The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 brought a major setback on the livelihood of people all across the world. Some people lost their job on the other hand many industries like startups, enterprises, entrepreneurs faced heavy losses. There were many people who had planned to start their business in 2020 but stopped. Well, according to our research there are still magnificent business opportunities that will take a fly during this pandemic situation. Imagining how? Walkthrough to know the insight.

Within this one year of pandemic, have you noticed an instant blaze demand for delivery services, home improvement, pet products, gaming? In case not, then after reading the business ideas given below, you can precisely observe in your apartment, and you will get proof.

But before that, If you are actually willing to introduce your company during this corona phase, then get a brief idea of major concerns for a great kickstart. Such as interaction mode, purchase mode, tourism post-COVID 19, and where work has dramatically changed over time.

Now, with consideration to the pandemic situation, we have come up with a list of business ideas that can become a boon during this pandemic and will flourish in the future. Let’s get started:

Growing Business Setup Ideas During Covid-19

1. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for business ideaWith the growing coronavirus intensity, there is an alarming situation for each resident on the earth to keep their surroundings clean and disinfected. As we all know viruses multiply at a higher rate in an unclean and humid space.

In order to keep control of that, people of industries and residents need cleaning and disinfecting services at regular intervals. And even after the coronavirus dies, people will never try to task risk in the future. Thus, a cleaning services startup can be a great option with less budget. You simply need to have a plan, suitable location, and dedication to run.

2. Delivery ServiceDelivery Services

Due to Covid-19 emergence, people have stopped visiting offline stores to keep themselves safe. However, they require food and emergency items to survive. Thus, the zero-contact delivery business ideas can work out amazingly well. The high demand for orders will help you grow your business at the top level. Start with a member of say 5-6 delivery boys delivering different items like foods, vegetables, medicines, groceries. Gradually make your service more smooth by delivering to distant colonies. This will help your service get reach.

3. Remote Fitness

After this lockdown imposition, 70-80% of the people are surfing fitness tips on the internet. Build your remote fitness service center and provide them fitness instructions and training. You will get your customers from the old generation to the young. This business will grow even after the covid-19 ends as people will find it easy to access. With such a business there is less investment and more productivity.

4. E-commerce

If you were planning to open your retail store offline in the year 2020 and then you dropped the idea due to Covid-19, we have a great alternative option for you. Half of the entire population on earth is present online. Thus, instead of opening your retail shop offline, take a move towards an online retail shop. People are driving towards online shopping and thus you can grab this golden treat. Start your online retail shop first with minimal investment and slowly increase the investment according to the sales. And, as you know, digitalization is trending, so your online retail store will also grow.

5. House-Party Clean-up Committee

In this pandemic, in-house parties are more in trend. But what generally happens, the party ends late at night and then people are not in a state to clean their place. Thus, if you open your cleaning service committee, it will be beneficial for both. You can get their service booked, reach in the morning and give their house cleaning service. Also, if you add breakfast along with service, people will frequently approach your service. This business idea is quite unique, so give it a thought!

6. Cloud Kitchen/Healthy Meal Delivery

Cloud Kitchen Business IdeaIf you are an amazing cook and have knowledge of healthy cooking but were not able to cope up along with your office timings, the pandemic has brought a golden opportunity for you. The food sector will never die, and the healthy food sector can be evergreen. Thus, you can utilize this pandemic situation, by preparing and delivering the food. You can earn a good amount and slowly extend the business at a multi-level.


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7. Freelance Copywriters

If you have a keen interest in writing, you can convert it into business. Having marketing knowledge can be the cherry on the cake. There are multiple types of writing say articles, blogs, social media content, guest post, web blog, press release, or resume writing. Almost all e-portal companies require freelance copywriters whom they pay a handful of amounts.

The demand has increased from 2020 when the WFH was implemented due to the covid situation. If you are aware of SEO knowledge, you can charge a high price for SEO-optimized content. And with time, increase the pricing. The bonus point in this business is you can work from anywhere be it your home or while traveling. You simply require internet connectivity, and you are ready to begin.

8. Translation Service

In 2020 the translation industry was affected due to the emergence of the covid situation. But with the year 2021, it’s likely to upgrade the performance globally. The internet has opened doors for translation service. Limited pieces of equipment are required: computer and internet connectivity. In case, you have proficiency in multi-lingual language and you are tired of a fishing job, you can easily work as an online translator. It’s a convenient business that will build your customers for the long run.

9. Online Teaching

Many people must not be aware that online teaching was started 3 years back. However, it took a fly in 2020 when the pandemic started. People were not allowed to move out from their residents and this made families get their teaching completed via online teaching classes.

If you are passionate about teaching, online teaching is the best criteria to choose from without any loss and expenditure. The skills include core knowledge of the subjects like Maths, Science, History, Geography, English and other additional subjects.

