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6 Smarter Ways to boost your Cash flow 10 times with Online Invoicing

Online invoicing software


Starting my own consulting business was something I was super excited about. It was my first venture and starting your own startup is always a good idea. Another part that was exciting me was actually earning money from something I was good at. Everything was like a happy story but then came the horror. The issue that I was dreamed about. It was the payment terms or so to say receiving late payments from the clients. Creating and sending out paper invoices was another add-on for the already accumulated pile of work for me. My problems did not end here, but the actual part of following up for payments gave me more pain than I could even imagine.

After some serious trial and error, I wised-up and got ultra smart with my invoicing, which increased my cash flow significantly. By Smart Online Invoicing I mean I was paid sooner, resulting in bombs of money in my bank account.


Curious about how I made money fast? Here are five ways online invoicing software can actually boost your business’s cash flow:


1. Define your terms and conditions clearly in your documents.

Establishing crystal clear and direct Terms and Conditions in your every document is important. It gives you the power to avoid any chances of conflicts in the future. It protects both you and your client form playing with each other and maintains a high level of professionalism.


Your T&Cs should always answer these questions:

1. Do you require any payments up front? If so, how much?
2.No. of days in which the payment expected after the invoice has been issued.
3.If or no you will be charging late fees?
4. Will you provide early payment discounts?
5. Define your payment methods.
6. Answering the above questions and setting-up these T&Cs will clearly establish expectations and job roles. Writing clear expectations and guidelines, while creating invoices with Invoicera, the best invoicing software reduces every possible chance of conflict.


best Invoicing software


2. Keep defined and short terms for payments.

It is important to set a specific time period for payment to avoid any issue in the cash flow. If you are a company that deals in services majorly, it is suggested to set your payment terms within 7 days than a cycle of 30 days. Also, the 30 days payment cycle is an outdated version. It is a drive of the past where the payments were made by cheques. With the advent of online invoicing system, the payment methods have become easier and faster. Businesses are now able to receive their payments 3 times faster than ever. You might only face the exception if you’re working with an enterprise level business or government agency where there’s a series of activities due to their established payment policies.

In an ideal economic world, you are eligible to request a payment as soon as you complete your job. For example, if you’re a software engineer and went to an organization to rectify the errors. It is completely acceptable for you to ask for payments as soon as you complete your job. The mobile app of your invoicing software will make it easy for you to generate an invoice and get paid instantaneously.


3. What is the best time and frequency to bill clients?

As I stated above, in the current economic world you can invoice your clients and receive the payment immediately after you complete your job. After all, as the facts say, the longer you wait to invoice your clients, it is less likely that your invoice will even get paid. In fact, according to research, only 18% of invoices are paid if it exceeds more than 90 days.

Unfortunately, we are always confused about the correct time to invoice. So, when exactly should you invoice your clients? And how often?

There’s no one-size solution to this, but the best business recommendations are as follows:

If you invoice weekly or bi-weekly, send out your invoices on the weekend when your clients’ inboxes aren’t flooded. You can easily automate your invoicing routine for this with an online invoicing system. Invoicera, the best invoicing software makes sure to automatically send invoices on the scheduled time to your client and let you indulge in more productive activities without much bother.


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If you invoice monthly, be very strict with sending out your invoices on the first of the month, since these will be paid in 30 days. Setting up recurring billing with free invoicing software will always notify and send invoices to your clients in time.

If you do send out your invoices during the week, Tuesdays are the best day. It is always said to send out important emails and invoices just before and after the lunchtime.
As for the frequency, either you should collect all of your invoices together or automate them with an online invoicing software so that send them all out easily- trust us, it’s a real time-saver.

Using an online invoicing platform like Invoicera will automatically follow up with clients for payments and notify them with a message for late payments. It acts as a partner that performs much of your jobs automatically and enables you to have much space for other productive activities.

Keeping aside the above methods, you can also determine the best time and frequency for invoicing clients by asking them when their pay cycle is and sync with that so that there is little lapse time between sending an invoice and getting paid.


