invoicing is the process that involves the preparation and use of this document tools electronically in order to obtain efficiency in the reporting process of the Business to Business transactions to the GST System. E-invoice should be prepared in the format as may be prescribed by the Government from time to time and these fields shall inter alia include fields like GSTIN, Invoice No & Date of issue.

However, e-way bills are obligatory in case of transportation of goods in course of interstate sale in business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) transactions. Hence, e-invoicing is slightly on the consulting end and oriented more towards the documentation and reporting of the transaction while e-way bills are slightly on the logistics end and are oriented towards the movement of the goods. E-way bills are transmitted based on the value of the consignment, the vehicle to be used in transporting the consignment and the distance wither the consignment is to be transported to. They include using the merchandise as an entry and exit point in the country besides being used in identification and transportation of the merchandise within the country.

3. What are the benefits of using e-way bills?

There are several advantages of e-way bills for businesses and the government. They assist in monitoring the flow of goods, check on tax incidences, and enhance supply chain integrity. E-way bills also help ease inter-state movement since companies do not have to get individual licenses from different states. Also, they remove the likelihood of holding up at check posts, thus making the movement of goods faster and more efficient.

The main advantage of e-way bills is that they reduce paperwork and manual dealings. Since e-way bills refer to electronic documents, firms can avoid the time and funds that would be used to acquire and renew physical permits. E-way bills also help provide real-time information to the government to track and analyze the movement of goods across the country.

In addition, e-way bills have greatly reduced tax evasion since the movement of goods and their tax credits can be easily tracked. They have also assisted in raising government tax revenue and addressed the issues of unequal competition within related sectors.

4. Who can use e-way bills?

E-way bills can be generated by all user like any businessperson transporters, and some of the e-commerce entities, etc. However, there are various categories of people or companies that are exempted from the creation of the e-way bills such as; Transporting goods for own used, Non-GST Supplies and where the value is below Rs. 50,000.

Everyone in the business – traders, manufacturers or service providers, who supply goods and whose value is greater than fifty Thousand Indian Rupees are supposed to generate an e-way bill for every transport of goods. Not only transporters, even third-party logistics service providers or even the fleet operators are mandated to generate e-way bills for the consignment being moved by them for the respective customers.

E-commercem sellers that offer products to their clients through these online portals are also obligated to generate e-way bills for the products they transport or encourage the transportation of. However, persons, who have the goods for own consumption or for supply of goods, where the value of goods does not exceed the prescribed limit of one lakh rupees, are not obliged to generate the e-way bills.

5. What are the criteria for generating an e-way bill?

The condition for an e-way bill to be issued is when the value of the consignment within the country is greater than Rs. 50,000. As amended, the Good and Service Tax Act of 2017 embodies the rules for e-way bill generation based on consignment value, mode of transport, and distance. E-way bills are also created through the GSTN portal, and companies or clients can also approach third-party partners and service providers to create them.

However, interstate movement of goods requires an e-way bill whenever the consignment value exceeds Rs. 50,000/- regardless of the distance. One more form, an e-way bill, is required when goods are transported between two states, even if the value of the consignment is less than the stipulated amount. Furthermore, for some commodities – handicraft products and precious stones in particular – e-way bills must be generated regardless of the consignment cost being below Rs. 50,000.

Another factor considered for an e-way bill is the mode of transport. Road, rail, air, or vessel transport also costs the consignment value above the set limit, so an e-way bill must be created. This means that the distance to be undertaken also determines the validity period of the e-way bill, whereby distances over 200km require a validity period of not more than 3 days. For distances over 500km, the e-way bill validity cannot exceed a day.

6. How can e-way bills help improve supply chain efficiency?

E-way bills are useful in enhancing supply chain efficiency by eliminating procedural blues and congesting checkpoints. With e-way bills, businesses can monitor and know the real-time status of their consignments, improving their planning and organization.

Also, the extinguishment of multipart permits specifically for transportation from one state to another has minimized delay and paperwork, hence improving on transportation speed. E-way bills also secure the chain from tax-evading and other vices related to the supply chain.

The e-way bills offer transparency to the movement of goods in real-time, helping businesses restructure their supply chain. This way, they can have better control over the stocks, coordinate production rates and resources more efficiently given that they have estimated time of arrival of raw materials and finished products. This enhanced visibility and coordination can pay handsome dividends in terms of cost reduction and increased business effectiveness.

In addition, e-way bills help make the transportation process easier and less cumbersome by decreasing the number of permits to be procured and the time consumed at check posts. This not only saves time and cuts transportation expenses but also enables businesses to reliably fulfill delivery promises, thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction and enterprise competitiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of check or validation does Invoicera perform on the e-way bill data?

Using smart algorithms, Invoicera saves your valuable time by checking e-way bill data for any missing or incorrect input. This helps you avoid generating an e-way bill without some information, thus saving you time and making the process as accurate as possible.

Are there any penalties if I do not generate an e-way bill when required?

Failure to produce e-way bill when necessary may attract penalties from the authorities. Such penalties are applicable depending on the severity of the violation and they can range from fines to possible disruptions of your carrier operations. Using Invoicera to create e-way bills saves you from facing such penalties.

Is there a limit to the number of e-way bills I can generate using Invoicera?

You can freely use the software for creating the e‑way bills as there is no restriction on number of bills one can produce. Our platform is scalable to the level of the number of transactions you need, it may be two, it may be hundreds.

Do I have to pay to create e-way bills with Invoicera?

Services we offer include creating e-way bills through Invoicera. Our platform does not charge any extra fees or hidden charges to register or generate e-way bills. Mainly, it is an integrated and inexpensive approach to providing your business requirements.

Can I generate e-way bills for goods transported across state borders?

Yes, absolutely! To elaborate, Invoicera enables its users to create e-way bills for intrastate and inter-state transportation of goods. Our platform is built for inter-state operations which means you will be in compliance with e-way bill rules no matter the destination of your goods.

How do I handle discrepancies in e-way bill data?

One thing you need to remember is that if there is any data mismatch in your e-way bill, you should resolve it on the spot. Invoicera offers options to modify e-way bill information, and therefore, clients have proper documentation up until the completion of transportation and delivery.

What if I need to change the vehicle during the transit?

In cases where a change of vehicle is required during transit, you can easily make this modification on the e-way bill through a feature provided by Invoicera. It helps to prevent your e-way bill from expiring and to show the state of your transportation process.

What measures does Invoicera take to secure my e-way bill data?

Security of your data is never a joke at Invoicera. Our platform also utilizes standard encryption protocols and security measures to ensure that your e-way bill data is protected from excessive access or misuse. Rest assured that we will safeguard your information while using it to generate the e-way bill.


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