They say, there is a moment of epiphany for everyone. What made us exercise the Multiple Currency Support feature in our application is a comment of a pensive client in a forum. He expressed his worried views of how he has clients spreading from North to South Pole, some dealing in Dollars, some in Pounds, some in Rupees and some in Yen.

We have already observed that there are many people with their businesses in Asia but dealing with clients over the Internet spreading across the globe. But coming back to the comment that I read while searching over the Internet, was a little disturbing. He mentioned that his base currency was Pounds while he had clients in North America and Europe. This made invoicing all the more difficult as he was required to set up multiple accounts with different base currencies. It was indeed a disturbing discovery, seeing clients perturbed and irked about not being able to fully harness the benefits of an application which is solely made to mitigate people’s invoicing and billing problems.

This made us reminiscent to our conviction to offer a completely user-friendly application. So here is your Invoicera, which will support all major currencies from across the continents with real time currency conversion. But here’s a catch, our multiple currency feature will allow you to change the currency client wise. This means, if you have ten clients in ten different countries then you will be able to send invoices to each client in their country specific currency. Thereby, allowing you to track your invoices more efficiently and effortlessly.

So experience the benefits of globalization of trade with Invoicera, till the time they discover a universal currency 😉 Happy Invoicing J

P.S – This feature will be applicable from next month onwards.