4. Don’t hold credit for clients.

If the job that you are doing for your client requires you to gather services from other suppliers, vendors or freelancers, make sure you put the responsibility on a client and get the payment upfront. It is also recommended to ask your client for an advance or deposit so that after you are done with your job you can easily pay your vendors. It avoids any conflicts with your vendors and eradicates the hassle of chasing your clients for same. With an invoicing software like Invoicera, you can easily send out invoices in fractions of minutes without having to spend much time over one thing.



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5. Automation is the key.

Even though a customized template with Invoicera makes the task of invoicing super smooth, automation in invoicing makes your job even more convenient. Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner or a large enterprise, you are always flooded with work, by automating the task of invoicing with online invoicing software you get to spend more time on your business and earn some extra profits. BINGO!

Reminders and follow up for payments are some of the key activities that automation with online invoicing software like Invoicera does for you.


6. Receive Payments 3 Times Faster With Online Payment Gateways.

With more than 30 online payment gateways integrated with Invoicera, the best invoicing software, allows you to receive payments online from around the world without the hassle of currency exchange or physical deposits. It helps you to boost your cash flow more than 3 times giving your business the chances to grow more in less time. While Invoicera allows you to receive payments online and easily from around the world, it also allows you to send invoices in any language your client prefers for better customer service and retention.


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Invoicera is an online invoicing software that is specially designed to cater to custom made needs of each type of enterprise, small business, and freelancers. The 13+ years old invoicing software is a complete package to cater to every aspect of business finances and invoicing. From invoicing to tracking expenses or managing staff, every single business aspect can be managed efficiently with this best invoicing software. The custom-made software for your business offers 360* package for your business to invoice and manage every business cash flow. It makes calculating and analyzing every billable and non-billable expense super easy. 30+ online payment gateways help to receive payments from the global clientele hassle free and cash flow super smooth. The additional features of grouping taxes or sending invoices in any language that your client prefers help retaining the interest in the business and road to success a little less of a hassle.


Online Invoicing Software




Business owners share a love-hate relationship with invoicing. They love it when it shows payday, but hate when you have to track and run for invoices. It is a tedious task and can be frustrating too. That is exactly why business owners all over the world are shifting towards the era of online invoicing. More significantly- Mobile Invoicing.

Here are 6 reasons mobile invoicing will simply make your life easier in 2019:


You will save money:

Most importantly, mobile invoicing will save you money. It will eliminate the cost of the pen, paper, ink, and an accountant to manage your payables and receivables. By shifting to an online invoicing solution that is also available as a mobile app, it will save you all the extra added costs. By utilizing the invoicing solutions available digitally, you no longer need to file, scan and manage your work on paper. It helps you easily delegate work to respective employees.


Office In Pocket

One of the greatest revolution that mobile invoicing has brought is bringing your business to your pocket. Now you can access all your account data anywhere and anytime. No more hassle of carrying documents everywhere and worrying about the security of each. Whether you’re meeting clients back to back or traveling for meetings all the time, easily access your data on the go.


Healthy Customer Relationship

The convenience of use is on both side by mobile invoicing. As convenient it is for you to generate, access and store invoices; as convenient it is for your clients to pay in time. By using a convenient option like mobile invoicing you will see a visible drop in delayed payments. With more than 30+ online payment gateways integrated with Invoicera, it gives you more options to receive early payments from clients.



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We all know the amount of paper that is been cut each year to generate paper. The world is already using an excess of it and now needs to cut it. It is estimated that online invoicing is more than 4 times environment-friendly than paper invoices. Beyond just saving paper it also makes the entire process of invoicing faster. It might seem a little insignificant to you right now but a slow and steady change can actually make a change for the generations to come.       


Streamline Your Entire Billing Process

The majority of payment tools available online are integrated with additional beneficial features. But, the best ones are also integrated with a mobile app. Use of a mobile app for invoicing and financial management streamlines your entire process and makes it available to you at your ease. Integration is a need of time, to easily streamline your entire billing process.


Save information with the cloud

With mobile invoicing, you can easily save and access all your client information. It allows you to create and save data in the cloud, giving you abilities to easily access all your data at once. Information that is saved in the cloud is completely safe and secure. With Invoicera , you can save all the information about clients, taxes and even group them together. This way it makes generating invoices as simple as few clicks.




