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Benefits of Online Billing Solutions For Business Owners


In this digitally-powered century, convenience has come with challenges, as the world has become much more complicated these days. Running a business online makes easier for us to get customers without being affected by geographical boundaries, but a flood of business competitors have converted this ease into a headache. There are many factors to be kept in mind when having a business, the most predominant one is cash flow. For healthy cash flow, it’s wise to be dependent on online billing solutions, as such online billing software can automatically generate and send invoices with lightning speed.

As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, around 20% of startups fail before completing the second year. It’s all because they are unable to manage their financial system, thus having a poor cash flow, leading to the closure of the business.


Let’s have a closer look at the most striking things of modern technology, including the Internet, that have made changed our lives dramatically:

1. We can have a financial transaction from home, without visiting the bank.

2. We can buy any product and service online.

3. We can enlarge our business and have customers from any part of the world.

4. We, as a businessman, can manage our relations with our customers and clients very well and conveniently by means of billing, email marketing, grievance solution, and the like.

The biggest advantage a company can have is that it can stay in touch with its customers, no matter how far they are. It applies to both the customer and the company.

It’s not compulsory for an employee to be limited to only their desk and chair to work. One such service that a business can benefit from is online billing software. It can help the company with the management of all its billing transaction including VAT invoices by means of the website. There are innumerable organizations or firms that provide high-quality online billing systems to fulfill each and every requirement that a businessman has. To understand it properly, keep reading below.

Benefits of Online Billing Solutions:

Taking this fact into account that there are many kinds of service providers who can provide us with top-quality, secure, and trustworthy online invoicing solution systems that can bring positive changes to the business. Some of them are:

1. Easy Accessibility

web based billing system

Due to the emergence of advanced technology like the Internet and cloud computing, businesses can easily access the necessary details of a customer for the purpose of using billing software online without getting into confidential information details.

Doing so, businesses can know their customers much and prepare to give them what they truly expect from their products and services.


Let’s have it clearly with an example:

The only thing a businessman need is a personal computer or smartphone and Internet access.

Having these two things together, they can easily see the details related to the various services given to the clients and needed to be billed. This accessibility ensures that businesses can be up-to-date and precise to fulfill the expectations of their customers much better.


2. Easy Understanding of Data

Web billing software systems help business owners to manage their clients’ data better. They can see their customers’ data in the form of charts and graphs, which enhance the understanding clearly and can be generated with the help of online billing solutions.

No account department employee has to deal with a large number of papers and copies to ensure that how much a particular customer has been billed thus far or the billing patterns in the last few months.

Online billings makes easier for business owners to analyze the data to use the information in any other way, and customers can do so too.


3. Saving of Many Things

A web-based billing system comes up as a boon when it comes to saving. The things an organization can save when using online billing solutions are:

  • Papers
  • Storage space
  • Accounting employee
  • Time consumed in generating bills and mailing them
  • Less carbon footprint


The money saved by all this can be invested in something else, which will help the business touch the sky. Moreover, if you are financially stable, then you can benefit from innumerable opportunities coming to you, thus you will take your business to the next level.


4. Better Security

billing software online

Web-based billing solution tools are widely-known for providing their users with better security. When a company uses such advanced online billing solutions, then the company is assured that if its local computers crash, then its customer data related to billing or anything necessary will remain safe.

Furthermore, your customers and company staff can be free from the headache of data theft. Developers make such online billing solutions with the latest and hi-tech technology, coming with unquestionable security features.

If hackers try to steal the precious and confidential information related to your customers’ details, then you will be able to prevent them and get them behind the bars by easily tracking them by using modern web-based billing software systems.


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The purpose of writing this blog is to make you aware of the benefits of online billing solutions that make it easier for a business to grow and reach its intended destination. The points discussed to facilitate your understanding are better security, saving of many things like paper, time, etc, easy data interpretation, and last but not least easy accessibility for you and your customers to reach each other.


billing software online












Benefits of Efficient Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

invoicing software for small business


Do you know? It takes almost 25 minutes for an accountant to create an invoice manually. Starting from filling out client details to creating an itemized list, adding taxes and later on making exact calculations for completing the invoice.


