Every thriving business which has commercial authority across the globe suffers from one major problem which put their whole business model into managerial jeopardy!

As per reports, approximately 2 quintillions of data are created every day!. According to some expert comments, Data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009. With such humongous data being generated on a daily basis, several businesses face a major hurdle of data management and easy conversion into a readable format.

We at Invoicera caters to multiple types of business, wherein we strive hard to provide them with customized solutions to their business predicaments. One such challenge came in front of us when an Australia based travel company requested our expertise in converting their data files into invoices that could be sent to their prospective clients.

The stakes were high as the data was predominantly in XML, CSV and Excel format and had to be retrieved from their GDS in order to be sent as an invoice along with their own requirements and necessary customizations.

Here are the Preliminary Challenges Client was facing:


Challenge 1- Conversion of XML files

Extensive Markup Language or XML data files which are primarily text-based data. It is a machine-readable file generated mostly for easy readability by computers or crawlers.

XML parsing leaves no room for any error as its rules are absolute. The absence of a declaration statement or un-nested content hierarchy could lead to a chaotic interpretation of the data.

Remember, XML is not about presentation but just about carrying data, hence any discrepancy in proper tagging or presence of root elements leads to a problematic concern for the client to import it in his preferred file format


Challenge 2- Limited options to handle such files

As mentioned above XML files are not easy to parse. Despite limited software available to open such files, most of them fail to provide an option for it to be converted into an invoice.

Due to limited options, even Comma Separated Files or CSV are difficult to convert and had to be parsed keeping its schematic canonicalization intact.

Conversion from CSV files: If you have been using this file format for years or you have just started, you must be knowing several common challenges everybody faces. CSV files are again very prone to improper file formatting and can be a definite hindrance.
CSV files are usually created with the data separated by comma (,). Usually, excel is used to open and edit such files but due to its extensive features, it can change its formatting which will hamper its ability to convert to and from a CSV format.


Challenge 3- Humongous Undefined Data

As all businesses generate massive data on a daily basis. It becomes imperative to define the field, set up a hierarchy, and classify your data as per your business’ nomenclature.

Data retrieved from GDS is hard to manage since it could be unclassified which means no proper management in defining its nomenclature has been followed. Due to absence nomenclature, the data becomes clustered and is difficult to be differentiated as per the field in Invoices.


Challenge 4- Huge Backlog


Due to mismanagement of data, the data become too chaotic to handle. There was a huge backlog of data that has to be parsed into an invoice. Often at such times, the tasks have to be completed with utmost sincerity as even the slightest formatting abnormality could lead to file corruption or data deletion

With such grave challenges in front of us, we had to create a customized solution that is easily readable, editable and user-friendly for both machines and humans.

As always, we discussed at length about how to create a customized solution that will add to the convenience of our clients.


Here are our expert solution provided to our client:


Solution 1- Simplified Process

The biggest challenge in this project was the complexity posed by the conversion of file formats as per the client’s choice. Hence Invoicera developed a fully functioning custom invoice software that simplified the whole conversion process.

With its customized solution, the client could easily parse their data which was previously in XML, CSV or excel process into their preferred format which could directly be converted into invoices. The conversion would parse the data file into an easy to read and edit file format rendering easy invoice generations.


Solution 2-Highly Secured Environment

Data theft or loss is a major issue for businesses. At invoicera, we understand the importance of your data and hence we created a smart digital solution that will not only simplify their invoicing process but also save their data in a cloud-based storage system.
In our customized software, we provided the client with the following features:

Three Layered Security: Providing three layers of security to provide maximum security to your details in order to avoid any theft or breach

  • Two Factor Authentication wherein along with your basic username and password for login, the user now will need to authenticate through google authenticator for additional security
  • Set of Eight Security Questions Login serialized in order to authenticate who is using the account
  • Save IP Address for Staff Members for future reference.


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All these factors were instrumental in creating a cloud-based highly secured system
for the client’s data.


Solution 3-Customized Solutions


The aim was to provide a satisfactory environment wherein the client could exercise its own authority. Hence as per the requirements, here are several customized options are given to the client for their invoice generation.

  • Add tags to custom invoices.
  • Add their own charges and taxes as required by their national government.
  • Add their own commission tab into the invoice.
  • Add custom fields for easy data classification.
  • Filtered invoices segregation along with systematic record-keeping.
  • Send invoices directly to customers through emails.


Solution 4- Easy to Recall Invoice System

We understand how important it is to keep a tab of your invoices for account management. Hence we created a unique customized software that can be easily sorted and filtered.

The client can simply tag their invoices for easy classification. If needed in the future, they can easily find their invoices as per the set filters and date to view the exact invoice sent on that date. In this way, you can manage your invoice record and refer to them in the future.


Solution 5- Easy To Integrate Software

Invoicera created a custom billing software which can easily be hosted in the client’s environment without compromising on their convenience.

The bespoke invoicing software was easy to adapt to their existing legacy systems. It could be easily integrated into their existing ERP & CRM systems hosting it in their own secured premises.


Summing it up

As a client-oriented service provider, we have always strived to present the best possible solutions which can be executed by the client with the utmost ease. Like several other cases, this project too posed a series of problems that were difficult to handle. But with our hardworking and dedicated team, we were able to come up with a fruitful solution.

We worked on the lines dictated by the client and as per their needs and requirements. The project was executed in order to supplement easy file conversion from XML, CSV or Excel format into an invoice that could be directly sent online in a safe and secure format. Must refer to our case studies section to judge our potential.

Invoicera offers an array of feature extensive services for its clients which can help them in better management of their business. We hope to serve you soon!