A time management workshop is not just a way to improve team productivity, but also team motivation. A manager must conduct these periodically to understand team tasks and help them achieve their goals easily.

Time Management Workshop


One of the most important aspects of time management is lessons in prioritization. The manager must motivate the team to take up the most urgent tasks first and complete them on priority. He must train the teams on how to manage tasks and add priority to them.

They must be encouraged to ask questions related to any sort of confusion that they may have, related to specific task priorities. Teams must be motivated to adhere to priorities and time-lines for better achievements of targets.

Time-sheet Management

The next on the list is managing the time-sheet well and filling it everyday. An appropriate time tracking application must be used by each team member to log hours worked. The team should be trained on real time, logging of hours and adding accurate details in the time sheets. They must be encouraged to analyze their own productivity on a daily and weekly basis. Benchmarks must be set and the appropriate guidelines must be provided for teams to able to improve productivity over time.

Following A Task Schedule

The team must be trained to follow a task schedule. The manager can either schedule the daily or weekly tasks for the team or ask the individuals to create one for themselves.

The schedule must be flexible so that if new urgent tasks need to be taken up, then they should be taken up on priority. All of these processes must be explained to the team and a written document or e-mail must be shared regarding the same.

Understanding the Goal Requirements

Training for time management must be given with reference to the current goals and objectives of the project. This is important for the team to understand the kind of productivity they have to achieve for meeting their targets. This would also motivate them towards goals and ensure that they are managing their time well. Any queries that the team may have, at this time, must be answered properly.

Getting Organized

Training the team to be more organized is very important for achieving better productivity in the long run. Every individual should be inspired to deliver while also balance this with some lighter moments. Organizing the tasks well, gives an opportunity to improve performance and go beyond the existing expectations. Teams must be trained to analyze situations where they may get stuck and be motivated to quickly move out of these. Using the right set of online tools for collaboration and task completion helps in getting more organized. Managing a to-do list on a daily basis, is also essential.

Making a time management workshop fruitful, can be very challenging. It may not get the desired results if the trainer does not inspire the team well enough to manage their time well.

It is essential to bring the teams together and build a collaborative work culture where everyone can manage their time and improve productivity.