While the same process of invoicing when handled with a small business invoice software generally takes up to 4-5 minutes, as suggested by random small business owners using online invoice software for small businesses. The reason that helps them compress time is held with the artificial intelligence of such invoicing portals. Invoicing software allows you to save taxes, client information and other information for invoicing with the cloud for future communications & invoice creations. Simply select items from drop-down lists and you’re good to go. Moreover, no more manual calculations!


Let’s have a look over 11 huge benefits of Billing Software for Small Businesses: 


1. Automation makes processes improved and faster


Using advanced billing software for small business generates invoices automatically and quickly, and such automatically-generated invoices have much fewer mistakes in compared to manual billing. It makes your business look more professional, which, in turn, brings a positive attitude towards your company in the minds of your customers.

Furthermore, this kind of technology-powered software keeps your customers reminded of their due payments, and when they are unable to pay on time, then the system generates an invoice with late fees to give your customers a clear idea of the whole amount to be paid.


2. Simple Payment Method



As you know, the more payment options somebody has, the easier it will be for them to pay. When 30+ payment gateways appear to your clients, they can pick the most convenient one for them to pay you.

According to business experts, convenience plays a very important role in customer retention. In a nutshell, customers stay for the long term with those service providers offering comfortable services.


3. Exact and Detailed Financial Analysis 

Latest technology-powered small business invoice software has innumerable features to allow their users to have exact and detailed financial records like their payments due, receivable amounts, taxes, etc.

It not only helps them get an accurate invoice generated, but it also allows to make further plans and strategies having an exact of their budget. And, the business can take risks as per the budget for its growth.


4. Better Database Management 


Manual database management becomes a long-term and tedious task requiring a bunch of efficient accountants. The solution to this problem lies in using online invoicing software for small business with advanced features to manage your clients all purchase orders and payment records properly and fast.

It gives birth to a sense of security in your customers’ minds concerning their data security, which makes them set you apart from your competitors.


5. Handle your Subscription Business 


Do you own a subscription-based business and send invoices to your customers on a monthly or weekly basis?

If yes, then we can understand the troubles you face in preparing bills manually. Banking on advanced billing software for small business with subscription feature can be wise for you, as it will generate invoices and send them to your customers on a regular basis to make it look more professional and serious.

This way, you impress your customers with your punctuality, and they tell their friends and relatives about your timely service system, thus bringing more new clients and customers to you.


6. Easy Staff Management 


As a business, you must be aware of the value of your business staff. But, managing them becomes quite difficult for you, especially if you are off the office. So, how to conquer this issue?

Go for modern invoicing software for small business coming with the feature of staff management. It helps you be present virtually in your office and keep your staff accompanied by you. Mistakes and misunderstandings are common when your staff is working on a project without your guidance.

If you guide them properly by using such modern software systems in giving them permissions, accessibility, advice, latest information, then they will complete the project with flying colors, thus winning your clients’ hearts.

Additionally, you will have a detailed timesheet of your workers by using such software.


7. Customized Invoicing with the Best Invoicing Software for Small Business 

Every business wants to be unique, thus requiring its own different template as per its specific needs. So, here the requirement of customization comes into play.

And, customized templates allow businesses to generate invoices differently, and hi-tech billing software for small business can generate such invoices by providing businesses with customized templates.

In the market, looking and giving something unique and different is one of the best tips to grow your business.


8. Track and Manage your Expenses

Manual expense management and tracking become very difficult, leaving the businessman confused in when, where, and how to spend due to the consumption of too much time and innumerable errors. An advanced small business invoicing software system with the expense management feature allows the businessman to know exactly where their money is going.