Online Invoicing software has not left any stone unturned to integrate the best of technologies together to make the experience of online invoicing wholesome. The economy is moving towards digital media massively. It is now hand in handwriting the growth pattern for businesses. When it comes to invoicing you definitely want to keep up with the times. Your cash flow depends on it. Mobile invoicing has become one of the go-to tools for businesses to access their account when and how they like. They have easily brought your entire office to the convenience of your phone. The economy is expanding massively with the highly advanced technologies.


Go Ahead and Give it a Try! Download the app anytime you want.

Mobile Invoicing

IOS Invoice App

Mobile Invoicing

Android Invoice App

Invoicing Etiquette for Small Business Owners- Quick Guide!



At times getting an invoice paid in time is more challenging than completing the actual job. After all, tracking late payments is not an easy task at all. You pretty much feel like the tom in the game of tom and jerry. But, what if we say there is a way to receive payments in time more frequently? You can easily accomplish the task of receiving payments in time by sticking to strict invoicing etiquettes. With effective invoicing etiquettes you can maintain a high level of professional communication with your clients.

This will in return build trust and let you retain your clients for long. Read the following tips to get started:


Use the best software for your business.


Most importantly, make sure you have step up your invoicing game strong with an online invoicing software. An invoicing software will solely handle all your invoicing and financial needs. An invoicing software for small business like Invoicera is custom designed to smartly handle our entire business. Apart from just creating and sending invoices. It also lets you real time track invoices and automatically follows up with clients for due payments. The customised invoice software for small business makes all your communications and documents professional.

Set clear terms and list your services.


Surprising or shocking your clients with terms and payments is never a good idea. In other words, the invoice should consist of all that the client is expecting. The due amount, payment cycle and due date should be clearly mentioned in all your communications beforehand. This will help you avoid all future conflicts and keep your cash flow cycle smooth.Most importantly, clearly mention all the services you have provided or the products you have sold to keep your clients aware of all the products they have used.
When an invoice contains hidden costs, the client is going to be more reluctant to pay it on-time. Even worse, that trust you had previously built is now shattered.

Create and stay by your policies.


Creating new policies frequently will irritate your customers. Make sure you create a policy once and stick to it for long. Don’t confuse your clients with shocks of fluctuating policies like not charging taxes in one. If for some reason you require to change, then inform them before sending the invoice. This is a common gesture that shows you’re both a professional and considerate individual.Provide complete contact information.Sending an invoice for the first time or to someone you’ve worked years with, it is important to include your contact information in all your invoices. This way you would easily solve any queries your client might have.An online invoicing software supports a customised invoicing template that will guide your way creating all your invoices efficiently.Your invoices should always include your business name, address, phone number, and email address. This way your customers know exactly how to get in touch with you if they need to.

Make payment convenient for your customers.


invoicing software for small business
The easiest way to get paid in time from your clients is by making it convenient for them to pay the amount. Most of the customers feel reluctant in paying when it involves a lot of efforts from their side. In order to avoid all such hassle of late payments make it very convenient for them by giving them a way out by paying online.Invoicera is the only invoicing software that has more than 30 online payment gateways integrated that make it easier for you to receive payments from your customers all around the world. Apart from this it also allows you to send invoices in any language that your client prefers and build high level of trust and satisfaction with them. Trust is the key to retaining any client for long. Make sure you use your cards wisely.

Say “please” and “thank you”- Be courteous


It is always said that being polite with people strengthens any relationship. And a relationship as important as your client demands to be respected and polite.
A simple note of thank you and a request of asking your clients to pay in time boosts your cash flow 5 times. It also leaves a positive impression on your clients and is a reflection of your professionalism.

Ask for advance payment up front for large projects.


Working with a big project will be a wonderful experience for you. But, it will also demand your time, money and efforts. Don’t hesitate in asking your client half payment upfront. This will be the amount you would be investing in the same project and will give you security of work.

In order to keep a track of all the advance and mid way payments received from your clients you can send them invoices or credit notes via invoicing software. It will then record all your received payments and will let you send your clients its invoices and credit note in time. An online invoicing software for small business like Invoicera is a 360* package that manages expenses, keeps a track of accounts receivables and every other business need.


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Politely follow-up for due payments.


