Hola amigos! We bring you some very exciting news this week as we roll out the most puffed feature – Multiple Language Invoicing.

You can now send invoices and estimates in any language that you wish to, be it French, German, Spanish, Dutch so on and so forth. This is where Invoicera’s multiple language invoicing is different from the rest. We not only support all major languages but also support not so commonly used languages. This would enable our users to create and send invoices in their local language, hence facilitating better, powerful and efficient invoicing.

And as for those users who have appetite for international invoicing now have the option to send a Factura to Spanish client, Fattura to Italian client, a Rechnung to German client and in any other client language across the globe.

Invoice Template Customization

Apart from creating invoices/estimates in multiple language you now have the option to customize invoice/estimate templates as well!

You would now be able to edit/customize invoice templates with your custom fields and in any language. This implies you would have the option to replace the field for e.g. product/service with your own custom field and in any language.

With our distinguished customization feature you can change the fields in the same language in which you wish to create an invoice. For e.g. if you want to display products/services field in German, then you can mention this is as Produkte/Dienstleistungen on the invoice. Similarly you can customize other fields as well.

Most of freelancers and businesses are required to invoice clients in various countries, and must or should prepare invoice in the client’s primary language. Invoicera’s invoicing now fits this requirement and invoices can be created, send, exported to PDF and Printed in any language.


While adding new features we also took the opportunity to enhance usability by making some minor changes but above all by providing you with the option to use calculator. The use of calculator would allow you to make quick calculations while creating invoices or estimates. This might seem to be a small feature but a very useful one.

Over the fast few days we have been busy beavers working meticulously to provide you some of the best invoicing features ever! We believe these features would be very useful for all those with the appetite for international invoicing.