Moreover, it allows them to know if their expenses are over the limit, thus helping them manage their expenses efficiently and conveniently.


9. Multi-Currency and Multi-lingual Convenience

In this Internet-enabled era, most people prefer paying bills online to offline, which means you can get payments from any geographical area of the world. And now, the problem is whether your invoice software gives a clear idea of the amount you will get in your own currency or not.

Take a deep breath and become relaxed because the latest billing software for small business can do so. Additionally, foreign language barriers are also eliminated for better communication with your clients over the invoice.


10. For the welfare of nature

Manual invoicing preparation requires the consumption of papers considerably. It comes up as the major reason for the cutting of trees, thus leaving our Earth more affected to pollution and global warming.

On the contrary, advanced automated billing software for small business doesn’t require any paper to generate invoices. In fact, it’s electronic pages are nature-friendly, and help us keep our environment safe and pollution-free, as no more papers are consumed.


11. Gearing Up for a Better Tomorrow

Being dependent on small business invoicing software helps us prepare for a better tomorrow. In the future, the whole world will adopt advanced technology, and automation will be preferred. Know the Secrets how to buy Invoicing software for your Business.

So, if you adopt such technological systems, then you will be able to keep up with the modern world, thus keeping your business not affected by the change of technology.



The more customers you have, the more complex it becomes to create and manage invoices for them. You’d better go for the best invoicing software for a small business capable of replacing manual billing processes at lightning speed.

It’s wise to invest in a small business billing software. Some of its benefits to give you are:

  • invoice formation conversions
  • new customer connection activation
  • tax compliance assurance and the like

Additionally, it helps you save costs and provide better customer services. Choosing the best invoicing software for small business helps a businessman by lessening administrative costs, providing business with indubitable efficiency, and automated AP/AR processes. Such advanced small business invoice software helps global businesses and their suppliers get rid of growth-preventing challenges.



Online Billing Software: Ideal Choice for Small Businesses


In the big business-centric nation like the U.S., entrepreneurs contribute a lot to economic growth and job availability. Small Business Administration of US notes that 99.7% of employer firms situated in the country consists of small business owners. However, the new babies in the industry often face difficulties with financial terms, activities and are not much aware of the know-how of the industry. Fortunately, the U.S. government makes sure to help and educate its talented citizens to start their new ventures and basic business terms. Professional training opportunities, accounting guides, and seed funding possibilities are all you should learn beforehand.

Having fundamental bookkeeping skills and financial management can help you track income, file future taxes and pave way for business success. A quick tip here lies with using a small business billing software. It acts as a supplement to boost your business finances and invoicing.

Here are some of the characteristics that the online billing software for small business should have:




You needn’t be an accountant to understand billing software for small business. Look for an interface that resembles the traditional manual invoicing but has better user experience than that of paper invoicing. The more familiar you are with the layout, the easier it’ll be.


Internet and e-commerce friendly:
Online billing software for small business helps you conduct most of your invoicing activities automatically, saving your business time. You can get paid online with more than 30 online payment gateways associated with Invoicera. The same holds utmost importance when you’re running an online business.
small business invoicing

Online and offline integration:


Make sure your small business billing software integrates with your basic programs such as Word, Excel, etc.

Useful Report Generation for analysis:


A billing software for a small business like Invoicera helps you automatically generate financial reports like expense, income, employee productivity, etc. this easy report generation helps you easily analyze business productivity.

Generate invoices and docs in multiple formats: Make sure the billing solution for small business lets you send invoices in multiple formats like HTML, PDF, CSV, etc. This ensures that compatibility issues are eradicated.


Your plans are never to stay stagnant in your business, choose the software that has the capability to grow with your business. A billing solution for the small business like Invoicera grows with your business by offering different customization at each step.






The automated billing and invoice process with small business billing software can result in savings of 50-80% as compared to manual invoicing. Automation speeds the work that drives the business forward. The business process automation increases the ROI, minimizes operational costs, maximize productivity and improve client relations.

