As a daily service provider, how many recurring obstacles do you face every day? How many consumer grievances do you address each day? Is it easy/quick to answer every answer on the same call? How many daily reminders do you send for payments? How many employees have you dedicated to this purpose?

Well if the answer to the above questions is almost negligible in your case, you can skip this blog. BUT, if you’re spending most of your productive hours finding answers for grievances or employing more staff to manage administrative tasks then please know YOU’RE WRONG!

You’re wrong because you’re in the wrong direction. A smart businessman is one who takes laborious tasks away from the team. 

Custom utility billing software has become a buzzword among businessmen owing to its innumerable benefits. This utility invoice software can be integrated with the existing ERP and CRM systems of a company, which helps businesses get their benefits without changing their current systems.

Moreover, when it comes to dealing with data theft, the most important thing for a company is to have control over data for safety reasons. And, custom invoicing software makes this possible for companies.

The benefits of this software don’t end here, we have made a list of 10 reasons to choose custom billing software for your better interpretation.

10 Reasons you should only work with a custom utility billing solution for your business

  1. Get Payments Across Boundaries 

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Running business over everywhere in the world has become a stroll in the recreation center, and cutting edge utility billing software with Invoicera has made it exceptionally straightforward for organizations, independent of their money related status, to get payments from anywhere around the globe. 

Presently the inquiry must be striking your psyche is how? 

Eminent custom utility billing solutions like Invoicera accompany more than 30 payment gateways permitting you to get installments around the world. 

Such programming arrangements have joined with global payment gateways like PayGate, Forte, Eway, SagePay, Ogone, BluePay, Network, Setcom, VCS, Creditcall, 2checkout, and Moneybookers. 

The frameworks additionally gloat in combination with Canada/US installment passages: Alipay, FirstData, Beanstream, Psigate, and Moneris.

  1. Definite Reports with Automated Utility Billing Solution

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You can have a definite report of the cash flow via a utility billing solution. In addition, a custom billing solution will likewise permit you to more readily realize your unpaid installments to give you a thought of the monetary status of the organization whenever. 

Such progressed custom receipt programming frameworks can likewise be tweaked according to explicit business needs to comprehend the impact of cost or expense change later on.

  1. Greater Productivity by utilizing Custom Workflow Management

A computerized undertaking with a custom billing solution, which is adequate can make the charging cycle a lot simpler, along these lines permitting your workers to focus on other practical assignments. 

Online payments and mechanized exchanges diminish the time and exertion to an enormous degree to adapt to checks from clients. In addition, tweaked work process frameworks and facilitated arrangements can be an aid for a money manager to dispose of monotonous administrative work totally. 

Automated online invoicing software is planned according to business needs to bring about anticipated efficiencies inside cycles.

  1. Advanced Safety from Data Theft 

Cloud utility billing software can be handily gotten to by programmers, though custom charging programming is profoundly presumed for its irrefutable security from information robbery. It is on the grounds that adjustable programming can be constrained by us making it feasible for us to keep our information from going into wrong hands. 

Having a custom invoicing solution like Invoicera implies that we can control it totally. At the point when we have this, we are sans pressure with respect to the information wellbeing of our business and clients. 

Invoicera has a three-layered security framework for obvious well being given under individually with an outline: 

Two-factor validation: It is an additional layer of security to guarantee that your record is protected from any outside intercession and other likely gatecrashers. 

Security question login: It is a lot of 8 individual inquiries made to make the security more vigorous that is restricted distinctly to you. 

Include Staff IP Address: Security isn’t restricted distinctly to administrator and login, yet it likewise be given to staff. It is for confirmation that your workers are not abusing your record. 

We figure now it must be obvious to you why custom invoicing programming like Invoicera is the most ideal decision for security.

  1. Flexibility to ERP and CRM Framework 

Custom invoicing solutions are planned to remember your current CRM and ERP frameworks. On the off chance that an invoicing programming framework is versatile to the ERP and CRM frameworks, at that point the innovation can profit you past your desires. 