Your job does not end at just sending out invoices, it is far more than just this. After sending out an invoice, your first job is to track it’s status (sent/received/viewed). And then, politely following up with your clients confirming the date on which the dues will be cleared. Receiving payments is not always a walk on the smooth road. You have to take many turns to get your invoices paid, at times.Shifting to online invoicing you can forget the hassle of following up for unpaid invoices. An automated polite reminder is sent to clients following up with them for initial delays. This not only reduces your task but also leaves a professional impression on clients.
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You’re on your journey to bringing your dreams of a successful business enterprise true. It is how you take each step that will bring you either closer or take you away from the upcoming reality. Every business demands your time and efforts to nurture it and give you the expected ROI. Online invoicing software for small business are the backbone to your entire financial and expense tracking. It helps you keep a track of all your important figures in a single dashboard and access them how and when you like.Small business etiquettes are important in setting the relationship right and creating high brand awareness amongst people. The positive word of mouth is an advertisement that does not require direct monetary investment but how you invest your efforts into it.

A quick dip into the world of online invoicing with Invoicera


Invoicera is a cloud based invoicing and billing solution empowering small businesses worldwide since last 13 years.

Invoicera, invoicing software helps to automate and simplify your business processes and communication with online invoicing and payments, expense management, recurring/subscription billing, client/vendor panels, time tracking, workflows, multi companies, multilingual & multi currency support, staff permissioning, financial reporting & analysis, purchase order management, subcontractor billing and time management, comprehensive reporting and APIs for 3rd party integration.


online invoicing



Top 15 Billing & Invoice Management tips for Web Designers & Freelancers

online invoicing software for freelancers


How do you count an agency as successful venture? There can be lot of parameters we count while judging and analysing the same. But, in order to successfully run a web design agency or be successful as a freelancer, one needs to focus on three major things – quality of work, customer satisfaction and a healthy business cash flow. Many designing experts feel uninclined towards the financial aspects of a business; however, it is highly crucial that one handles it with accuracy and meticulousness. One of the major aspects of the financial side of a business is appropriate invoicing of the work for the clients. Manual invoicing can be error prone and time consuming, whereas the agencies that have shifted to the world of online invoicing have experienced massive boost in their entire cash flow.


Following are some tips for better billing and invoice management
1. Select a Right Invoicing Software for freelancers


There are numerous options available in the market when it comes to selecting an best invoicing software for freelancers . However, one must always select the most appropriate one that is specifically created for designers and freelancers. With the help of an invoicing software for freelancers, a freelancer or a web designer can easily save his/her time. Hence, it becomes highly imperative to select one that comprises of all the features to manage the finances of your business. There are many invoicing software for freelancers that are available for free as well. But, a user must always opt for a solution that offers accurate invoicing and management of financial records in a comparatively lesser time span.


2. Set Rigorous Standards and Policies


In order to maintain proper invoices and ensure timely payments from clients, you must set a stringent policy so that you can save your time. Your policy must comprise of the following points:


  • Percentage of the upfront payments must be predetermined.
  • The time duration for the clients to make the payments.
  • Late fees for the late payments must also be predefined.
  • Submission date for the final work, to be before or after payment.
  • Preferred Payment type.


3. Avoid Surprises


Always maintain a transparent relationship with the client. The client must always be aware of your work policies and the invoicing terms. There must never be unwanted surprises for the clients on the invoice, e.g. for payment terms, an hourly charge, due amount and even the subject of the invoice; all of these must never be mentioned on the invoice but should be discussed beforehand.


4. Mention Your Contact Details


You must always include your name, address, contact number and email ID in your invoices.


5. Number the Invoices if Sent in Bulk


You must number your invoices in case they are being sent in bulk. Most online invoicing apps consist of this function by default.


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6. Mention the Receiver’s Information


Along with your contact details, even the recipient’s information must be mentioned. Through this, it becomes easier to converse and interact. Also, it is important from the legal perspectives.


7. Detailed Charges and Services Must Be Mentioned


All the services that you’ve offered along with the charges must be explained in detail in the invoice to avoid any confusion.


8. Mention the Last Date for the Payment


invoicing software for freelancers


All the invoices must contain the information about the due date for when the payment is expected.


