The Advantages of Cloud Storage for Your Business

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  • Apr 11, 2013
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When it comes to storing data, businesses now have more choices than they did earlier. One of which techniques that is increasingly becoming popular is cloud storage. This system allows digital files of all types, as well as other critical information, to be backed up quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Advantages of Cloud Storage


Though it is a relatively new concept, cloud storage is quickly becoming the preferred method for businesses to backup their data and store important digital files. It can be especially helpful to business owners for a variety of reasons. I’m discussing a few of them:


Automatic Backups– Backing up files certainly is not the most interesting job in a business and it can be time consuming. Cloud services allow data to be backed up automatically by selecting what gets saved and when. This frees up personnel to perform other duties for the business.


Sharing with others – Since the cloud storage system is accessed through the Internet, employees have those files available to them from any location that has a connection to the Web. Cloud services can also be synched between several different devices. This is especially helpful for companies that have employees that travel a lot for business. They do not have to worry about taking copies of the files with them, and employees are not limited to utilizing the same device. This also allows employees to easily share files with each other, review them and make changes without e-mailing or faxing them. The changes are made instantly and a time stamp shows when they were made. In addition, there will be no waiting around for large files to download, since the file is simply opened up without having to come down out of the cloud.


Cost – Using cloud storage can reduce the expense of backing up files by reducing the amount of additional hardware needed for that purpose. Though, most businesses are likely to store some files on site, most can be set to the cloud. Also, as mentioned above, the cost of manually doing so is removed.


Security Most of the online storage services encrypt data as it is being transmitted as well as when it is simply being stored in the servers. In addition, if disaster should strike the office, the data will remain safe since it is being stored off-site.


Easier recovery – Backing up to a cloud service can eliminate down time if something should happen to the computer system in the office. The files can easily be downloaded into the new system, or the repaired one, so business can continue.


Whatever the digital backup or storage needs of a business are, there’s likely a cloud service available to meet them. It can increase efficiency by setting up automated backups and allowing files to quickly be shared among employees. Cloud storage also provides additional security and recovery of files which can reduce the number of lost days if something should go wrong.


Author Bio: Guest author Lucy Matthews writes for,a site that has more advice on choosing a cloud storage provider.


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