Execution has never been cumbersome, but later in time creating invoices based on each task you executed can become one hassled task for your accountant. Remembering every project detail is critical to the human mind and errors are bound to happen.

Sending incorrect invoices can do more than disrupting your payment cycle. It hampers your image and creates conflicts.

It is important for an organization to ensure correct communication right from the beginning to the end of it. The last cycle is sending accurate invoices to receive rewards you’re bound to receive.

The best way of sending accurate invoices to clients is by having a custom invoice approval workflow managed through Invoicera.

An internal invoice approval process is an incredibly valuable feature launched by Invoicera and accepted by its users worldwide to get invoices approved in house.

Invoicera allows you to add team members in the invoicing process.  The admin creates an invoice, assigns it for approvals by team members and selects functionalities of features supported by Invoicera. In the same course, employees associated with the project review and verify the invoices and then approves it for sending it to the client.

Some of the most common errors made by companies while creating an invoice can be forgetting the address, missing to mention due date and forgetting to mention the modes of payments. Such minor information is critical, but we still skip them in a hurry. An invoice approval process shares your invoice with your employees and chances of fixing the errors can increase without highlighting them.

Also, Incorrect invoices can result in increased cost of rework as more people within the organization will be utilized for reviewing the invoice.


So, Invoice review is a crucial part of the Invoice approval process as it adds more accuracy to your invoice. When the same invoice is reviewed by other authorized members, it reduces the chances of mistakes in the invoice.




The invoice approval workflow software should be quite fast, accurate and simple. Only then, we can have correct invoices that lead to quick payment and enhanced client satisfaction.


With the passage of time, various invoicing software came into existence. These software claims to offer better invoice management. There are several invoicing software available in the market. These are used for creating and managing invoices for Small to Large Enterprises.


Invoicing software creates invoices and customer records. Moreover, it allows you to send quotes to your customers. Not only this, a good invoicing software allows you to perform tax reporting within it.


Furthermore, it becomes almost impossible and quite complicated to create invoices for hundreds of clients manually. However, Invoicing software provides a better and easy to use alternative for bulk invoicing.


Plenty of invoicing software provides several features. But still, it is found that few people using these invoicing software send incorrect invoices. A better option can be an invoicing software having a customized workflow.


Invoicera is the only invoicing software having the feature of the Invoice approval workflow. Custom workflow feature allows you to add team members or authorized people from your organization which can review the invoice.




This feature reduces the time consumed in the back and forth movement of invoices from one person to another for rechecking. With the help of custom workflow feature, people can add one or more members for reviewing their part in the invoices.


Each member looks at invoice and checks about the record he/she is accountable for. And as Invoicera is a software-based on cloud technology, each added member can look at records they are responsible for at the same time.


Once all the members review it and approve from their side, the invoice is automatically sent to the client. Hence, online invoice approval system facilitates the invoice transfer with enhanced accuracy and leads to increased client satisfaction.


Here you can take a quick look at Steps of an invoice approval process:


  1. Vendor submits Invoice through an online portal to accounting or accounts payable.
  2. Invoice review for compliance.
  3. Invoice is put in the payment queue and sent to the submitter.

Watch this video to know more benefits of the Invoice approval process

However, companies are shifting towards usage of automated Invoice approval software as a manual invoice approval system is comparatively slow. For more clarity, you can look at the benefits of an automated invoice approval system:

  • Saves time
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Standardizes time
  • Improves transparency
  • Improves compliance
  • Improve decision making


Furthermore, Invoicera is the only software with invoice approval system that allows you to avoid all the invoicing mistakes and helps you to create invoices that are correct and highly professional.


Invoicera is available as a web app as well as the mobile app. Moreover, Invoicera mobile apps are made for iOS and Android platforms. One can download these apps on their smartphones and can access, create, alter, review or send invoices from any location and at any instant of time.


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Summing Up:

Invoicera has recently launched one of its most revolutionary features of the invoice approval process. An enabler to let you make corrections in house and do not allow minor missings hamper your process.

The simple invoice approval process is built to streamline your workflow and have controlled final professional communications with the clients. Invoicing decides your cash flow and sustainability, we have simply made sure there is no barrier while it comes to invoicing for you.