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Now Export Invoice Templates to PDF in Their Respective Colors

Over the past few months we have been making enhancements and bringing you updates at rate of knots and look to keep the juggernaut rolling for at least sometime. These enhancements and updates are a result of feedback that we receive in numbers (we are fortunate to have users who work behind the scenes for us) and meticulous brainstorming sessions conducted in our chamber. These updates, however diminutive they seem to be, have big impact not only in the functionality of the application but also connect with the users’ requirements. Read More

Multiple Language Enhancements for Trouble Free Invoicing

With multi-language invoicing recently arriving at Invoicera, it has become one of the most prevalent and widely used features amongst our users. The flexibility and expediency it brings along has benefited many and also facilitates better, powerful, efficient and localized invoicing. This was the paramount objective with which it was brought into effect.

To extent the advantage further we have made few enhancements in the way multi-language invoicing is done. Till now it was only possible to create an invoice in any language by typing that particular language and manually replacing the invoice headings. But it would now be possible to generate invoices in 11 different languages with just a single click. Read More

Recurring Forecasting Report is Now Available

In the most recent feature update your Invoicera account would now have the ability to generate future revenue reports from recurring invoices. Remember report cards that you used to dread during your school days, this one is very different. The difference is that instead of D against subjects this recurring report would generate forecasted revenue that you would potentially be earning from your recurring invoices during the entire year. Read More

Invoicera Rolls out Multiple Language Invoicing and Invoice Customization

Hola amigos! We bring you some very exciting news this week as we roll out the most puffed feature – Multiple Language Invoicing.

You can now send invoices and estimates in any language that you wish to, be it French, German, Spanish, Dutch so on and so forth. This is where Invoicera’s multiple language invoicing is different from the rest. We not only support all major languages but also support not so commonly used languages. This would enable our users to create and send invoices in their local language, hence facilitating better, powerful and efficient invoicing. Read More

Some Exciting News for Our Indian Users

While the Internet is a global phenomenon that connects different people in different countries, we decided to take a step forward and connect with our existing and potential users geographically. We have now created pages with content specifically tailored to the user on the basis of their geographical location (In this case India).

Therefore, from this moment onwards our users from India would be able to view the pricing in Indian Rupee (INR). They would also be able to make payments in INR through Moneybookers payment gateway. This has been specifically done to increase visitor satisfaction and to enhance user interface. Read More

Coming Soon – Invoice Customization and Multiple Language Invoicing!

La facturación no debe tener límites! Yes, we all agree billing should indeed have no barriers and no boundaries.  And therefore, we decided to give our users a pleasant surprise by providing the most puffed up feature till date.  Although we were amongst the few online invoicing applications to launch multi-currency invoicing relatively early to purge geographical barrier, we are once again ready to roll out another feature that would completely eliminate any limitation associated with International invoicing. Read More

Option to Add Multiple Contacts to Send Invoices is Now Available

Hello folks! Continuing from where we left our last feature update communication, there is yet another round of update that has been initiated to further enhance our Invoicing capabilities and even more, to provide unparallel user convenience & online invoicing options. At times, these enhancements might seem to make modest impact on how we do invoicing, but they continue to add more value and are less deceptive than they actually appear.

Therefore, we make sure to persist with our development and make available essential features that are available for all to use. Sometimes, these are requested by you and at times we feel the need to include features that could be innovative and useful. Read More

Downtime Today Evening

We are updating our service with the new enhancements, as a result of which our service will be down for sometime.  Apart from this there was an unexpected outage due to which application would be under construction for an extended time period.

But the service would be still temporarily unavailable for service since we are currently undergoing maintenance and new enhancements are being uploaded.

We would like to apologize to anyone who has been affected by this  and  for any inconvenience caused in the process.

Update – The service has been restored with all the enhancements and the application is up and running.

New Invoicera Goes into Beta Today!

It has been a long teasing wait for all of us, but what better way to start the New Year than to make such exciting announcement to our Invoicera community. Yes, the new Invoicera is now available for all our users to see, use, test or even break! In the past few days our mail box has been inundated with mails pleading for the new Invoicera beta version to be made available at the earliest. And we are sure the news of Invoicera’s impending beta launch is music to the ears of many.

Read More

New Time Tracking Feature Introduced

One aspect associated with the new Invoicera release is its refreshing new design. We would hate to say ‘design tweak’ because the design has been completely revolutionized. The new Invoicera does not only come with fresh, smart, contemporary and new look but also with many exciting new features. And one of them is certainly the introduction of easy and fast Time Tracking.

At Invoicera, we work very hard to fit the way small businesses and freelancers like to work. This is why we decided to incorporate time tracking, something that freelancers and businesses have been craving for long. But not any more, our new and super exciting time tracking feature will let you track your and your staff time without any hassle. Read More