9. Acceptable Payment Methods


The client should be clarified about the payment methods through which you can accept the payment. This makes it easy for the client to be aware of the preferred payment method.


10. Invoice must be sent as an attachment


Always send invoices to the client as a PDF attachment via email. It is a reliable and easy way for the clients to receive the invoice.


11. Always send the invoice to the correct client


Before you dispatch the invoice to your client, make sure that you are mailing it to the appropriate person.


12. Keep a Record of the received Payments


Always maintain a proper account of all the attained payments just as you receive them. Through this, you can easily cross-check what amount is due on the client’s side and how much work is pending.


13. Follow Up


Once you send the invoice to the client, make sure you mention the due date on it. In case the due date is approaching and the client hasn’t cleared the payment, you must follow up to remind your client regarding it.


14. Specify in case of Partial Payment


All the web design projects generally involve more than a single invoice, as you may initially ask for an upfront payment (some percentage of the total) and receive the remaining after the work is completed. This is a reliable and efficient way to ensure that you receive your payment on time.


15. Tackle Properly If Any Issue Arises


In the case of any unforeseen problem, you must not hide away from it. You must address it right away even if it involves the client having an issue with the invoice.



It can take hours to create an invoice, alter its content, communicate to the client and remind for the payments when done manually. The best invoicing software for freelancers helps to manage the invoice record right and most importantly meets all needs with the right set of features. Simplify the daily workflow by automating the invoicing processes, Invoicera is the perfect solution for freelancers business.


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Invoicera offers one -stop solution for all business needs for freelancers. Now freelancers can easily focus on deliverables and deadlines for the business growth. One of the most important features is its customization options, Invoicera gives enough of the invoicing software features that save time and stress as a freelancer. It helps you get paid faster by supporting 25+ online payment processing, subscription payment for services, recurring billing and more. Businesses can easily track time and expenses, such as web designers or freelancers.


invoicing software freelancers


5 Surprising Benefits of Mobile Invoicing


2018 has been the year for economic growth. With advancement in technology and boom in the economy worldwide, there has been a certain increase in cash flow. Mobile invoicing have expanded significantly with the increased demand of online invoicing, in simplifying businesses, improving connections, reduces cost savings, strengthening buyer-supplier relationships at a rapid pace. The mobile invoicing app helps you simplify the process of online invoicing and increases scalability on the go. You can create estimates on-demand, follow up on latest project updates and invoice customers right on the spot. The online invoice app is the fastest way to get you paid within the fraction of seconds.


According to the recent stats:


40% reduction in the cost savings with invoicing app, expecting the increase in the number of the customers, suppliers and business processes.


Here is the list of benefits of how mobile invoicing app will make your life easier:


1) Faster payments:

An online invoice solution makes your invoices more instantaneous. Online invoicing leads to faster payments by quick processing of the entire invoicing process. The invoices generated with online invoicing tool/mobile invoicing app automatically sends and influences your client to pay their bill more quickly.


2) Standardize your billing process:


Invoicera, the best online invoice app eliminates additional invoicing steps, minimizes errors, and builds greater insights and transparency on the move. The online invoicing apps are designed to focus on the interoperability of the business finances. Invoicera’s mobile invoicing app lets you manage your business on the go and never miss a moment. You can access dashboard and reports wherever you are Find the business invoice app solution that builds your business on a good reputation. It allows to Standardize personal touch to your invoices i.e. logo, payment terms, thank you note.


3) Better data management:

Online Invoice App optimizes the flow of information from initiation to completion. Now you can focus on other important tasks rather than worrying about administrative burdens. On the other hand, sending and tracking of the invoices seems to be tedious when away, this is why small business owners are making a change to mobile invoicing.


4) Increases trust, confidence, and satisfaction:

The business invoice app provides easy access to information in real time. This creates greater customer satisfaction and guaranteed security to the customers anytime anywhere. When it comes to matters of trust, confidence, and satisfaction, mobile invoicing helps to build long-term relationships with your clients and customers.

It is a more convenient way for your customers to pay and improves relationships with your customers.


