One of the majorly spread and dominating industries of all time, the Fashion Industry is a bigger business than most of us ever consider. Just like any other segment of the market, the fashion industry transacts likewise. Exchange of goods and services is very prominent, enabling business.

Facing some similar invoicing and accounting challenges, one of the major talent acquisition businesses from Spain planned to get an entire invoicing solution customized.

Unique workflow and client dealing made it hard for our client to manage accounts payables and receivables. Falling prey to loss of profits and cash, they decided to streamline the entire workflow with automation through customized software.

Some of the major challenges faced by our talent acquisition client were:

  • Hassled management of cash flow with two different accounting and invoicing software.
  • Untrackable third party expense and revenue.
  • Need for customized invoice template.
  • Invoice customization to manage invoices and payables through the same invoice.
  • Automation of data management.
  • Invoice to receipts conversion for the third party.
  • Unsegregated and unfiltered revenue calculations.

At Invoicera, we heard the entire challenges and decided to curate a completely new invoicing software to make invoicing and accounting easy and taxation completely hassle-free.

The entire procedure for customization include:

1. People Management

customized software

Multiple-layered invoice management is a cumbersome task, especially when you have to manage invoicing between clients and third party models. Invoicera created an invoice management system that created multi-layered invoices in a similar document. It made accurate profit calculation convenient and precise.

2. Invoice Management

Just like any other business, invoice management is a hassled task in the fashion industry too. The automated invoice management software ensured streamlined management of invoices and payments.

3. Report Management

customized software

To ensure full visibility of cash flow, precise data management of transactions is important. Customized segregated reports of expenses, revenue, salary, and third-party payments help in presenting the clear status of the cash flow, further helping in the efficient analysis.

4. Payable/Refund Management:

One of the keen requests made in the customization of invoicing software was the management of payables/refunds. Constant third-party dealing made it essential for our client to keep a tab of payables. A separate portal for payables management made it convenient to track payables and manage them in time.

End Note

Invoicera banks upon its 14+ years of experience in this domain, very well knowing what our client wants. The customized software made it possible for them to utilize their resources to the maximum along with enhancing their overall productivity.

Invoicera takes pride in providing our clients with an expert software solution in a limited time of 10 weeks. Through customized software integrated into their existing legacy systems, Invoicera provided them features like custom billing, client management, recurring billing, expense management, payment management, customized invoicing along with several other features with one of the most trusted client services satisfaction.

After some regular follow-ups, the client appreciated our efforts and told us how they have simplified their business process and made it faster almost by 40%. Contact Invoicera for various customized software solutions to automate your AR and AP process. Invoicera builds software on the basis of Clients requirements. Have a look at our case studies section which showcase our expertise.

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