We are pretty stoked to roll out a new set of enhancements which we are hopeful that many would have already noticed. This update has opened a pathway for the next round of updates and already the development is now underway on some key new features that we would be introducing in the days to come. However this version provides a series of enhancements and minor fixes to some of the more murky sections in the application.

Apply Tax on Items

Option to apply tax for each of the item added has now been made available. While adding a new product/service or at the time of editing an existing item it would now be possible for you to apply a default tax to be shown on invoices. The list of taxes added by you would be displayed in the listing and you can select the one that needs to be applied for that particular product/service.

Set Default Color for Invoice/Estimate Templates

Per invoice/estimate template color option is already available but we have noticed that most users prefer to use a standard invoice template and color for all invoices and estimates. Keeping this requirement in mind we have now given the option to set a default color for all templates. This way you would not be required to change the template color each time you create an invoice.

Enlarged Select Boxes

The length of all drop-down menus and select boxes has been increased to make it convenient to select the items from the listings. The listings with long characters would display in a single line which will make it a lot easier to select them. This would be particularly helpful when you are required to choose from a list of say 100 items or projects or clients, etc.

VAT/TIN Number field in Multiple Language

This was the only field which could be replaced or converted in any other language. Therefore, we did have some requests from users suggesting it should be done. So there it is, VAT/TIN number field would now show up amongst other fields while customizing the template for your client and you would be able to replace or edit it with any other value that you wish to use.

So go forth, dart through the application, romanticize about little enhancements, share with us your thoughts, explore and gratify your friends with merriment.