Are You Marketing To Gen Y? 3 Smarter Strategies To Win the Trust of Generation Y

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  • Mar 2, 2012
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You perhaps could not have taken a more tipsy and turvy road to market your product and services, than channeling your efforts on the Gen Y! The youth today is empowered. They are blustering with potential and power, hold a hell lot of promise and has the potential to either lift up your brand and make it an immense success or suffocate your business to its very death.

The present day youth carry the technology in their back pocket and carry everything (literally everything) at their disposal. They are always connected to the Internet, they bitch, they blog, the party, they throw up, they get into pity fights. They follow the latest trends, in fact are constantly motivated to trend a set of their own. They can think out of the box, can really do something out of the box and mostly they are the rebels (at times without a cause, if we may so add!)

When it comes to targeting the ardent and restless youth of the country, the opportunity is immense. It is actually a gold mine for the business, if they really know how to set a chord with the young and explosive crowd. And if by chance you fail in your undertaking, to say the least, this crowd is vicious. You will be tormented for the rest of your lives, become the butt of their jokes and well, may your business Rest In Peace.

Scared already? Well, don’t be! We have a secret to unleash here. If in case you are wondering for a recipe to come up with the yum-some marketing strategy custom made for the tastes and preferences of the Gen Y, you have landed on the right page.

In short, simple, precise and hell easy to use steps, we provide you the ultimate key to unlock the mysterious hearts of the Gen Y and make your brand a rage amongst the ardent and young crowd.

1. Talk like a Human, Not a Robot!

If you are planning on targeting the youth of the country, better try reconnecting with the youth inside of you. Please give industry jargon a rest and you just cannot use the hither to formal and apt (read – sordid and mundane) way of communication with the young crowd.

The point is to loosen up a little bit and just be. There is no way you can connect to a crowd which insists on ripping their jeans after freshly buying the same from the store if you continue to remain in the formal suit and tie, button up till the neck.

We are not asking you to change yourself, rather the entire point is TO BE YOURSELF. Mostly, we are just being a nice company, a decent online marketer and blah, it is high time we just be ourselves, the people we are and talk about the work that we do.

Every business has a personality and the best you can do is to just express that personality as fearlessly as you can. The concept of being original is a hit with the youngsters.

If you really wish to connect to the audience, just be yourself. And where do you have to be yourself? Everywhere! On your website, on your social media profiles, in the emails you send and a lot more.

2. Rework on Your Advertisements

Dear Mister old school marketer, kindly enroll yourself refresher course in advertising. The mediums are changing and so the way you advertise your products has to change too. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Lets presume you are a Yoga Teacher (God bless your soul for this service!) or you can be a yoga learning center who also provide yoga trainers on a per hour basis.

Now the old school marketer will ask you to advertise yourself on TV during various health and fitness related shows. But the problem is you have to pay a lot and then you are not even sure if the users are even responding to these advertisements. The can simply switch over or they might just not be interested in yoga! Remember, we are talking about Gen Y, and no they are not interested, unless it is about power yoga and etc.

Instead, research on the Internet. Get hold of certain blogs and websites that speaks about health and benefits and also there is a section dedicate do Yoga. When you place an advertisement there, you may only receive (let us presume) 100 hits, but the fact remain, all these are perfectly qualified and aptly interested in learning yoga. Besides, a blogger will cost you far less amount as compared to the TC advertisement.

The point is to develop a niche marketing approach to promote your products.

3. Try to Win Their Trust, Not Just Their Money!

As a business owner, you may be tempted to push your products and register the sale, but before you that, you need to be honest and ask yourself what do you really want? A long term relationship with the client is based on trust and harmony.

To be really honest, there is no dearth of opportunities and the young crowd will shower their money on you like anything, if you are able to win their trust. They are not frugal, and they do not really think before taking out their wallet and making the purchase.

However, if they find out that you are just pushing your product, a tad too hard, all that chances that you could have had are now out of the window.

A simple way to build trust? Deliver exactly what you have promised and remember the golden rule – no hidden costs! Transparency and effective communication is the key.

The Parting Note

If you are really serious about breaking into the highly flourishing market labeled as Youth, your approach has to be groovy and ground breaking. They have a constant need to identify with something, something to belong to, no matter how autonomous they may seem. Even if your endeavor is highly small scale and not backed with proper resources, this generation Y has the potential to take it up to great heights, only if you are original and honest in your approach.


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