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Enhancements: Apply Tax on Items, Default Color for Templates and Much More!

We are pretty stoked to roll out a new set of enhancements which we are hopeful that many would have already noticed. This update has opened a pathway for the next round of updates and already the development is now underway on some key new features that we would be introducing in the days to come. However this version provides a series of enhancements and minor fixes to some of the more murky sections in the application.

Apply Tax on Items

Option to apply tax for each of the item added has now been made available. While adding a new product/service or at the time of editing an existing item it would now be possible for you to apply a default tax to be shown on invoices. The list of taxes added by you would be displayed in the listing and you can select the one that needs to be applied for that particular product/service. Read More

Invoicera Progressively Moving Forward With the Latest Changes

This week we continue with our series of development updates and enhancements to carry on with our responsibility of constantly improving the application and add all of the goodies that we (and our customers) have wanted.

Easier said than done though, it takes years of customer feedback and an assiduous team to build a strong product and then continue to make it stronger. And even the smallest of change has repercussions, happy accidents, opportunities and a better product. We are lucky to be blessed with such a strong base of customers who are always so supportive and keep us flooded with feedback and suggestions. Read More