Before we dive too deep to figure out revenue growth management ways, make it clear that not all of your revenue has to come from products/ services one offer. There are unconventional ways of generating revenue that can help out as well. The concept of automation improves business processes in any type of company and help them become more productive, profitable and competitive.

The automation of business processes offers businesses the ability to lower costs on all scales while elevating productivity.   This is continually evolving in order to meet the needs of the SMBs and will do so in the future.

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According to the recent stats and figures:

  • – Over 90% of business process owners believe that improving manual processes to automation increases the revenue by 10%. The growth rate can be achieved by improving customer communications, streamline sales and improve customer support.
  • – 65% of the business owners say that finding new customers is a top concern
  • – 45% of SMBs improve customer experience and their retention for revenue growth management
  • – 35% say keeping technology advances is a major concern of small business owners

The following strategies raise revenues in every situation keeping in mind the dimension of the product, services, and customers.

1. Automate Processes and fasten better decision making:

Automation of the business processes helps reduces time, keeps cost low and drives revenue up. Also, it maintains the higher level of efficiency with low overhead costs. Choose business process automation to streamline operations on any level of your organization.

  • -Reduces the manual management of Account Payable Information
  • -Maintains security, approvals, compliance all you need
  • -Cost savings and speeds up business processes
  • -No late payment penalties, access early payment discounts

The repetitive business processes like order filling, shipping, inventory management, purchasing, billing are manageable through automation.

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2. Expense Analytics:

The expense management tool has the positive impact on the company’s operations. It ensures that the money spent on income generating activities are well recognized.  The focus merely is to find the cost efficient way to do the business.

A business expense defines the certain level of performance and also gives the visual of their performance.

The efficient expense management software can help companies identify better strategies to improve profitability.

The bad management processes miss out making savings because they don’t have the vital information to be used for analysis.

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3. Workflow Management solutions:

Improving the workflow management is more than just growth and productivity. Look for automated workflow analysis tool that ensures the workflow compliance in every step.

Workflow solutions have a substantial impact on any organization’s success.

  • -Puts you in control of any business
  • -Transform your business with your internal business procedures
  • -Workflow approval processes in every department

Every organization has key business objectives – whether it is to improve productivity, reduce costs, conserve resources, mitigate risks, increase customer satisfaction or manage capital assets. The proper workflow management tool maps all these strategic goals leading to revenue growth management of your business.

4. Transparent Client Communication:

Transparency brings numerous benefits for the entire business processing.

  • -Make everything transparent and accessible to provide higher quality information more efficiently.
  • -Improved communication proactively
  • -Manage issues and avoid surprises during the entire business processes

The transparency wins with trust, a culture of transparency encourage in the attitude and behaviors of their team members. Be transparent about unsatisfied customers, about the change, about business mistakes and successes, about the price and much more. Transparency plays a vital role that can make a dramatic impact on running a business.

5. Defining Payment terms, Project Management & Recurring business:

The revenue growth management is dependent on payments, mentioning clear cut terms and conditions for the invoice can help in improving the quote to cash cycle for the business. This ensures that revenue is in constant supply.

As a growing business project management software is vital to improve visibility, control over projects and resources to improve business effectiveness. Get information in real time such as project costs, progress, status and profitability, resource utilization and productivity, budget performance and customer satisfaction.

A recurring business helps in improving the revenue for the business in the long run. Using recurring billing solutions helps in managing retainer clients with ease.



Keep your business profitable or continuously increase revenue whether by attaining new customers or by increasing the sale purpose of existing customers. In the competitive market, each of the above-mentioned strategies is powerful to get an accurate view of profitable solutions. These steps when tied to revenue is the basis for measuring cost objectives and management.

Invoicera, the online billing software brings efficiency, control, and transparency to the entire billing processes. It improves the revenue and expense management solutions, streamlines operations and helps to maximize profitability. The multi-currency and multilingual support helps you increase organization’s profitability and become the catalyst for its growth.