The automation processes enable to reduce transaction costs, receive early payments and eliminate routine tasks. The rapid integration consolidates information from any back-end for control, visibility and process performance. The online billing software for small business can help improve your efficiency, cut costs and supports closer supplier relationships.

Also, the Mobo App can easily be downloaded to your Android devices and iOS Phones to access unlimited invoicing support for better and faster decisions on the go. When it comes to payments, digital payments helps to deliver customized digital payment solutions for both customers and business accounts across channels. Invoicera integrated with 25+ global payment solutions that are right for your business.

small business billing software runs more smoothly, just make your business come out of the shadows today!



High-quality software must be reliable, easily maintainable, easy to operate and should meet the functional requirements of its domain. I would be wrong to say that these are the only features that best invoicing software for small business should have. But certainly, these are some of the highlights of standout online invoicing software. These guidelines will help in selecting appropriate software that will mitigate your billing woes.
Keep a close eye on business financials with Invoicera. It is easy, no software installation necessary. Just connect to Invoicera as you go. You’ll be up and running quickly with easy up gradation, no hardware and software investment and more. Implementing online billing software can help companies to optimize their working capital and continue running healthy business operations.





Online Billing software Basics For Insurance Companies



It has become an urgent need for the insurance industry to stop using paper in their operational process. A simple insurance billing software can help any insurance company to reduce the usage of paper to the minimum. An insurance billing software helps in managing the insurance invoice process easily and getting paid on time.

Here are some key basics of how an insurance billing software works for the insurance companies:


Invoice Tracking

A large number of insurance invoices can actually make it difficult for you to track them manually. An insurance billing software provides the requisite tools. One can simply use an invoice dashboard to track the status of each and every invoice. It is easy to know whether an invoice is unpaid or due or pending. A single dashboard to track all the insurance invoices helps in managing the process very efficiently.


Recurring Invoicing

An insurance premium becomes due on a periodic basis and the invoice needs to be sent every time. This becomes a huge challenge for insurance companies who have to deploy the requisite resources for sending out these, in a timely manner. Recurring invoicing and auto-billing ensure that the premium insurance invoices reach the client inbox, automatically.


Invoice Branding and Templates

An insurance company usually has a large customer base to send out invoices to. It is important to send out professional insurance invoices with proper branding on it. Company’s name, address policies and moto are some of the common things that should be included in an invoice. Apart from this, you can also choose the most suitable template and customize your invoices accordingly. This is important to build a good relationship with customers and retain them for a longer period of time.


Efficient Management Of Invoices with Insurance Billing Software

An insurance company often manages a large number of invoices. Effective and efficient management holds utmost importance. This makes the process faster and makes it easier for the management. An insurance billing software helps businesses to delegate the invoicing and payment responsibility to dedicated staff. This helps in decentralizing the invoicing process without losing the much-needed control.

Sending Out Estimates

When dealing with the prospective client you sometimes feel the need to send out estimates. It is an important aspect of the insurance business. It helps you send out estimates in real time and make the entire process of cracking the deal with new client faster.


Online Payments




Simplify the entire process of making the payments for premium easier for your clients. Online payments with Invoicera, the insurance billing software are quick and hassle-free. Giving such options will help your customers retain their trust in your company. Using an Insurance billing software provides this facility for invoicing purpose.

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Big Data Analytics

Understanding consumer behavior and what actions they are taking is a very important aspect of an insurance business. Big data can be gathered from various sources and one such solution is an Insurance invoice software. Using data of past invoice reports helps in doing a sales analysis of the business and taking necessary action.


Integration With CRM

One of the core functions of an insurance business is customer relationship management. Integrating the CRM function with the invoicing system helps in improving the efficiency of processes manifold. The same processes can be managed with lesser resources and lesser man hours.

