Ignored by most of the small businesses, time tracking tools are very useful in improving the overall productivity of a company. This is what separates big firms from small ones. The former ones use time tracking tools in each of their projects to get some data on how much time it takes to complete a certain project and what problems can delay the project by how much time. This helps them to chalk out a better strategy in order to improve project productivity. Here are a few ways to improve project productivity through the time tracking tool.


TIme Tracking Tools
Time Tracking Tools

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Time tracking tools help you standardise certain projects in case of the time taken to complete them. This will help you calculate how much time, manpower and tools a project will take to be completed in a given amount of time. This process will let you set standard times and goals for your employees to complete a project.
Standardisation will help you in drawing an effective plan to complete the project in a limited time. Since you know how much time you need, to complete the project with a certain amount of resources, you can speed up the process by applying simple unitary method.
This will also result in the consistent performance of your employees as they will have a certain standard, to maintain in their projects. They can divide a project into small segments with each segment set being set as a target for a day.
Employees also get to know how much time a project usually takes to be completed and hence they can be aware of the fact that they might be getting late while completing the project or they have achieved the phenomenal feat of completing the project before deadline.

Strength of Employees

Strength of Employees
Strength of Employees

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Since time tracking tools help you calculate the time an employee takes to complete a certain task, it is going to aware you about the strengths of certain employees. If a similar project arrives later, you know which employee to forward it too. New recruits will also get to know what is expected of them and in what period they need to complete a project.
If a huge project arrives which needs input from various departments of your company, the time tracking tool is going to come up as a boon because you know which employees have worked previously on similar aspects of a project and have been able to complete it on time.
It will serve as a great learning process for fresh recruits as they will be clearly aware of the standards and timely completion of projects accepted out of them.

Mid-Project Management

Mid-Project Management
Mid-Project Management

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Since you know how much time it takes to complete a certain project, you will be well aware if a project is progressing slowly.

1. Time tracking tool lets you manage projects when they are going on because you will have a clear cut data that will indicate that the current speed at which the project is progressing will result in its delay.

2. You can show the timesheet to the employees working on the project and inform them about the lethargic speed with which the project is progressing.

3. This will also help you in getting to know the problems faced by the employees while trying to complete the project as they definitely give you some information from their side regarding the issues being faced in completing the project and why the progress is slow.
As you can observe, time tracking tool is a must have if you want to improve the productivity of a project. You already know that time is everything while completing a project as you will need to meet deadlines in order to get the demanded payment from your clients. If it takes months to complete a project that could have been completed in days, then what sense does it make anyway? Quick completion of projects means incoming of more projects. If your firm is stuck on a single project for months, it means that it has not handled any new project in that time frame.

Invoicera time tracking

Invoicera is a very helpful online tool for time tracking and management of employee productivity. The tool also helps with easily billing for hours worked, of a project. Invoicera offers multiple features and extensive reporting for better management of business projects.