La facturación no debe tener límites! Yes, we all agree billing should indeed have no barriers and no boundaries.  And therefore, we decided to give our users a pleasant surprise by providing the most puffed up feature till date.  Although we were amongst the few online invoicing applications to launch multi-currency invoicing relatively early to purge geographical barrier, we are once again ready to roll out another feature that would completely eliminate any limitation associated with International invoicing.

Invoice Template Customization and Multi Language Invoicing would be soon launched, but with a difference.

With the introduction of this feature you would be able to do something different with our invoicing application. You would be able to create invoices and estimates in any language…Almost! And you would be able to customize and change invoice and estimate headers with your own custom fields and in any language.

With the release of our new invoicing capabilities, all our users would be able to transact globally with Invoicera’s multi-currency and multi-lingual invoicing. Record foreign currency invoices and expenses without compromising on decimal precision. Now you will be able to send a Factura to your Spanish client, Fattura to your Italian client, a Rechnung to your German customer and in various other languages. Feeling excited already?

Hold on to your mounting excitement for just a little longer till we make this feature available. So stay tuned for our next big update.

Happy Invoicing!