Compliance and Customised Invoicing

Insurance is an industry where regulation has got a big role to play, then complying with the rules laid down by regulatory authorities, is very important. A customized Insurance  billing solution ensures that the insurance company can customize the insurance invoice according to business and regulatory require




To manage a big number of clients effectively and efficiently, it has become utmost important for insurance sectors to shift to insurance billing software. Online invoicing lets them manage their business smoothly and on time. It is important for insurance companies to stick by the given timelines in order to maintain decorum in the workflow. Invoicera is an insurance billing software lets companies manage their payments, clients, and business all in one place. It gives you better productivity and management of tasks.


online invoicing software



Online Invoicing & Billing Software: Key Features & Vital Elements

Online invoice software

Do you still send out printed invoices that tends to be inefficient for your business ?  The invoices send via email get lost by the customers. A lot of problems that come up with the paper-based invoicing are known to everyone. Keep track of the bills and the payments easily switching to online invoicing software. This reduces the costs and speed up payments that benefit your business. Also, send out invoices that reduces the workload in the timely manner.

No need to chase for timely payments and invoices. Look for the online invoicing software that solves all your worries and built your credibility online.

Eliminate many problems as mentioned below and keep your business more organized and efficient.

  • Inefficient management of users signups, activations, trials, upgrades, and downgrades.
  • Receive recurring payments, reconcile and manage them at any frequency
  • Options to track number of invalid payments with exact recognition of failed transactions
  • Cost center, duplicate errors in purchase order allocation that mismatches its freight
  •  The time required to fix errors is disproportionate in online invoicing process.
  • Tax return filing, special VAT invoices, administration requirement of the tax authorities are more complicated
  • Deduction of risk due to inconsistency

  • Ensure a secure connection between the company’s web server and customer’s browser
  • Managing the client account and resolving invoicing queries
  • Reducing invoicing errors and making sure that the invoices are sent to clients in a timely manner
  • Maintaining records of project expenses
  • Defining task with ease and sending out bills quickly
  • Delegating the invoicing tasks to staff members
  • Making sure that the business expenses are under control
  • Data securely stored and backup
  • Be responsive of the client details and the prospective customers who contacts you.
  • View custom reports that depends on different criteria such as customer category report, state wise, country wise, company wise report etc.
  • Integration with client management systems

Add up the key actions against these challenges to overcome and improve productivity to new level.

Out of many challenges, there are no challenges that can’t be overcome. Boost your business by taking right steps with online invoicing solutions.

Identify the plenty of ways to get over those hurdles.

Improve & Automate Processes:

  • Automate invoice scheduling and relax.
  • Create recurring invoices and retain clients.
  • Automate late fee and payment reminders to get paid quicker
  • Automation ensures better resource utilization and cost cutting.

Simplified Payments:

Integrate with Legacy Software:

  • Simplified integration with existing CRM and ERP tools.
  • API integration to integrate with 3rd party tools and eCommerce integrations.

Detailed Financial Analysis:

  • Achieve your overall financial goals with simplified reports generation.
  • Manage reports of outstanding and payments for a healthy cash flow.

Improved Document Management:

  • Manage all client estimates and purchase orders with ease.
  • Ensure all B2B documents are managed efficiently.

e-Commerce Integrations:

  • Integrate Invoicera with your e-Commerce platform and automate your e-Commerce invoicing.
  • Benefit from a smooth invoicing and payments process.

Manage Your Subscription Business:

  • Subscription billing helps in sending bills to customers on a periodic basis, improving productivity of the invoicing process.
  • This helps in retaining long term clients.

Simplified staff management:

  • Assign clients, sections and define roles for staff members.
  • Control staff activity with permissions related to tasks and accessibility.
  • Details of their last login can be checked. Estimate to invoice ratio of each staff member can be viewed.
  • Detailed time sheets of staff members can be viewed on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Tasks can be managed effectively and efficiently. Appropriate tasks can be assigned to respective staff members.