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5) Streamline your entire billing processes:


Inquire about the available integrations when selecting your mobile invoicing product. The best online invoice app automates and streamline your billing finances and provides the most useful insights in planning the growth of your business. The business invoice app gets you access to every piece of information from any of your authorized devices.




Choose the best mobile invoicing tool that helps to manage your finances in a better way. This means business invoice app like Invoicera provides faster, efficient, safe, user-friendly solutions that will work for you. Grow your business by driving your invoices faster.
The mobile app integrated with invoicera is one of the easiest online invoice app that is made to bring your entire invoicing experience fit in your palm. The data stored in cloud can be accessed anytime anywhere with the help of the app. Now, no more worry about the big account books, they have been compressed to fit in your palms.

Go Ahead and Give it a Try! Download the app anytime you want.



12 Tips For Simplified Online Invoice Management for businesses

online invoice management

Every time a business sells goods or services, it is important to send invoices and receive payments for the same. The importance of invoice and payment management grows with the number of clients the business has. Most businesses, even though profitable, suffer from improper cash flow and invoice management. This poses huge challenges for business growth and expansion.

Here are some important tips on Online Invoice management for managing your business more effectively. Read More

This Xmas Get 20% Off On Invoicing Plans


It’s time to double up your happiness and have a big smile on your face with our new Invoicing plans introduced recently. It will make you feel the auspicious start of the new year just like Santa’s secret presents, food, family gossiping etc. make you feel happy at this time.

December and January are two crucial months for every business owner as it involves minimum cash flow. In fact, various SMBs deal with unique challenges and as a result, it rolls stress over the break on them. During these months, your emails would not be answered, statutory holidays leaves behind phones ringing and invoices would get unpaid. But our technical associates are always ready to help you even this Christmas season in order to ensure that you are paid during this time.

Get the best invoicing solutions which can bring a huge difference to your December payments.

Here, in this blog, we have introduced our newly discounted invoicing plans to minimize the stress this peak season:

With Invoicera, you won’t come across with a stressful experience. Do the business that you can afford to make it.

We offer automated billing solutions with which you can easily manage and retain clients in an efficient and effective way. You can try our bespoke invoicing and custom workflow solutions for simplifying the accounts payable and receivable management. Our invoicing platform adopts a highly simplified approach to client and vendor management.

It consists of various supported features from Custom invoice templates, online invoicing, project/task management, estimate management, purchase order, time tracking, expense management, financial reports, Credit Notes, staff management to Custom workflow management and more.

Some additionals benefits you get with our invoicing platform are mentioned below:

– Customized invoicing solutions
– Auto billing and recurring billing
– Early payment options for improved cash flow
– Integrate with legacy CRM and ERP solutions

We, at Invoicera, wish you Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year 2018.

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We make the business front in an unorthodox and interesting way. So this time does not have to worry about your invoices, rejoice and welcome Christmas.

How to create an Estimate?

Estimates are very useful in understanding what the client requirement is and sending him an overview of the kind of budget he needs to have for the product or the service. It helps you in getting cost approvals from the client or getting his views on the same before the final approvals. Estimates are very important while you are invoicing clients online. Read More

Benefits of Efficient Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

There is a compelling evidence that manual invoicing processes cost more as compared to the small business billing software. The automation of invoicing for small businesses solution enables real-time monitoring of the invoice process helping businesses to maximize their working capital. While it provides significant benefits to the buyers, the benefits of the suppliers should not be underestimated. It provides improved customer satisfaction, better capital management, and cash flow benefits to the suppliers. In addition to the cost savings, the ability to automate the invoicing process and integrate with other business systems provides revenue generating opportunities.


Boost your business by taking the right steps over these hurdles.


  • Inefficient management of user signups, activation, trials, upgrades, and downgrades. Resolving invoicing issues and managing the client account with ease
  • Receive recurring payments, reconcile and manage them at any frequency with the help of the best invoice software for small businesses.
  • Fix the options to track the number of invalid payments with exact recognition of failed transactions.



  • Cost center, duplicate errors in purchase order allocation that mismatches its freights.
  • Tax return filing, special VAT invoices, administration requirements of the tax authorities are more complicated.
  • Ensure a secure connection between the company’s web server and the customer’s browser.
  • Data securely stored and backup.
  • Integration with client management system.

invoicing for small businesses

To stay in business without any trouble produce invoices that comply with the laws of the countries you sell within. and, to manage this better you can opt for small business billing software.


