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Online Billing Software: Ideal Choice for Small Businesses


In the big business-centric nation like the U.S., entrepreneurs contribute a lot to economic growth and job availability. Small Business Administration of US notes that 99.7% of employer firms situated in the country consists of small business owners. However, the new babies in the industry often face difficulties with financial terms, activities and are not much aware of the know-how of the industry. Fortunately, the U.S. government makes sure to help and educate its talented citizens to start their new ventures and basic business terms. Professional training opportunities, accounting guides, and seed funding possibilities are all you should learn beforehand.

Having fundamental bookkeeping skills and financial management can help you track income, file future taxes and pave way for business success. A quick tip here lies with using a small business billing software. It acts as a supplement to boost your business finances and invoicing.

Here are some of the characteristics that the online billing software for small business should have:




You needn’t be an accountant to understand billing software for small business. Look for an interface that resembles the traditional manual invoicing but has better user experience than that of paper invoicing. The more familiar you are with the layout, the easier it’ll be.


Internet and e-commerce friendly:
Online billing software for small business helps you conduct most of your invoicing activities automatically, saving your business time. You can get paid online with more than 30 online payment gateways associated with Invoicera. The same holds utmost importance when you’re running an online business.
small business invoicing

Online and offline integration:


Make sure your small business billing software integrates with your basic programs such as Word, Excel, etc.

Useful Report Generation for analysis:


A billing software for a small business like Invoicera helps you automatically generate financial reports like expense, income, employee productivity, etc. this easy report generation helps you easily analyze business productivity.

Generate invoices and docs in multiple formats: Make sure the billing solution for small business lets you send invoices in multiple formats like HTML, PDF, CSV, etc. This ensures that compatibility issues are eradicated.


Your plans are never to stay stagnant in your business, choose the software that has the capability to grow with your business. A billing solution for the small business like Invoicera grows with your business by offering different customization at each step.






The automated billing and invoice process with small business billing software can result in savings of 50-80% as compared to manual invoicing. Automation speeds the work that drives the business forward. The business process automation increases the ROI, minimizes operational costs, maximize productivity and improve client relations.

The automation processes enable to reduce transaction costs, receive early payments and eliminate routine tasks. The rapid integration consolidates information from any back-end for control, visibility and process performance. The online billing software for small business can help improve your efficiency, cut costs and supports closer supplier relationships.

Also, the Mobo App can easily be downloaded to your Android devices and iOS Phones to access unlimited invoicing support for better and faster decisions on the go. When it comes to payments, digital payments helps to deliver customized digital payment solutions for both customers and business accounts across channels. Invoicera integrated with 25+ global payment solutions that are right for your business.

small business billing software runs more smoothly, just make your business come out of the shadows today!



High-quality software must be reliable, easily maintainable, easy to operate and should meet the functional requirements of its domain. I would be wrong to say that these are the only features that best invoicing software for small business should have. But certainly, these are some of the highlights of standout online invoicing software. These guidelines will help in selecting appropriate software that will mitigate your billing woes.
Keep a close eye on business financials with Invoicera. It is easy, no software installation necessary. Just connect to Invoicera as you go. You’ll be up and running quickly with easy up gradation, no hardware and software investment and more. Implementing online billing software can help companies to optimize their working capital and continue running healthy business operations.





Minimize Errors and Channelize Revenue through Online Invoicing

Traditional invoice processes are inefficient, error-prone and slow. A company that sticks to manual processing is wasting money on administration costs and unidentified invoice errors. Even worse, manual processes make it difficult to pay suppliers on time, depriving them of vital cash flow, possibly risking their very survival.

The companies that aspire and strive to have their processes streamlined, use online invoicing software to handle ten times as many invoices per person as their competitors.

Learn how you can reduce costs, improve efficiency and accuracy, and achieve desirable ROI in the relatively quick span of time.

1. Speedy Account Receivable process


The good online invoicing software helps you to track receivables and provides better insights into your collection process. The billing becomes right as each bill can be sent promptly and paid within the stipulated time. Stepping into the account receivable collection process can improve the cash flow by converting sales to revenues quickly.

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2. Real-time payments that simplify business:

real time payments

The secure online invoicing software allows the customers to pay their invoices at their convenience anytime anywhere. The online invoicing software provides real-time payments for the customers. They can easily review their invoices and submit payments securely and remotely from anywhere. With so many payment solutions, Invoicera has integrated with 25+ payment gateway solutions to make relatively easy to collect payments for goods and services.

3. Lights on AP automation:

account payable management

The automated AP workflow reduces manual intervention, improves process visibility and enhances better supplier relationship management. The online invoicing software works in a centralized way to handle invoice processing for businesses of all sizes. It enables to provide accurate forecasts of cash management.

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4. Taxes/ Late fee & Charges:

The online invoicing software helps to keep the file taxes accurate and figure out how much you owe your business. The one thing that a business owner wants to deal if your business has the record of sales invoices by maintaining an organized system.

online billing software

5. Client relationship management:

Building happy client relationships is at the core of getting a constant flow of revenue. Having regular client meetings and conversations with clients helps in understanding their requirements better.

client relationship management


With a large number of benefits, online invoicing software addresses the issues of reducing waste, delays, and errors. It ensures timely payments, smooth transactions and better relations with the clients. Therefore companies have now switched to processing and use supplier self-service functionality to mitigate client inquiries and discrepancy resolution. Online invoicing software efficiently reduces these issues and ensures clutter free invoicing.

There has never been a better time to implement online invoicing than now!

Invoicera is equally beneficial for all business partners to improve cost efficiencies and enable faster flow of business transactions.  A properly integrated system helps to improve the ROI of the business processes. Save huge amount of operational costs by complete automation of business processes.