Bespoke Invoicing

  • Customized invoicing solutions, according to specific business requirements.
  • Add functionality requirements and improve business productivity.


Otherwise, online invoice software is a wise investment that you won’t regret to make. You have a record of all previous invoices for your customers and any details you may need in the future can be well known with the proper usage of online invoicing software. Look for very easy and quick solutions to add an item to your invoice.  Experience improved cash flow by using an online invoicing software.


Choose the right online invoicing software like Invoicera that speeds up and simplify the business processes. The many other features includes:


Collect earlier, Pay less… Top 3 ways to use Online System!

All freelancers and SMB owners normally feel skeptical about the online invoicing for their services. It can be somewhat intricate process for small scale enterprises to send out invoices than focus on the growth of their company. There is a huge possibility of not getting the payment in a timely manner, even if these invoices are sent to the client’s inbox. It is a common tendency for a freelancer to think that the more he works, the more shall he get paid; however, if there’s no guarantee for the payment to be released in time, the growth definitely suffers.

A self-employed person shall very well understand what it feels like to wait for a delayed check, to appear in the mail after days and months of toiling hard for it. There are a set of ways that must be kept well in mind so that your focus can simply rely on your work rather than the invoicing issues.

1) Automatic invoicing and follow ups:

The manual processes seems to be a laborious task while the invoice automation solutions control on how your customers pay and lowers cost by replacing a time consuming AP process teams.

The invoice automation solution is one form to enhance company’s profitability, eliminates costly mistakes and reduces transactional costs. Most of the companies depends on invoice automation solutions for the invoice-to-cash process. The online invoicing processes decreases processing times, capture early payment discounts, eliminate late payment fees and improves vendor relationships. It also helps staff reconcile the purchase orders and improves order-to-payment cycles.

Implementing the automation solutions like Invoicera makes the automation and accelerate payments cycles a reality. The companies can eliminate the inefficiencies of human interference moving from invoice to payment and increases their profitability.

2) Easily accept Online Payments:

Gone are the days when the traditional payments options like writing a check or direct payment were preferred.

 With a number of online payment options, a series of steps are reduced between the payment process of invoice generation and getting paid. It is about time, that all the SMB owners and freelancers realize the importance of going electronic. Through the means of electronic payment options, the speed at which the cash gets transferred is logically increased. Through a smart way, you can simplify the payment process for the clients and receive your cash faster.

The quick and hassle free solution like Invoicera provides the instant notification of the transaction in a more visible manner. Invoicera integrated with 30 payment gateways for hassle free and smooth payment process.

  • Integration with International Payment Gateways (Forte, PayGate, SagePay, Eway, Ogone, BluePay, Network, 2checkout, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Moneybookers, iTransact, Setcom, paymate, VCS, creditcall).
  • Integration with US/Canada Payment Gateways (Alipay, FirstData, Psigate, Beanstream, Moneris).
  • Integration with Indian Payment Gateways (Razorpay, Paydollar, Citrus, PayU India, EBS, Asiapay).

The smooth and transparent system of online payments with the options of recording offline payments, advance payments, payment reminders and much more.

3) Financial Reporting & Analysis:

The analysis of reports shows the definite aspects of the revenue cycle and features the problem that need to be specified. Understand the key areas where you may be hitting the roadblocks including the ones that show unbilled charges and comparison between the billing dates. The tracking can work to uncover the reasons behind delays and address any issues.


Using financial management solution like Invoicera helps to track patterns and potential problems. This can help to improve the efficiency of your revenue cycle and ultimately get you paid faster.


It is extremely crucial to increase the ease of the payment process, so the time saved can be utilized into finding new prospects for the growth of your business. For an invoice generation, all you should be able to do is hit a button, and send it to the client at a lightning speed. Once the invoices are delivered, the online invoicing software facilitates you to store them in a database for the purpose of record keeping. Once the customers make the payments, a good record of the invoices makes it convenient for you to refer to them later on.


