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Invoicera has been associated with clients in over 60 countries from the past 13 years. Each ocean that we cross we find people from different diversities and needs. Helping them business better has always been in our cores. Different languages, policies, and laws; they way they business diversifies too.

One such incident came across us when we were dealing with clients overseas. Our Spain based client was looking for solutions that were customized to their needs.

Unlike many other countries, Spain has a different set of rules and regulations related to tax policies and charges. Setting up an entire self-hosted custom invoice software for our valuable client was the call of the hour.

It took us around 6 months to completely customize an entire custom invoice software for them. Have look at all the customizations we did for them and help them host an entirely new customized software for their business.

Invoicera transformed into Spanish

While we offer a multi-language feature for invoices already, setting up an entire invoice software in a particular language other than English seemed a bit of a task. It took us 3 months to successfully create an entire invoice software for our beloved client in Spanish. An entire team of language translator was hired to complete the task successfully. The will to create happy clients globally led us to work hard on every aspect of creating perfection.


Password protected XML files

As a company in Spain, you need to submit tax files to the government. Different countries, different laws!  So one of the other requirements that our client wanted was to have XML files that were completely password protected. Such files would be only shared with the government with a unique passcode. As said your wish our command, we made sure to give our clients easily created XML flies that would be sent to the government easily.

Read AboutKeyboard Shortcut & Password Protected Invoice PDF

Customized reports as per business needs.

Apart from just expense reports, the business also required other customized reports for their business. An option to generate reports automatically is working successfully with them. Manual processes have been reduced and quality is playing its game.


Self-hosted app

An entirely self-hosted business software customized as per company’s environment was what we promised our clients. Delivering the same successfully in 6 months was our accomplishment of the goal, set.

Easily integrated laws and taxes.

Do you know? Tax application in Spain is a bit different from other countries. Taxes are not only added but deducted as well. Unlike many other countries where we only add taxes, Spain has a different set of policies where you also subtract taxes from your invoices. Not many online invoice software support this, but at Invoicera we changed the entire set up for our client and created a whole new set up for our clients. The new custom business invoices are now sent accurately as per tax and laws.

We promised our Spanish friend to accomplish for them a fully functional custom invoice software in not more than 6 months. We stood by what we said and boom! A billing software completely customized for the business was set up. We had to start it from scratch and build it completely. A few breakers in the starting but, a convenient subscription billing software supporting subscription billing was created effectively.

You must be wondering what took us 6 months in the creation of the software. Creating an invoice software in Spanish required a manual translator and entirely coded version of the app. Such changes were time worthy processes and required a lot of attention. Gladly, the results were worth all the efforts and time put in.

How custom invoicing software helps your business?

Many companies these days are opting for a completely self-hosted custom billing software. It is becoming a crucial need for all. It lets you have a self-hosted entirely customised in-house billing software which is ready to integrate with your environment. DO NOT RENOVATE, JUST INTEGRATE! Here is a complete list of what a custom invoice software has to offer you:

  • Bespoke invoicing
  • Complete control with self-hosted solutions
  • Automated Payments
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Invoice for multiple business units
  • Complete B2B communication
  • Improve productivity with custom workflow management
  • Receiving payments globally
  • Time & Productivity reports
  • Data backup and 3-layered Security

Just like your Spanish friend you can get a completely custom invoice software too. Connect with us on call or simply mail us. Our team would be delighted to work with you. Tell us about all your requirements and get a custom billing software in your own environment, easily.

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