For example:

European Union requires the charging of VAT in the sale of the products and services online. Therefore, the use of small business billing software sets up to collect the correct amount of VAT required but would also help the customers to claim back VAT.

Australia/ Canada:

The countries require the charging of GST on all the sales online. They have the best invoicing software for small business owing to the business sales.



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Follow these actions against the challenges discussed above to overcome them and improve productivity to a new level. Look for very easy and quick solutions with small business billing software.

best invoicing software for small business

1. Improve & Automate Processes:

  • Automate invoice scheduling and relax! Small business invoice software allows to create invoices, get paid faster, track expenses and even collaborate with teams. best invoice software for small business allows you to create invoices, get paid faster, track expenses and even collaborate with teams.
  • Create recurring invoices and retain clients.
  • Automate late fee and payment reminders to get paid quicker.
  • Automation ensures better resource utilization and cost-cutting.

2. Simplified Payments:

  • Receive payments with 30+ International payment gateways.
  • Set up auto billing profiles and simplify the payments process.

online invoice software

3. Integrate your Small Business Billing Software with Legacy Software:

  • Simplified integration with existing CRM and ERP tools.
  • API integration to integrate with 3rd party tools and eCommerce integrations.

online invoice system

4. Detailed Financial Analysis:

  • Achieve your overall financial goals with simplified reports generation.
  • Manage reports of outstanding and payments for a healthy cash flow.

best online invoicing software

5. Improved Document Management:

  • Manage all client estimates and purchase orders with ease.
  • Ensure all B2B documents are managed efficiently.

6. e-Commerce Integrations:

  • Integrate Invoicera with your e-Commerce platform and automate your e-Commerce invoicing.
  • Benefit from a smooth online invoicing and payments process.

7. Manage Your Subscription Business:

  • Subscription billing helps in sending bills to customers on a periodic basis, improving the productivity of the invoicing process.
  • This helps in retaining long-term clients.

online invoicing program

8. Simplified staff management:

  • Assign clients, sections and define roles for staff members.
  • Control staff activity with permissions related to tasks and accessibility.
  • Details of their last login can be checked. Estimate to invoice ratio of each staff member can be viewed.

online invoice software

  • – Detailed time sheets of staff members can be viewed on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • – Tasks can be managed effectively and efficiently. Appropriate tasks can be assigned to respective staff members.

9. Bespoke Invoicing with Best Invoice Software for Small Business:

  • Customized invoicing solutions, according to specific business requirements.
  • Add functionality requirements and improve business productivity.

10. Track your expenses:

  • New expenses can be assigned to vendors/ projects
  • Maintains a record of time expenses that happen weekly or monthly
  • Detailed reports to forecast expenses and manage business finances better
  • Control mechanism for better expense management

best invoicing software for small business

11. Multi-currency & Multi-lingual support:

  • Multiple currencies and language updations in real time
  • Over 25+ payment gateways supporting multiple currencies worldwide
  • Ensure transparency in B2B communication and higher client satisfaction
  • Customize your invoice template according to the language of your choice

Multi-currency & Multi-lingual


The invoicing process is often complex for a large customer base.  Choose the best invoicing software for small business that can replace manual billing processes with 100% solutions easily and immediately.  The small business billing software is a wise investment that you won’t regret to make. The benefits including everything from invoice format conversions, new customer connection activation, tax compliance assurance that made easy. Also, it brings considerable cost savings and better customer service.

The integration of solutions for invoicing for small business substantially reduces administrative costs, drive efficiencies across the businesses by fully automating AR/AP processes. The small business invoice software enables global businesses and their suppliers to eliminate process inefficiencies, build strong mutually beneficially relationships and free up cash. This accelerates and simplifies the complete processing of incoming invoices.


Choose the right online invoice tools that help to simplify the business processes and improve business productivity to a new level. Look for many features:

  • Custom workflow management specific to business requirements
  • – Automatic payment reminders
  • – Expense management and control
  • – Invoice scheduling
  • – Online payments
  • – Error-free and professional business invoicing

best invoicing software for small business

Collect earlier, Pay less… Top 3 ways to use Online System!

