Over the last few years, freelancing has become an attractive career option for many. A freelancer is one who works independently on temporary contracts rather than for a long-term employer. They can work for multiple clients at the same time and essentially sell their services to the highest bidder. Writing, designing, marketing are some of the areas where a large number of workers have turned freelancers in the recent years.

Freelancers can both work part-time or full-time and usually get paid on a project basis without any fixed monthly remuneration.

Freelancing is all about multitasking. A freelancer needs to wear the hat of a sales person, contact point, and accountant apart from the work which they would have to do. Billing and invoicing to the concerned client is one of the most important activities for a freelancer.

Benefits of Online Invoicing To Freelancers

1. Professional Look

online invoicing software for freelancers

In the freelancing industry you always need to make a strong marketing campaign be it with the emails you write or the invoice that you send. A professional looking invoice speaks volumes about you. With online tools you would be able to create invoices that grab the attention of your clients. These tools allow you to customize the appearance of your invoice where you can add your logo or a slogan.

2. Automates the Process

Online invoicing software

In a tech savvy world automation directly adds to your productivity. Manually creating invoices is a thing of the past. These tools allow you to completely automate the task of creating and sending invoices automatically.

3. Saves Time

Online Invoicing

Generating invoices manually is a very time intensive task. When we are talking of creating invoices for several clients it can take away a lot of your productive time. Using online invoicing tools, you can save a lot of your quality time as most of the tasks would be automated. All that you need to do is feed the data and the invoice would be generated immediately.

4. Standardization


Invoicing software

As mentioned above you always need to make a strong impression in the minds of the clients. These tools would allow you to standardize all the invoices and add unique numbers to them. A standardized invoice would make the client immediately take note of your services.

5. Project Management

Best online invoicing

Invoicing tools not only help in billing and invoicing but they also act as project management and time tracking tools. You would be able to keep track of the progress with each project and also provide accurate information on the completion dates to your clients.

6. Reduce Errors

Sending an erroneous invoice can hurt your name in the market. Manually creating invoices increase the chances of potential errors. It can be an oversight or a silly mistake that you make while calculating your final dues. Online apps do away with errors and are smart enough to warn you of errors while feeding the data.

7. Payments and Late Fee

Online invoicing and payment software

You can easily keep tab on clients who owes your money, the projects that need to be billed. Invoicing tools also update you on the payments that have been made by the clients. They send timely reminders to the clients on pending payments. Another thing that they do is adjust the late fee which is often one of the most thankless jobs to do while creating an invoice.

8. Multi-Currency & Multi- lingual Support

In a globalized environment you would be working with clients spread across different parts of the globe. Billing clients in multiple currencies or converting them at par the current exchange rates can be daunting task. Also bill to global clients with a variety of language options. Professional invoicing apps offer multi-currency support and make calculations based on the latest exchange rates.


With all these advantages, these tools can add to your productivity and help you manage the edge over your rivals. These tools are user-friendly and allow you to get started immediately. If you aren’t using these tools it is time to adopt one today. Though highly rewarding, this industry is also highly competitive thus each project delivered can potentially open or shut future opportunities.

Today, online invoicing tools have made the task easier and robust. You can easily match up to the large enterprises in your industry, when it comes to billing and invoicing using these tools.

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