17 Ways to Simplify Tasks And Improve Productivity

In this constantly changing business environment, work processes are regularly being customized to ensure growth of the company. As a business owner, one always aims for unique methods to improve productivity of employees. Rapid advancement in  technology has provided some very effective and useful ways to do so.

Here are some tips, which one use, to save time and money:

improve- productivity

Online Invoices

Instead of making invoices manually, one can use tools that generate invoices and send them online.

Create Templates

 One should create templates for anything that would be needed over and over again like sales documents, proposals, contracts, e-mailers etc.

Pay and Receive Bills Online

Almost all the banks have online banking and also all the vendors receive payments online through credit or debit card. Simplifying the bill payment and receiving process can save a lot of time and effort.

Hire Through Online Application

Create an online application form and have elimination criteria related to scheduling, salary and educational level. This way one can hire sooner and save a lot of time and effort.

Online Project Management

Project management can be a tedious if handled manually. To simplify this, one should use online tools that provide effective project management options. Simple tools like Google Drive and Skype must be used for day-to-day collaboration at the workplace.


As a business owner, one has to keep in touch with clients on a regular basis. Instead of writing an email one can use auto-responder services and schedule mails to be delivered automatically.

Automated Salary

Instead of handing over the paycheck to each and every employee individually, one can get the salary directly transferred to their accounts. This too saves a lot of time and effort for the admin and HR teams.

Support Teams

There are many online tools that allow the employees to solve queries of customers through a unique ticketing system. This is very helpful in getting tasks completed on time.

Automated Entry-Exit

Instead of keeping the entry-exit log of employees manually, one can use automated attendance system, to save time and resources, both.

E-Mail Signatures

 Every email client offers the users the ability to create customized signatures. One should use this option to automatically send your name with every email.

Automated Media Collection

As a business owner, one should always be up to date with the market and the ongoing trends. Instead of scanning through tons of articles, one should use certain tools to fetch the right content on a daily basis.

Manage Budgets Easily

 Planning and managing budgets can be very stressful at times. Fortunately there are some online tools which make it very easy to manage your budget. One can use tools like Invoicera to manage expenses more effectively.

Content Syndication

 Pushing out fresh, original content on a consistent basis is challenging. One can use RSS to automate the latest content and news on the website.

Synced Calendar

 Use tools like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar for managing meetings and requests.

 Use Online Chat

 When working as a team, employees need to contact each other to get their viewpoints and advices. As a business owner, one should encourage the use of online chat services.

Automated Follow-Up Emails

 There are numerous potential customers who fill in the contact for and are waiting for the reply to email messages.  Such messages should be automated  to give faster responses to potential customers. This saves time as well as effort.

Late Fee

 To release from the stress of late fee management, one can use online tools that automatically add late fee to invoices whenever there is delay in payments. This helps is getting paid quicker and reduced follow up time.

Working smart, fast and competitively can be very challenging. Business owners are always on the lookout for new ways to increase the level of efficiency in their employees. Simplifying a work process ensures that the performance of employees goes up and improves their productivity.

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