Have you ever faced an issue of an incorrect invoice?

Maybe, charging less for your services?

Are you wasting a lot of time on Re-writing invoices?

Or, exhausted with miscommunication of documents and hampering your branding?

All of this occurs because of the multiple departments a company has. Generally, with every company, there is a senior management (Project Managers) that looks into the matters of invoicing and finances. A mere loophole in the entire internal communication of two departments can lead to human errors. In order, to eradicate the issues of overwriting the invoices or sending out Re-edited invoices. Invoicera has launched the most unique and latest update of invoice approval process that will allow each of the assigned people in a particular project to create/review, edit and approve the invoice before sending it to clients. The easier process in invoice approval workflow will allow you to simply assign and let all the invoices get reviewed, approved and edited on the go with all the member involved in the same project.

Invoice Approval System Workflow:

In the entire process of getting the invoice approved, admin holds the key position. It is the entire responsibility of the admin to select and choose the right people to be involved in the process of getting invoice approved in the house.

A quick view of the basic settings for online invoice approval system:

Subscribed User (Admin) is the controlling incharge of the entire invoicing process. In his hands lies all the superpowers.

Approval Process Flow:

Subscribed User can set the approval setting into Approval add-on setting, settings are:

Admin invoice would also go for approval: While the invoice is created by admin, he can select the staff member who can approve/reject the invoice.

Send Invoice approval to my staff member: Once you approve the settings to this, the complete admin staff list will be shown. Admin can select one or multiple staff members from the list for the invoice approval process. These settings will allow you to overwrite on the create invoice page.


The Invoice Approval Workflow:

1. Create Invoice:
Your entire process of creating the invoice stays the same. Simply create the invoice with your pre-set templates. Add all the relevant information and cross-check you did not miss any point on your invoice.

2.Enable Invoice Approval Process:
After you’re done creating your invoice, it is now time to get your invoice approved from the desired team of people who worked on that project. To enable the invoice approval process in your Invoicera app, go to the Add-on settings and integrate the invoice approval process with your current invoice settings.

3. Select Options as Per Your Business Requirements:
From the basic setting to the experts setting of who you want to review/edit the invoice, it is now the time for the admin to choose all the settings in order to send one perfect invoice to the client.

4. Define Approval Authorities in electronic invoice approval software:
After setting up the entire invoice approval process, here comes the important part of including the right people in the process of getting the invoice approved. Select from the entire list and choose the people involved in a project and send them the invoice for the approval and suggestions.

5. Take Action:
After a complete review from the staff, you’re ready to add on suggested edits then and there without overwriting the entire invoice.

6.Auto Send Approved Invoices:

This is the last step of your entire invoice approval process. Once your invoice is approved and final, it can now be sent to the client automatically without much hassle.

How An Invoice Approval Workflow Benefit Your Entire Business:

An invoice approval process acts as a boon to your invoicing process. The add-on helps you to send correct invoices in one time. Here is how the revolutionary invoice approval process benefits your business:

  • It allows you to send error-free invoices in one time.
  • Miscommunication of official documents can be reduced to zero.
  • A streamlined workflow makes cash flow quick and smooth.
  • Never miss billing any billable amount.
  • Save time wasted on overwriting invoices.
  • Build brand image with accurate communication of official documents.


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