Setting up an online Invoicing software allows online payment for invoices through the means of credit card or online transfers. With this, all the monthly clients can set up automatic billing, which means that their cards can be recharged on the 1st of every month. Also, through this, they can pre-pay for the service of a year before-hand.

With the help of an online invoicing software, you wouldn’t have to have an extremely detailed knowledge, the software is easy to understand and use. Hence, in order to develop a successful career in freelancing or grow your SMB, you need to set up efficient online invoicing software.

With the less time-consuming way to keep a track of your business cash flow and to maximize its earning potential, you are sure to achieve more!

Selecting the right invoice automation solutions like Invoicera balances your specific requirements with the flexible and scalable solutions. Build a successful business case and make sure to scale accordingly.

How to Create Professional Invoices ?

The online invoicing and billing software helps you in creating and managing your invoices with a great ease.

Opt for the flexible business platform to grow your business more efficiently and effectively.

Create a one-time invoice or recurring invoice following the below steps:

  • -Fill the invoice template with your details and your client details
  • -Add the description on what the invoice is for
  • -Add the product details you’re billing in the line items section
  • -Adjust the price and quantity of each item
  • -Specify your payment terms and more

Hence the invoice will be sent to the client with ease using an online invoicing software.

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For recurring invoices, you have the options to select the frequency i.e. the time interval of sending the recurring invoices. Click on Auto-billing options if you want to receive from your clients automatically.

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Below you may check one of our infographics designed especially for new users to get them familiar with creating invoices, invoice estimates, recurring invoices etc.

Read More

How Invoicera is right for your business?

Invoicera comes up with a new way to find the painless solution for you to invoice.

A must have online billing software for every small business with a host of amazing features. It helps to easily simplify the invoice process according to the specific client requirements. Get the right online billing software to reduce billing related hiccups and hitches for your business.

Strictly say no to paper bills now.

Have a much-needed invoice features and customizations as per business requirements. Besides this many other features for all our loyal customers. We work on bringing new features on a regular basis.

Join today and enjoy the faster processes, faster payments and fewer errors with lower processing costs and more streamlined processes. Moreover, get a professional image of yourself before the client.


You can do whatever with your subscription, stay back with the present one, upgrade to a different one or switch to the always free plan at any time.

Sounds exciting? Get yourself started today!

1. Make bill paying easier:

With online billing software, paying online is dramatically faster and simpler integrated with 25+ payment gateways for both businesses and customers. On a single tap of a button, every business can now accept payments online. Also, businesses can know the exact time of the viewed invoices. The customer can now see the most up-to-date status of their payments, including all outstanding and overdue payments.


2. Keep employees happy and productive:

The long-term success of any business relies on fostering collaboration, communication and beyond. Run your workforce with the online billing software, maintain a staff schedule and track the actual hours worked and figure it out. Now you can easily track time and tasks allocated to staff. The time tracking software manages time log, time spent on tasks tracked in real time, team wise and project wise implementation, easy to use timer and more. Also, manage staff roles, sections and permissions to get a whole lot easier with the flexibility to run the business the way you want.


3. Cater to fast growing business with AR and AP automation:

Invoicera enables your business to handle their AR and AP needs in one place. Both of these modules maintain personal accounts either of debtors or creditors and maintain various operations such as currency fluctuation, control account etc.

Both modules are of business credit. With online billing software can help businesses to optimize their working capital for healthy running businesses. Invoicera provides complete solutions for accounting payable processing, account receivable collection management and more.

4. Understanding clients and managing vendors:

The cloud-based client and vendor management software, manage multiple parts of the business with interactive dashboards for clients and vendors. The client and vendor management software is the successful implementation to communicate their requirements and capabilities. Also, the stable and functional online billing software like Invoicera gains expected performance in a right way.