10. Online ResellerReselling

If you possess these three qualities which are fashion sense, selling technique, and passion then you can make a call for an online reseller. Various companies require resellers to sell out their unwanted clothing. Although it takes some extra time and dedication. However, once you gain success, your ability will help you increase the business at a larger level. Began online reseller as your side business until you get the grip.

11. Video Editing Service

The top demand in 2021 is Video Editing which is swiftly and holding the market. Video marketing and YouTube have exponentially escalated their growth. If you’re a  creative person with great visualization then don’t miss the opportunity. But, before taking video editor as your permanent business,  you must have knowledge of adobe premiere, final cut pro. Well, it’s not tough. You can learn from the tutorials and get good practice.

There are many people looking for video editors for their business advertisements. 

12. Pet Sitting

Well, there is no doubt that the maximum rate of pet order started when the pandemic came into being, for companionship. You can start an online pet sitting service and earn a handful amount. Consumers are preferring a pet care service online to take care of their furry friend.

13. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing business ideas

If you are a social media lover and always have an update about the trend, for whom are you waiting? Have a nack on the tips and tricks and start your social media pages. Choose your favorite niche on which you want to work, build your social media team, and start your social media page. The digital platform is performing magnificently and is secured from all ends.


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14. E-book Marketing

There are different types of writers which some of them feel like writing for the organization and on the other hand, some write for themselves. But, in this digital world, writing for yourself will also help in earning. You simply have to make your account online and start writing. People should be excellent in storytelling.

15. Affiliate Marketing

If you are having good followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc then you can earn by promoting different brands. You need to give highlights of the product, positive reviews, and procedures to use the product. Your profit is parallel to your profile. The maximum your profile reach more will be your earning. Thus, make good followers on your social media account.

16. Online Therapy

Due to this pandemic, people all over the world are panicking and thus they require therapies. You can start your business of online therapy for controlling blood pressure,  mental pressure, and other issues. There are exercises that are included in the therapy. You can provide the service and run it in the future. However, there might be chances, after a pandemic you may get clients of a single age group.

17. Accounting/Bookkeepingbookkeeping

In case you are from an accounts background and have good knowledge of balance sheet, accounting and possess some technical skills, you have the best business offer to crack. A big businessman requires a smart person for bookkeeping from miles away. This option will let you brush your skills and have no-cost funding. At primary phase charge $40-$50 per hour. Working in this field will enlarge your contacts and after having a good experience approach for the multi-business holder person.


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18. Virtual Personal Assistant

Nowadays, every day there is a pop-up on social media regarding virtual personal assistant requirements. Due to the pandemic, all the personal secretary has left their job and thus businessmen are looking for a virtual secretary who can handle their calendar, emails, travels and many other daily schedules.

If you are good at communication and have basic knowledge of excel sheets, get an approach as soon as possible. Once the covid situation gets in control they might hire you permanently as their personal assistant.

19. Medical Courier Service

People are regularly facing health issues on a daily basis and at times there is a shortage of medicines in their nearby medical stores. They also have a fear of stepping out or going to distant markets for medicines. Then why not you can start your medical courier service for your local place at the initial stage. There is a huge demand for medicines and your courier service will become a one-stop solution for medical necessities.  You can make deals with different medical stores for courier service, and then start. For starting this business you need 3-4 people for delivery.

20. App developer

In this corona phase, people have decided to work on remote access. Thus, there is a hunt for the app developer every day. Therefore, if you’re an engineering student and are aware of coding, don’t waste your energy worrying about the future, start your business as an app developer, right away.

21. Graphic Designer

Do you have experience in adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator? If yes, a great opportunity is walking your way.  Many companies are hiring freelance graphic designers for their business as online projects have increased. Thus, you can pick many projects from different companies at the same time. You can charge $40 for each project. This opportunity has amazing benefits like no restrictions, no investments, and only profits.

22. Online Video Games

In this pandemic situation, children are strictly not allowed to move out and therefore their outdoor gaming got stopped. This has made them search for online games for entertainment.  So, you can build your idea regarding your online gaming app which has cool and unique features. Get it developed by an app developer and app store. For instance, Ludo King got great popularity during this lockdown period.

Final Thoughts

Covid-19 has definitely impacted negatively on the economic bar. However, there are various things that can become a boon for one and bane for the other. However, you cannot take risks in the Business lane. Thus, before setting up your business you need to have proper research.

As we have discussed the business ideas then you must have noticed almost all business criteria fall under online platforms. Thus, keeping track of your payments and tasks is very important. How can you keep the payment details of your work? Let me tell you the safest and easiest way. You need to choose an online invoice system that will help in dissolving your burden and stress regarding the payment slots. Through online invoicing software, you will not have to create your invoicing format, again and again, your terms and policies will be displayed in each invoice. This creates a professional impact on clients. Apart from that, you will have your all data records saved at a secure level. Thus, you can verify your transactions of whichever date and year you require. In short, online invoicing software can aid you in every business sector.