The proficiency of the framework increments when it is coordinated making it fit for the ideal asset usage. Also, you will have more accommodation because of endless prospects to improve your business cycle by utilizing API combinations.

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  1. Better Customer Data Management 

As a whole realize that it’s an absolute necessity for each new organization to realize how to deal with their client information. Thus, it’s smarter to put money on current innovation-fueled programming frameworks for this reason. Having present-day and front line custom charging programming permits you to store all information in one spot and file it with the most extreme wellbeing. 

In addition, Invoicera furnishes you with a completely devoted customer entrance. You can include a rundown of every one of your customers or legitimately import the rundown to the dashboard. What’s more, overseeing customer subtleties and sparing them for additional invoicing will be as simple as a stroll in the recreation centre. 

In addition, having additional customer email deliveries will permit you to send invoices to different customer contacts, and you can undoubtedly import the customer list into the Invoicera account. Besides, you can likewise access and offer records from a protected customer entrance. Some more advantages of utilizing Invoicera are likewise given underneath: 

Aside from putting away client information, you can make new records, get and send information from different documents, monitor instalment cycles, and spare explicit client inclinations.

  1. Producing Multiple Invoices in One Go 

Claiming an endeavour makes it significant for you to know about the worth and advantages of performing various tasks in a business. Having more than one thing done without a moment’s delay, if a product framework gets it going in a brief timeframe, at that point the spare time can be put into something possible to take the business to the following level. 

On the off chance that you have proficient invoicing programming, at that point, you can advantageously send countless solicitations simultaneously.

  1. Monitor your Expenses Better 

Invoicera, the profoundly presumed programming, averts the cerebral pain of cost the board. It does as such by having a solitary tab accessible to oversee costs to watch out for your records payables and reports. 

The cost administration included in Invoicera permits you to effortlessly keep up a record of costs happening routinely. In addition, you can advantageously import cost records on the Invoicera dashboard. 

Also, making accessible classifications and breaking down reports nation shrewd should be possible with no disturbance.

  1. Spare your Valuable Time and Money 

It will be advantageous for you on the off chance that you spend on cutting-edge custom utility billing solution systems like Invoicera, as it encourages you to spare a great deal. Prior to the appearance of such trendsetting innovations, organizations used to depend on the postal framework and fax machines to send bills to their customers. Yet, presently the story is distinctive in light of the fact that computerized mediums are utilized for such purposes nowadays. It makes producing and sending solicitations exceptionally modest and efficient. 

Nowadays, organizations spare a great deal by not spending on paper, printing, and postage inferable from the use of the custom charging programming, in which, every one of these cycles are programmed. 

In basic words, the sum spent on purchasing such programming can be recouped in a brief timeframe, and you will begin taking your business to your planned level by sparing your valuable time and cash and use them in something promising.

  1. Spare the Planet 

No one is new to the most-examined issue of the world, an Earth-wide temperature boost. Each one year from now is a lot more sizzling than the last one. Be that as it may, we can handle this issue by sparing trees, hence keeping the earth sound. What’s more, perhaps the most ideal approach to do so isn’t to utilize papers to support greenery on the planet. 

Planting 20 million trees will furnish us with 260 million additional huge amounts of oxygen. Besides, such an enormous number of trees will dispense with 10 million tons of CO2, in this manner making life on Earth a lot simpler. 

Utilizing custom charging programming not just permits you to take your business to your normal level, yet you can likewise spare your mom Earth. Utilizing such progressed eco-accommodating programming will bring greater flourishing, greenery, and request in nature. 

More or less, you can spare the planet by utilizing non-paper invoicing innovation.


The purposes behind picking custom utility billing software given in this must be adequate for you to know its advantages. From information security, sparing the planet, cash and efficiency to the improved invoicing cycles can assist you with developing your business. 

The best thing about having Invoicera is that your set aside cash and time can be put into accomplishing something plausible. Doing as such, you can widen the skyline of your business and investigate endless chances, which will give your business development a lift.