It is essential to keep a check on your investments whether you deal with advisers and brokers, or trade solo. Minor mistakes can be prevented from turning into large issues if you monitor your investments periodically. Following are a few simple ways through which you can ensure that your investments are safe and secure.


Treat the Documents with Respect!


All the documents you may receive from your investment adviser or broker must be thoroughly read and understood. Ensure that your account statements and confirmation are accurate.


Maintain Communication Notes


Brokers are well-educated and possess extensive knowledge about your investments. Every time you consult with your adviser or broker, make sure you take notes as it will help you become more efficient in terms of understanding complex matters.


Direct Mailing of Account Statements and Confirmations


Although your account statements and confirmations will be sent to your address, it is essential to ensure that your data is not leaked. Avoid keeping important documents at your workplace or in the common areas of your home. You may make copies of your documents and send them to a person you trust, like an accountant, a lawyer or a family member so that your documents will be watched over with careful eyes. If your confirmations or account statements have not been received, you must follow up. Regular delay or failure to receive these documents may be indicators of trouble.


Ask Until You Receive


If there is anything regarding your investments that you don’t understand, ask your adviser or broker to explain it in detail to you. If there are unauthorized investments appearing on your account statements or confirmations, your adviser or broker must be contacted immediately as it may lead to problems in the future. Even if most of your trades are conducted offline, an online account of your trades will help you better control your investments.


Conduct Researches


Investments are crucial financial undertakings that must be given the same level of caution and investigation as any other big buy you may make. If possible, meet your broker and ask him to show you around his firm. Payments that are due towards your adviser, broker, or any other individual must be handled carefully. Make sure you do not issue checks to individual persons who handle your investments. Instead, money must be sent to the brokerage firm, the clearing firm of your brokerage firm, or other monetary institutions.


Your investments are very important. You must independently verify data by thoroughly going through the research reports, prospectuses, annual reports, offering materials, quarterly reports, etc. Periodically reviewing your investments will ensure that you better understand the costs, liquidity, and risks involved with your investments.


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