It is competitive market place today. Attracting and retaining clients is utmost important. Businesses need to look for the most efficient ways to save time and money. Increasing productivity and convenience in business is paramount. Therefore, cloud invoicing becomes the key to scaling the company’s business model.

Scaling your entire business at once may sound impossible, but invoicing is something you can start with cloud invoicing. Looking for an efficient way to generate invoices, along with keeping track financial information, you can achieve that increase with cloud invoicing. Most importantly, this is all done while subtly improving your business cash flow.

Unfortunately, paper-based invoices aren’t the most efficient. Cloud-Based invoicing software can fit your bill perfectly and create efficient invoices easily. Businesses these days are swiftly shifting to the world of cloud invoicing and saving bombs of money and time spent on the traditional way of creating invoices.

Let’s dive deeper into the 10 advantages of using cloud invoicing:


1. It’s fast and simple.

Imagine taking out the big green file and tearing out an invoice, filling out all the relevant information and then sending out in an envelope. The entire process is meant to take 3 days of your time and another one week to get the payments. Following up on call and getting stuck with the hassle of receiving cash payments acts as a cherry on the top. Why not just cut down the same process to a few minutes? Cloud invoicing does the exact same job for you automatically or with just a few clicks. Also, you get the benefits of 30+ online payment gateways to receive payments online with Invoicera.  


2. Save Everything in the Cloud.




When it comes to cloud, you never have to worry about losing invoices or client data. You will never face mail problems or computer crashing issues ever again.

Everything is automatically saved and stored in the cloud with invoice cloud. Just log into your account and access everything you need to start billing your clients is right at your fingertips from anywhere and anytime with Invoicera’s mobile app for cloud-based billing software.



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3. Automation.

Automation is one of the greatest benefit associated with invoice cloud. It makes sure to cut down your efforts to half and enable you to spend more time on your business and generating higher profits. It allows you to set up automatic subscription billings for recurring clients, this way retaining them for long.

The cloud billing software sends automatic payment reminders to the clients and follows up on your behalf for the late payments and dues. Therefore, saving you tons of time and money.



4. Establishes brand identity.

The Invoicera, invoice cloud helps you create your brand’s identity. It lets you customize your logo, color scheme, and fonts as per your brands.

A stronger brand identity increases the chance of getting paid in time and impacts branding silently. It’s been found that including your logo increases payments by 3 times.

Invoice cloud lets you create customized messages for your clients giving them a personal touch. It also gives you the advantage to sell or promote new products or services. You can also link a piece of content that can help the client solve some of their additional queries.

It might seem like a really small gesture, but these messages have proven to enhance your brand. Your brand’s identity demonstrates your personality and expertise.


invoice cloud


5. It’s secure.

How exciting it is when we say Invoicera, invoice cloud is 100% safe. The dedicated team works hard to keep all your personal information intact and completely secure. It is your sensitive information that you save on the drive and we make sure to keep that information safe on the cloud no matter how and where you access it. But, don’t forget to be highly aware of your activities. Never leave your account open on unknown devices. A little caution from your end will help you stay safe and protected.



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6. Deal with many currencies and languages.

Technology in today’s world has crossed all the borders. Now you can bill a client sitting in

The UK in few minutes and seamlessly. A customer in Kenya can order a t-shirt from a company in the U.S. Because of this no border business world, invoice cloud allows you to select and send invoices in any language that your client prefers and receive payments without the hassle of currency exchange. 30+ payment gateways make receiving payments super fast and super easy. Cloud invoicing and payments makes entering the global marketplace much more convenient. It removes payment barriers as well.


7. Cost savings.

Save the huge cost you bear on sending invoices in physical mails. Not to forget, time too. With the entire cloud-based billing software for invoicing, you save a huge cost you incur on the process of invoicing starting from mere creation of it to sending it out to clients and receiving payments. Online invoicing eliminates the extra costs. And, thanks to automation your business can reduce the cost of invoicing by 29%. Straight.


8. 24/7 access.

Online invoicing is on the cloud which gives you the ability to manage client information and billing from one application. You can use on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

This means if you can’t make it into the office, you’re at home or traveling — you can send and manage your invoices 24/7.


9. Simpler auditing.

Your estimates, invoices, expense receipts, and any other related documents are online and on one dashboard. How reliable and easy that feels? A cloud billing software allows you to save everything in just one place.

The master dashboard of Invoicera creates a simple and time-saving process while analyzing financial reports. During tax season you, or your accountant, can easily determine any eligible tax deductions.

Being able to quickly locate all of your expenses and receipts from one place is highly convenient.


10. Instant delivery = faster payments.

As realized earlier, it takes seconds to send invoices online and they’re even faster if you use automation for recurring billing.

No longer will you have to wait for weeks for a client to receive, review, and return an invoice via mail. “Lost in the mail” jokes are gone forever. Your invoices will be sent instantly and you can keep a track of every invoice’s status.




This is just a small list of advantages related to cloud billing software. Businesses that have moved to the world of invoice cloud swear by it super easy and reliable processes. From the day of its advent, it has proved to reduce the extra costs businesses had to bear for invoicing and cut down on hours spent on calculations of amounts and taxes that need to be added. Invoicera, invoice cloud is a wholesome package that helps you streamline your entire business activities and cash flow intact. The 13+ years old cloud billing software is a complete package to cater to every aspect of business finances. From invoicing to tracking expenses or managing staff, every single business aspect can be managed efficiently. 30+ online payment gateways help to receive payments from the global clientele hassle free and cash flow super smooth.