Benefits of Custom Billing Software for Enterprises

It is a big challenge when you take a decision on custom billing software for your company. With many online billing software applications and their providers available in the market, choosing the right online billing software is an exact necessity. With the right solution, you can eliminate cumbersome manual processes and integrate with third parties that provide an ideal solution.

Major Challenges of Invoicing for Enterprises:

The best way to select custom billing software is to look for the features that overcome your invoicing challenges. You need a proper invoicing system that can help make your billing process smarter with quick and accurate results.

Let’s now discuss in detail the invoicing challenges faced by enterprises:

  1. Lack of customization requirement as per your existing invoicing process.
  2. Payment & Invoicing approvals take too long.
  3. Lack of visibility into invoice and payment data.
  4. Lack of B2B communication which slows down the optimization of revenue and payments for the business.
  5. The traditional ERP systems are time consuming with limited functionality.
  6. The complexity in the workflow management due to multiple bills processes and lack of staff analysis.
  7. Data Security.
  8. Spreadsheets are inadequate and prevent one from understanding at the detailed level. Also, the financial reports appear to be more complicated.
  9. Increased customer anger with inaccurate billing tends you to check for better solutions that reduce the risk of de-bundling.
  10. Company branding over invoices.

Besides these, there is the slew of challenges that reduce efficiency and add unnecessary costs. Despite all these challenges, implementing automated systems is easier than ever. But you need to find out what works best for you?

Solutions are changing! How to start the journey ?

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Choose  a custom billing software to help manage the requirements of your enterprise. To meet the above challenges here is an overview of invoicing features for large enterprises:

Bespoke invoicing:

  • – Customized invoicing solutions, according to specific business requirements
  • – Add functionality requirements and improve business productivity

Complete control with self hosted solutions:

  • – With on-premise hosting, the data remains with you and have complete control over your invoicing data
  • – Efficient hosting business to your customers and branding solutions

Automated Payments:

  • – Auto bill profiles can be created for easily receiving automatic payments on a monthly invoices
  • – Auto credit adjust can be used by clients for making advance payments

For more information on custom billing software for enterprises visit :

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Integration with legacy systems:

  • – Integrate Invoicera with your e-commerce platform and automate your e-commerce invoicing
  • – Limitless possibilities to improve business processes with API integrations
  • – Integrate with legacy ERP and CRM solutions
  • – Integrated systems are highly efficient and  help in optimum resource utilization

Invoice for multiple business units:

  • – Manage and send invoices of multiple businesses and products from a single dashboard
  • – View and track all invoices with a highly efficient process

Complete B2B communication

  • – Manage invoices, purchase orders and expenses with ease
  • – Send out all documents in a timely manner
  • – Send and receive purchase orders and convert them into invoices
  • – Manage  buyers and vendors in a single place
  • – Receive invoices and estimates from your vendors

Improve productivity with custom work-flow management

  • – Derive a custom workflow for your business
  • – Reject and approve expenses that defines the workflow

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 Receiving payments globally:

  • – A variety of global payment gateways are available to choose from
  • – Faster payments and smooth process
  • – Payments can be received with ease, from client across the globe

Time & Productivity reports:

  • – Employee productivity can be analysed with time tracking reports
  • – Productivity benchmarks can be defined and implemented

Data backup and Security:

  • – Safe and secure data
  • – No data loss occurs due to technical glitches


The enterprises require a custom billing software that can keep the pace of business. The profitability on any account depends on the cash flow. The key factor for the revenue growth in enterprises includes new technological advances with innovative solutions to gain the overall competitive advantage.

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Invoicera turns out to be highly recommended cloud-based billing software with the ever growing user base of 3 million users till now. It consists of supported features from online invoicing, time tracking, purchase order, estimate management, expense management, financial reports, Custom invoice templates, Credit Notes , project/task  management, staff management to Custom workflow management and more.

For additional benefits, business owners should opt custom billing software.



Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 7+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronika for your invoicing requirement.

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