5. Control expenses before it slows your business:

The manual processes appear to be time-consuming and more likely to have errors. Get a detailed overview of financial performance and efficiency of people working on billed, unbilled and internal projects with expense management software. Meet all the expenses need with automated expense management software and help businesses to analyze profit, loss, and cash flow. Every organization manages expenses in an efficient way. Integrated expense management software can go a long way towards improving speed and efficiency of fraud detection. Any organization can control the costs in a beneficial manner with the online billing software.


6. Select the right money management tool:

Whatever type of business you run, it depends upon the numbers.   The numbers like revenue, expenses, inventory, overheads, sales, figures, profit and more helps to grow and perform at its best. Financial data can be useful insights into the way business is run. The financial management software can analyze the financial information and give you a clear, useful overview of your business. Get the grips on the finer details with the detailed invoice aging and outstanding reports. Calculate the ROI and productivity with the detailed work in progress reports. Keep a close eye and understand the growth of the business in few minutes with Invoicera.


7. Enable language and currency selection:

If you have a global business,  invoicing clients in language and currencies are the only choice.  The online billing software like Invoicera handles automatic currency conversions and language updations in real time. Grow your business globally and adjust your clients with full functionality.

global business

As a consultant, contractor, manufacturers, photographers or traders, it is equally important to focus on the core services with online invoice software on a continuous basis. Payments should be given the top priority as they are the lifeline of any business. Take your business ahead with Invoicera with smooth and fast experience for users to create and handle invoices on the fly.


Minimize Errors and Channelize Revenue through Online Invoicing

Traditional invoice processes are inefficient, error-prone and slow. A company that sticks to manual processing is wasting money on administration costs and unidentified invoice errors. Even worse, manual processes make it difficult to pay suppliers on time, depriving them of vital cash flow, possibly risking their very survival.

The companies that aspire and strive to have their processes streamlined, use online invoicing software to handle ten times as many invoices per person as their competitors.

Learn how you can reduce costs, improve efficiency and accuracy, and achieve desirable ROI in the relatively quick span of time.

1. Speedy Account Receivable process


The good online invoicing software helps you to track receivables and provides better insights into your collection process. The billing becomes right as each bill can be sent promptly and paid within the stipulated time. Stepping into the account receivable collection process can improve the cash flow by converting sales to revenues quickly.

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2. Real-time payments that simplify business:

real time payments

The secure online invoicing software allows the customers to pay their invoices at their convenience anytime anywhere. The online invoicing software provides real-time payments for the customers. They can easily review their invoices and submit payments securely and remotely from anywhere. With so many payment solutions, Invoicera has integrated with 25+ payment gateway solutions to make relatively easy to collect payments for goods and services.

3. Lights on AP automation:

account payable management

The automated AP workflow reduces manual intervention, improves process visibility and enhances better supplier relationship management. The online invoicing software works in a centralized way to handle invoice processing for businesses of all sizes. It enables to provide accurate forecasts of cash management.

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4. Taxes/ Late fee & Charges:

The online invoicing software helps to keep the file taxes accurate and figure out how much you owe your business. The one thing that a business owner wants to deal if your business has the record of sales invoices by maintaining an organized system.

online billing software

5. Client relationship management:

Building happy client relationships is at the core of getting a constant flow of revenue. Having regular client meetings and conversations with clients helps in understanding their requirements better.

client relationship management


With a large number of benefits, online invoicing software addresses the issues of reducing waste, delays, and errors. It ensures timely payments, smooth transactions and better relations with the clients. Therefore companies have now switched to processing and use supplier self-service functionality to mitigate client inquiries and discrepancy resolution. Online invoicing software efficiently reduces these issues and ensures clutter free invoicing.

There has never been a better time to implement online invoicing than now!

Invoicera is equally beneficial for all business partners to improve cost efficiencies and enable faster flow of business transactions.  A properly integrated system helps to improve the ROI of the business processes. Save huge amount of operational costs by complete automation of business processes.


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