A professionally looking billing statement is always an important part of your business and this is the reason why you need to focus on creating well-organized and easily comprehensible billing statements. There are free invoice templates that are available in a variety of formats and styles, but customized billing statements are more preferable that your customers can easily navigate through and won’t find any difficulty in understanding its content.

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Creating a customized and professional billing statement is not a difficult task. However, It is fast, easy and accurate, if you follow these few simple steps to create statements from invoice templates.

You can create these 5 simple steps for creating a professional billing statement:

Use an invoice template

Instead of creating an invoice from scratch, you will find it more practical to download an invoice template and customize it as per your needs. You can simply download a template from Microsoft and it will allow you to align your billing statement on a spreadsheet program like MS Excel. It will also allow you to integrate the data with your accounting and tax software.

Customize the template

Now, you can change the format, text, etc of the template as per your needs. Include your business name and other details in place of generic information.

Keep it for future use

No need to put the name of the customer on the invoice whom you are billing. You may avoid putting the name and address of the customer company on the template. When you will generate the actual invoice, you can enter these details. You can even computerize this process using a mail merge.

Purchase Order & Work Order List

Your invoice should have a column to list all purchase orders and work orders. This will enable your customers to easily track the orders placed by them. Most invoice templates have a place for purchase orders and work orders. In case, the template doesn’t have space to accommodate work orders and purchase orders, you can create an additional column for the purpose.

The Formula in the template

You should check that the template has a formula to automate calculate totals on the basis of your input. The template needs to calculate the total of each line in the template. Besides, the template should have a formula for multiplying the total number of items with its per piece price to give the total cost. It should also have the formula to find out the sum of all the lines and give the net price to the customer.

Thus, creating professional billing statements is not a daunting task, if you use an invoice template. At the same time, it helps maintain a smooth accounting process and customers find it comprehensible to timely release payments.

For making your billing statement creation process even simpler, you can use an online tool like Invoicera and generate a professional billing statement in minutes and mail it to your clients.