Writing a business proposal is your first step towards the professional opportunity wish to seize. Be it a multi-million dollar proposal for a long term project or a freelance proposal for a short project, the proposal should be fairly drafted and well written to meet the objectives. When most of my initial proposals did not materialize I sensed that there is a need to rework on them with a new approach. In this article I will share with you some essentials of proposal writing that will support you in your professional growth. Let’s start from the basic elements that form a professional proposal.

Write Business Proposals
Write Business Proposals

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1. Overview

This can be seen as a mission statement about the project. This is important as the reader must have a brief description on the project intentions before he/she digs deep into the proposal.

2. Personal Introduction

The proposal writers must give some details about themselves, about what kind of work they had done in the past, their professional history and so on.

3. Scope

The proposal must clearly specify what all deliverable are a part of project scope and what will fall outside the scope

4. Commercials

It must also include the cost of the project with proper bifurcation of the charges of different modules and deliverable.

5. Duration

A professional proposal is incomplete without the mention of time-lines. It is advisable to write the delivery time of the complete project and in-between milestones.

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6. The Beginning

The project initiation is a task in itself, and hence one should properly indicate the set of activities to trigger the project. For example, depositing the first instalment of payment, signing on the dotted line on the agreement etc.

Having understood the proposal framework, let us now look at the key questions that are required to be answered while structuring the proposal.

a. Why are you here?

This is to indicate what problem lies at the root of this project.

b. Where you want to be?

This is basically what you want to foresee as a solution.

c. What we want to do?

This will highlight the proposed solution path and how will it align to the problem statement.

d. What we will be preparing for?

Here you can elaborate on things that can cause the project to fail and how to avoid the risks.

e. Why we are best for the project?

You can take this as an opportunity to explain your business competency and domain knowledge that will help you to successfully accomplish the project.

So these are the key areas one has to focus on while writing a business proposal. A proposal is the front face by which the client judges you at first. With a little practice one can gain expertise in writing well drafted and précised proposals almost effortlessly with business proposal template. A well-written proposal not only increases your chances of getting the project but it also appreciates its value commercially. A command over proposal writing is the first step to scale your career to new heights.

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