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Now Export Invoice Templates to PDF in Their Respective Colors

Over the past few months we have been making enhancements and bringing you updates at rate of knots and look to keep the juggernaut rolling for at least sometime. These enhancements and updates are a result of feedback that we receive in numbers (we are fortunate to have users who work behind the scenes for us) and meticulous brainstorming sessions conducted in our chamber. These updates, however diminutive they seem to be, have big impact not only in the functionality of the application but also connect with the users’ requirements. Read More

Some Exciting News for Our Indian Users

While the Internet is a global phenomenon that connects different people in different countries, we decided to take a step forward and connect with our existing and potential users geographically. We have now created pages with content specifically tailored to the user on the basis of their geographical location (In this case India).

Therefore, from this moment onwards our users from India would be able to view the pricing in Indian Rupee (INR). They would also be able to make payments in INR through Moneybookers payment gateway. This has been specifically done to increase visitor satisfaction and to enhance user interface. Read More

Coming Soon – Invoice Customization and Multiple Language Invoicing!

La facturación no debe tener límites! Yes, we all agree billing should indeed have no barriers and no boundaries.  And therefore, we decided to give our users a pleasant surprise by providing the most puffed up feature till date.  Although we were amongst the few online invoicing applications to launch multi-currency invoicing relatively early to purge geographical barrier, we are once again ready to roll out another feature that would completely eliminate any limitation associated with International invoicing. Read More

New Feature Update: Now Add Tax Directly From Invoice

We recently received a few concerned e-mails suggesting that some of our users do forget to add tax amount at the first step i.e. before creating an invoice. A few hours back I would have mentioned skipping out certain important steps is bound to cause problems and that all necessary steps need to be followed before actually creating an invoice (that also included adding tax even before creating an invoice). But this would not be a cause of concern any more!

Our new tax adding option lets you add tax directly while creating an invoice/estimate, just like adding a new client, product/service or even late fee. This implies you would be able to start invoicing immediately as and when you sign-up. The new tax added directly gets saved and can be re-used on future invoices. It’s that easy! Read More

Quick and Easy Expense Tracking

With the launch of the new Invoicera, you will now be able to keep a track of all the expenses incurred by you on behalf of your clients. This will be an important addition to an already comprehensive feature list as this will allow Invoicera users to easily add all the expenses incurred during the course of any project, in the final invoice.

You can add as many expense categories to manage and assign them to a particular client on whose behalf they have been incurred. You can also set recurring expense if they are incurred on a regular basis. This helps you to save time and effort in adding such expenses repeatedly. Read More

New Invoice Scheduling feature Integrated

If generating invoices and bills for the completed projects and the services rendered, along with sending each invoice on time to keep track of your payments is daunting – Invoicera is the right choice. With our distinguished and unique feature of Invoice Scheduling, Invoicera now lets you create an invoice/estimate with utmost ease and then forget about manually sending it. All you have to do is set the date and time for an invoice to be sent. Once you do that all you have to do is hope that your client pays for your bill. The invoice gets delivered at the set date and time automatically, even when you are not logged in to the system.

This feature has been primarily incorporated to make invoicing a lot simpler and less complex. Not to mention the increase in productivity and efficiency that it brings along. The SME’s, freelancers, service providers, and many others will acknowledge the integration of this feature as welcome news.


Creating and sending an online invoice conjures up an image of a process that is enigmatic, complex and obscure. This is not true, with careful selection of an invoice system, online invoicing can make things easier, more cohesive and less time consuming. And with feature as attractive as Invoice Scheduling, it only increases the overall usability of an invoicing application.

Do not forget to share your experience with us about this new feature and how it benefited you.

Happy Invoicing!!!

More Online Payment Gateways added

One reason why majority of the people across the globe are still circumspect about using any online application is the fear of cyber crimes, frauds, phishing, etc. Though, saying that this problem can be overcome completely would only be an exaggeration. But can certainly be mitigated to a large extent. To provide our users with one of the secured online invoicing application, we have added some more online payment gateways. With this we can proudly claim that we are amongst the few online invoicing application providers that offer as many as twelve payment gateways to choose from.

We are in the process of contacting several other payment gateway service providers and would be soon adding more gateways. This is being done to provide easy and secure online tractions to our users in those countries who prefer country/currency specific payment gateway service providers.

The new payment gateways that have recently been added are:

Country – South Africa
Currency supported – USD, EUR, GBP, ZAR

Country – UK
Currency supported – All ISO 4217 Currencies

Country – Australia
Currency supported – Australian Dollars (AUD), US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), New Zealand Dollars (NZD)


Invoicera now has Multiple Currency Support…

They say, there is a moment of epiphany for everyone. What made us exercise the Multiple Currency Support feature in our application is a comment of a pensive client in a forum. He expressed his worried views of how he has clients spreading from North to South Pole, some dealing in Dollars, some in Pounds, some in Rupees and some in Yen.

We have already observed that there are many people with their businesses in Asia but dealing with clients over the Internet spreading across the globe. But coming back to the comment that I read while searching over the Internet, was a little disturbing. He mentioned that his base currency was Pounds while he had clients in North America and Europe. This made invoicing all the more difficult as he was required to set up multiple accounts with different base currencies. It was indeed a disturbing discovery, seeing clients perturbed and irked about not being able to fully harness the benefits of an application which is solely made to mitigate people’s invoicing and billing problems.

This made us reminiscent to our conviction to offer a completely user-friendly application. So here is your Invoicera, which will support all major currencies from across the continents with real time currency conversion. But here’s a catch, our multiple currency feature will allow you to change the currency client wise. This means, if you have ten clients in ten different countries then you will be able to send invoices to each client in their country specific currency. Thereby, allowing you to track your invoices more efficiently and effortlessly.

So experience the benefits of globalization of trade with Invoicera, till the time they discover a universal currency 😉 Happy Invoicing J

P.S – This feature will be applicable from next month onwards.