All freelancers and SMB owners normally feel skeptical about the online invoicing for their services. It can be somewhat intricate process for small scale enterprises to send out invoices than focus on the growth of their company. There is a huge possibility of not getting the payment in a timely manner, even if these invoices are sent to the client’s inbox. It is a common tendency for a freelancer to think that the more he works, the more shall he get paid; however, if there’s no guarantee for the payment to be released in time, the growth definitely suffers.

A self-employed person shall very well understand what it feels like to wait for a delayed check, to appear in the mail after days and months of toiling hard for it. There are a set of ways that must be kept well in mind so that your focus can simply rely on your work rather than the invoicing issues.

1) Automatic invoicing and follow ups:

The manual processes seems to be a laborious task while the invoice automation solutions control on how your customers pay and lowers cost by replacing a time consuming AP process teams.

The invoice automation solution is one form to enhance company’s profitability, eliminates costly mistakes and reduces transactional costs. Most of the companies depends on invoice automation solutions for the invoice-to-cash process. The online invoicing processes decreases processing times, capture early payment discounts, eliminate late payment fees and improves vendor relationships. It also helps staff reconcile the purchase orders and improves order-to-payment cycles.

Implementing the automation solutions like Invoicera makes the automation and accelerate payments cycles a reality. The companies can eliminate the inefficiencies of human interference moving from invoice to payment and increases their profitability.

2) Easily accept Online Payments:

Gone are the days when the traditional payments options like writing a check or direct payment were preferred.

 With a number of online payment options, a series of steps are reduced between the payment process of invoice generation and getting paid. It is about time, that all the SMB owners and freelancers realize the importance of going electronic. Through the means of electronic payment options, the speed at which the cash gets transferred is logically increased. Through a smart way, you can simplify the payment process for the clients and receive your cash faster.

The quick and hassle free solution like Invoicera provides the instant notification of the transaction in a more visible manner. Invoicera integrated with 30 payment gateways for hassle free and smooth payment process.

  • Integration with International Payment Gateways (Forte, PayGate, SagePay, Eway, Ogone, BluePay, Network, 2checkout, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Moneybookers, iTransact, Setcom, paymate, VCS, creditcall).
  • Integration with US/Canada Payment Gateways (Alipay, FirstData, Psigate, Beanstream, Moneris).
  • Integration with Indian Payment Gateways (Razorpay, Paydollar, Citrus, PayU India, EBS, Asiapay).

The smooth and transparent system of online payments with the options of recording offline payments, advance payments, payment reminders and much more.

3) Financial Reporting & Analysis:

The analysis of reports shows the definite aspects of the revenue cycle and features the problem that need to be specified. Understand the key areas where you may be hitting the roadblocks including the ones that show unbilled charges and comparison between the billing dates. The tracking can work to uncover the reasons behind delays and address any issues.


Using financial management solution like Invoicera helps to track patterns and potential problems. This can help to improve the efficiency of your revenue cycle and ultimately get you paid faster.


It is extremely crucial to increase the ease of the payment process, so the time saved can be utilized into finding new prospects for the growth of your business. For an invoice generation, all you should be able to do is hit a button, and send it to the client at a lightning speed. Once the invoices are delivered, the online invoicing software facilitates you to store them in a database for the purpose of record keeping. Once the customers make the payments, a good record of the invoices makes it convenient for you to refer to them later on.


Setting up an online Invoicing software allows online payment for invoices through the means of credit card or online transfers. With this, all the monthly clients can set up automatic billing, which means that their cards can be recharged on the 1st of every month. Also, through this, they can pre-pay for the service of a year before-hand.

With the help of an online invoicing software, you wouldn’t have to have an extremely detailed knowledge, the software is easy to understand and use. Hence, in order to develop a successful career in freelancing or grow your SMB, you need to set up efficient online invoicing software.

With the less time-consuming way to keep a track of your business cash flow and to maximize its earning potential, you are sure to achieve more!

Selecting the right invoice automation solutions like Invoicera balances your specific requirements with the flexible and scalable solutions. Build a successful business case and make sure to scale accordingly.